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Chapter Seven: Practice Date

I woke up again in a compromising position. Silky long legs tangled mine while a pair of lean but soft arms held me tight. Two soft bumps were pressed against my chest. It felt so comfortable that I didn't want to get up. My subconscious recognized that I'm in a safe place so my ninja senses didn't jolt me to alert awareness.

As I started to get my bearings while staring at the ceiling with a blissful smile, I realized what or rather who was making me so comfortable. She woke up at that moment and smiled at me. "Good Morning", she whispered softly while rubbing her eyes.

Her cute smile was contagious and I couldn't help but to smile back, "I laid out a separate futon so you have your own place to sleep. (1)" I said lightheartedly.

She sat up and stretched out her arms above her head slowly. The maneuver was innocent but looked voluptuous at the same time. I was naive but by no means stupid. She was definitely doing it on purpose. If I confront her, she would have just claimed it as "practice". It's ironic that I felt guilty for not feeling guilty at looking.

She was wearing one of my orange T-shirts with a swirl pattern on it. It draped over her frame. I can see the outlines of white cotton panties disappearing under the t-shirt. Her long athletic legs laid naked half covered by the sheets.

She looked at me mischievously. "Oh I just got cold at night and I just couldn't pass a chance to have my own personal furnace to heat me up. Besides, it's for you to practice your sleeping posture while lying next to a girl. You don't mind do you?" She had given me a wink to tease me even more. My face heated up real quick. I was so flabbergasted at her forwardness. I didn't know how to respond.

Without waiting for my retort she simply got up and walked towards the bathroom. "Want to join me in the bath again?" She smirked at me after seeing my blush. I couldn't produce a coherent word at that point. I swear my face was flushed redder than any blush Hinata chan would get when she's near me. I stammered at her with gibberish.

"Just kidding. Echhi!" She stuck her tongue out at me and closed the bathroom door behind her.

I sighed and got up to prepare some ramen for breakfast.

Considering how she has always been by my side or rather, inside me, I shouldn't be so surprised at her for knowing how to push my buttons.

When we were both done with the morning rituals she got dressed in my spare cargo pants and orange jacket that were way too large for her. I was only slightly taller than her but I had a much larger frame. Apparently panties were the only thing she bought yesterday. She spent the rest of the money I had given her on groceries.

"So let's go on a date now!" She announced suddenly.

"A date? With you?" I asked in confusion.

Her face faltered and looked hurt for a moment but flared with anger right after. "Yeah! With me, you got a problem with that?"

"Why would you suddenly want to go on a date with me?" I protested nervously.

She paused as if thinking.

"You can consider it as practice for when Sakura chan finally confesses her undying love to you. You don't want to be unprepared do you?" I noticed the honorific she used for Sakura chan. They really bonded last night. I wonder if she's hinting at something Sakura chan had said to her when they were alone last night. Kyuubi refused to elaborate anymore on that.

I guess we could shop for some new clothes for her so she doesn't have to wear mine. I got a feeling that she didn't mind wearing anything I wore though.

Luckily for me, Kyuubi wasn't as interested in shopping for clothing as some of the kunoichi that I know. We planned to get her general day to day clothing from a popular civilian store. She wasn't very picky and asked for my opinion on everything. I didn't know why she would be asking for my opinions though I answered as best as I could. Because of that, she got a lot of orange in her new wardrobe.

According to every one of my friends I didn't know anything about fashion. I still don't understand what's wrong with wanting to wear my favorite color. I mean Sakura chan likes red and she often wears that red dress of hers. Orange is bright and cheerful and there's nothing wrong with me wearing it. Kyuubi didn't seem to mind the orange. She only smiled at me as I boasted to her about she would look great in that Orange blouse she held.

Konoha is a shinobi village so even the civilian stores cater to ninja needs. Something in one of the display cases caught my eye. It was a blood red battle kimono decorated with grey patterns on the rims of the long sleeves. It was tied elegantly in the middle by a jet black obi. Just from a glance at the texture of the kimono and the quite hefty price tag, I could tell it's made of high quality Aburame silk. The kimono was split on the sides from the wast done to not restrict leg movements. Somehow I couldn't help to imagine Kyuubi's toned legs being showed off while wearing that.

While kyuubi was browsing, I looked at Gama chan with pity. (2) It looks like my wallet won't be puffed up again for sometime if I buy that. I wished the kimono was in orange but I made my decision and asked a clerk to take it out from the display case. Kyuubi noticed this and glanced at the kimono and then looked at my hopefully. I nodded while giving her a encouraging smile. No words were need between us at that moment.

She bounced over to me with glee and then hugged me. She then did something I wasn't at all prepared for. She kissed me. Or rather she pecked me really quick on the side of my lips. It was a quick gesture that no one around noticed. She then proceeded to take the kimono to the changing rooms as if she hadn't done anything out of the ordinary. Taking her lead I tried to not overreact and pretended that it didn't happen. I did not know how or if I should have responded to that anyways.

The store clerk looked at Kyuubi in confusion as she laid out her purchase of many orange clothing while wearing her new gift but then nodded in understanding after he saw me. I didn't think too much of it as I often got dragged around by my female friends as luggage carriers on their shopping trips. I proceeded to pay for our purchase and unsurprisingly the mostly orange wardrobe combined didn't match the pricing of that battle kimono. That's another good thing about orange; the stores always seem to have their bright orange clothing on sale for some reason. I wish some of the girls that drag me shopping with them would buy some bright orange clothing to save my poor deflated Gama chan.

I held the bags easily in one hand and felt my heart jump when Kyuubi slipped her hand in my spare hand and entwined her fingers with mine. I glanced at our joined body-parts questioningly, unsure on how to proceed. She simply kept walking and dragged me with her while laughing cheerfully. "Just like a proper date." She said.

"Yeah, this is good practice for Sakura chan in the future." As soon as the words left my mouth I knew I did something wrong. Her step faltered a bit but regained their pace with vulgar. She kept going and looked straight ahead. She clasped my hand with a lot more force as if she was disparate to not lose me in the crowd.

But then, she just turned and looked back at me with what seemed like a genuine smile on her face and said "Practice makes perfect. You'll woo Sakura in no time" She then swiftly turned her head away and continued ahead as if nothing happened.

As I hurried up to follow her, I didn't even notice that her hand was no longer in mine.


A.N: Some reviews wished for more Kyuu/Naru so there you go.

(1) Futon: A Japanese style foldaway mattress that can be easily stored.

(2) Gama chan: The name that Naruto uses for his frog shaped wallet. Gama means toad in Japanese and chan is the honorific for someone close and endearing. It's most used as the honorific for girls and small children but gown up boys and men are sometimes referred to as chan by their close childhood friends, parents or grandparents as sort of nicknames. Chan is often used for pets and sometimes used for plants or objects. I guess the proximate English translation for Naruto's wallet would be Mr. Toad.