A Better Tomorrow

Summary: Everyone thought that it was just a storyline. No one expected it to be true. But when Karen Angle found out she's pregnant, she was certain it wasn't her husband's child.

Characters: Karen Angle/AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Jason Reso, Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, Travis "Tyson" Tomko, Daniel "Christopher Daniels" Covell and many others to appear in the future.

Spoilers: 22 May 2008 episode of TNA Impact. The episode where Team 3D, Booker T, Kurt Angle and Tomko beat the living hell out of him

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters you recognize

Author's notes: This is my first story that doesn't involve Lita. With that being said, I really do hope that you like it. For the purpose of this story, AJ is single but Karen is still married to Kurt Angle.

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Chapter One: I'll Be Fine


Karen Angle hated this night. She hated so badly.

She sat with a worried and pained expression on her face in the women's locker room. She knew she had to be somewhere else especially after what happened a few minutes before. All the emotions she showed onscreen was true. Seeing him all bloody broke her heart. The beating was all just a part of the storyline… at least that's what almost everyone thinks. Only a very few number of people knew differently. Only a very few people knew the truth. It still broke her heart to see him getting beat up like that especially it was because of a storyline that the TNA management didn't even know was true.

Yes, she was married to Kurt Angle

But she was madly in love with Allen Jones

And he was madly in love with her as well

Their current storyline brought them together in a romantic way from the very start and they feared that this same storyline could somehow lead to the discovery of their hidden relationship. Life was really full of surprises. Neither of them expected that storyline to come into their lives, putting their relationship in a serious risk. Could they call it karma? Or was it just the consequences of their actions? She knew what she was doing was wrong. She was married to Kurt Angle and they had two kids. But she couldn't stop himself from falling for the "Prince of Phenomenal". No, he wasn't just a prince… He's now the king of her heart.

A sharp knock on the door snapped the tall brunette out of her thoughts. The door opened soon after, revealing her bald husband standing outside the locker room. "I'm about to head home." He said. "Aren't you and Christy going yet?"

She got up from the bench and made her way towards him. She told him that she and Christy Hemme were going out for dinner but of course, it was a lie. They were going to the hospital where AJ was currently being treated. Jason Reso and Travis Tomko, his real friends backstage, were with him to make sure he was alright. Christy, Jason and Travis were the only ones who knew about the affair of course. "She's still in the shower."

Kurt nodded. "Don't go home too late." He said before he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and left.

Karen was fighting the frown that wanted to show on her face. Instead, she smiled the best she could. Still being married to him was a huge lie. She wasn't in love with him the way she once did. She wasn't happy with him anymore. It wasn't like Kurt was the awful husband and father he portrayed on TV in real life. Sure, he was very focused on his career but he wasn't that bad. The problem was… How could she be happy with a man she no longer loved?

A sigh escaped her lips as she closed the door and leaned against it. This time, the possible things that would happen if others found out about her and AJ entered her mind. She was sure that Kurt would make her and AJ suffer, her kids would hate her, people would call her a slut… But she never ruled out the possibility that one day, she and AJ could get married and be happy together. There were so many possibilities in such a risky relationship. All they both cared about was the present. They loved each other and that was all that mattered.

"Is he gone?" Christy stepped out of the shower, fully clothed and with damp hair.

"He left already. Thank god." She replied. "Can we please go now?"

The redhead knew how much her friend needed to be with the man she loved. She got her things and Karen took this as a signal to get her own. "C'mon, let's go."


Travis Tomko entered Allen's hospital room with bags of food. That was the least he could do especially since he's one of the reasons why his friend was there to begin with. Though it wasn't obvious, they all tried to be careful but still look believable when they beat the crap out of the brown haired man. "What did the doctor say?"

"A mild concussion, a few bruises and his wounds were stitched up." Jason got some of the food and placed it on the table. "The doctor wanted to keep him here until tomorrow just for observation."

He winced. "I'm really sorry, Al."

"It's fine." Allen shook his head. "It's all part of the business and I know you tried your best to be careful."

"If it makes you feel better, Christy said she and Karen are on their way."

A smile graced his handsome face. "Good…" Curiosity flashed in his blue eyes. "What excuse did they give Kurt?"

"They're heading out for dinner." Jason replied, smirking. "Always works."

Allen sat up slowly on the bed while the blonde man fixed the pillow so he could lean back against it. She was all he needed to feel better.


"I have to think of a way to spend even just a day with him." Karen said out loud as Christy parked the car outside the hospital. "I need an excuse. I need to take care of him."

"The shopping excuse won't work." Christy pointed out the obvious. "You can think about that later. AJ needs you by his side first."

Once the engines were killed, the two knockouts exited the car and made their way inside the hospital. Karen was walking so fast she practically looked like she was running already. The brunette was already holding the doorknob while Christy was still a couple of steps behind her. She opened the door and her hand went straight to her mouth when she saw AJ with a bandage on his forehead. At least he looked better now than the way he did when he was all bloody.

"Oh my god…" She was by his side in an instant; her hand holding one of his. "Are you alright?"

"I feel better." AJ smiled. His free hand reached out to caress her face. "I'm glad you're here."

"I hate to interrupt your moment but…" Christy sent Travis and Jason a pointed look. "We'll step out first before you continue."

Jason nodded. "We'll… um… look for the vending machines."

The couple waited until their friends were out of sight before they turned their attention back to each other. Karen moved her chair closer to him and squeezed his hand gently. "Are you alright?" This time it was AJ's turn to ask the question.

She shook her head. She could never lie to him. "I hate seeing you like that. I know that Kurt and the others have no idea about us but seeing you getting beat up… I just hate it."

"Sweetie…" AJ brought her hand closer to his lips and kissed it. "Everything will be fine… I don't know how it'll take but I promise you… I'll do everything for us to be together."

A smile made its way to her lips. "I love you."

"I love you too."

By the time those words escaped his lips, the tall brunette leaned closer to kiss him. It was in moments like this – when it was just the two of them and no one else – they were able to be who they really were. Two people who were in love each other madly. "God, you're beautiful…" His whispered once their lips were detached from each other.



"Kurt." Daniel Covell, who was known as Christopher Daniels, spoke. He was currently wrestling as Curry Man during Impact. "I'm not sure if you heard about this but AJ has to stay overnight in the hospital."

"How did you know?" Kurt asked.

The car stopped at the red light. "Terry told me. I think Jay was the one who told him."

The bald man frowned. "Oh, shit…" Did they really beat him up that badly? "You're on your way there?" A part of him knew it was a bit pointless to ask the question. Daniel and AJ were the best of friends.

Daniel nodded. "Yeah, I'm on my way."

"If you get there ahead of me, tell them I'll be visiting. That's the least I could do."


Sorry if this chapter is pretty short. I hope you like it.

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