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A Knight in Uniform

Disclaimer: Still don't own Law and Order: CI - I just took the characters out for a play date.

Summary: OneShot. A few too many drinks, a massive party, and one 'charming' young man leaves a young Carolyn Barek stranded in the Bronx one night...luckily her knight in NYPD uniform, Mike Logan, is on the job.

Author's Note: My second Logan and Barek fic (and probably so OOC it could be a crime sigh) and kind of a sequel to 'Of Cherry Tomatoes and Carrots' though it can stand alone. This one was inspired on something that happened to my sister the other day (different circumstances though) - Enjoy!

"Wracają tutaj wy bastard!" screamed Carolyn Barek, running as fast as she could to catch up to the screeching car as it sped down the street. She eventually stopped, when she realised it was futile. No way in heels was she going to catch his car.

She walked over to the side walk and glanced around her, hugging herself. Only now did she realise that she was all alone, stranded somewhere in the Bronx, with no money and no idea on how to get home. Every shadow seemed to lengthen suddenly, and her heart beat a little faster as thoughts of strange man coming out to get her entered her mind. She looked up and down the street and froze as she saw a group of twenty year olds - all drunk - heading her way.

She was sure they hadn't seen her, so she decided to go find the nearest police station. Sure that would mean she would get caught, and grounded until she was thirty, but it was better than waiting out here. As she walked briskly, her shoes clicking against the concrete, she drew her jacket in closer.

It had been a stupid idea to go to the Bronx for a party, she thought bitterly. For once she wished she had listened to her common sense instead of caving into her friends. Naturally she had, after they pointed out that she never got out - which wasn't her fault to be fair, so what if she was busy studying? It was important.

None the less she had agreed, and after a little white lie to her parents, that she was staying at Francesca's house (they believed her, because unlike her older brother, Dom, Carolyn could do no wrong), she was sitting in her friend's van driving over to the Bronx for some guy's eighteenth birthday. Carolyn didn't even know the guy (and she was fairly certain her friends didn't either) but that didn't prevent them from entering the massive warehouse that had been rented out.

It had been fun in all truth. She'd met new people, had a few beers, danced a bit - it had been fun. Eventually though she had found herself, in some boy's car making out, and then driving away from the party. She hadn't even realised they were gone (the alcohol), until he started taking it to the next level in which she'd put her foot down - thus leaving her stranded in an unfamiliar neighbourhood with no idea on how to get home (or to get back to the warehouse, where her friends were).

She froze for a moment, biting her lip. She hadn't come across a diner yet, or a police station, or even a store. She looked at her watch, and she groaned as she saw it was two in the morning. Crap, she was so screwed! She rubbed her face, and bit her lip...crap, crap, crap...

"Hey sweetheart!" called a voice from behind. She spun around instantly to see those drunk guys from before.

"You looking for a good time?" yelled one, draping an arm around his friend for support.

Oh shit, they thought she was a hooker...why had she stolen her cousin Rosie's clothes? Not that it surprised her that they thought it – considering Rosie's party habits.

"Um...no..." said Carolyn uncertainly. She swallowed and decided to ask for directions, "Do you guys know where the local police station is?"

They didn't appear to hear her, and she began to slowly back away as they descended on her.

"So good time?" one drawled, his eyes staring at her breasts.

"No." she said firmly, her body tensing, ready to start running.

"C'mon sweetie..."

"Back off," growled Carolyn, edging away. They ignored her and Carolyn turned to run, when her heel broke at the sudden momentum.

Crap, why hadn't she worn flat shoes?

Her eyes widened, and she repeated, "Back off," but she might as well as been talking to a monkey - these guys were too drunk to notice. She swallowed, deeply, and prepared to kick the first guy that touched her when a car pulled up. It was a cop's car.

Thank God for small favours!

The men stopped, and she watched as a tall, dark haired young man got out, flashlight out, hand resting on his service weapon.

"Are they giving you any trouble?" said the cop to Carolyn, cocking his head at the guys.

"Not at all officer," slurred one guy.

"Was I asking you?"

Carolyn took it as a cue to head over to him.

"We were just going..." said one guy.

The cop nodded, "See that you do."

They all nodded and ambled off.

"You okay?" said the cop, turning to Carolyn.

"Yeah," nodded Carolyn, adding quietly, "thanks for pulling up,"

"My job," he shrugged, "So what are you -"

"Doing?" finished Carolyn. He nodded. She sighed and said slowly, "I was at a party...and this guy offered to take me home..." what a lie, "...and then he kicked me out of his car,"

The cop quirked an eyebrow, "You're lying,"

"Yeah, well it was better than saying we were making out and then he kicked me out in the middle of the freaking Bronx because I didn't want to have sex with him, there and then," deadpanned Carolyn.

Oh shit, she had not just said that!

"Wasn't expecting that," said the cop truthfully, with a small chuckle.

Her face warmed considerably.

"Oi, Logan?"called a voice from inside the car, "What's going on?"

Logan smiled, "Need a ride home?"

Carolyn nodded, "Yeah..."

"Hop in," said Logan, heading back over to the shotgun seat. Carolyn nodded and got into the back of the squad of the car. Who would have thought that she would be in the backseat of a police car before Rosie or Dom? No one, that's who.

"What's your name?" asked Logan's partner.

"Um...Carolyn Barek," she said.

"Your parents know where you are?" said Logan, as the car pulled away.

"Does the term sneaking out mean anything?" sighed Carolyn, slumping back. Her Mom was going to kill her...

Both men chuckled, and Logan turned and winked at her, "My whole life was that kid,"

"Kid?" echoed Carolyn.

"What would you prefer?"

"Caro..." she said slowly. A peculiar expression fleeted across Logan's face but that soon passed.

"Well I'm Officer Yates," introduced Logan's partner as he navigated the streets, "and that's Logan,"

"No shit," snarked Logan.

Yates shrugged, "So where do you live?"

"Coble Hill in Brooklyn,"

The two cops exchanged glances.

"We'll take you to our precinct - your parents can pick you up there,"

Carolyn nodded with a small sigh. Bye, bye sweet freedom...though at least she wasn't surrounded by a group of drunk Neanderthals; which was something to be eternally grateful for.

They soon got to their precinct and Carolyn followed Logan to the phones. She called her parents, and cringed as her Mom launched into a full on rant in Polish, that had Logan smirking slightly.

"So can you pick me up?" she asked after five minutes.

"Your father will be there in about half an hour,"

"Thanks," she hanged up.

"Grounded?" smirked Logan. She sat down next to him and surveyed him for a moment. Now that she could really see him, he was quite attractive. He was tall, with twinkling hazel eyes, and a mischievous little smile. She broke contact and nodded.

"Yep, until I'm thirty at least,"

"Tough break," he looked at his watch, "Well can I trust you to stay here until your parents get here?"

"Yeah sure," said Carolyn.

Logan smiled, "Good cause I got to get back out there. Need anything go talk to Davis over there," he pointed out a short blonde headed cop, "kay?"


He nodded and called over Yates, and the two headed back at to the squad car. Carolyn sighed as her knight in NYPD uniform left the building. Half an hour later her father turned up, and she was grounded until she was thirty.


Author's Note: Hope you enjoyed it! Also I don't speak polish and I used a translator to get the phrase '"Wracają tutaj wy bastard!" which I think means in English 'Come back here you bastard'. If anyone does speak Polish feel free to tell me the correct translation. Also this hasn't been beta'd...sorry!