Deedley deedly, deedely deedly, deedly deedly doo!

My cell phone's alarm clock sang into my ear. I pushed myself up on one elbow, feeling incredibly groggy and sore. Particularly my thigh muscles.

"Ugggggh," I groaned, staring at it. Four in the morning. This time yesterday, I'd been on the train to Sunyshore... and now I needed to go back to Oreburgh to have my Gym open by nine. I groaned again and flopped back down. Couldn't I just skip?

Deedley deedly, deedely deedly, deedly deedly doo!

"Shut uppppp," I moaned, tossing my cell phone onto the floor. I blinked, and felt a bit more awake as I worried that I'd broken it. I turned to see Volkner staring at me, most of his face under a blanket. I felt bad. "Did I wake you up? I'm sorry..."

"It's fine." He yawned and started to sit up, wincing. "Jesus christ, it feels like someone was fucking my ass a few hours ago, damn it."

I paused. "'re joking, right? didn't really forget, right?"

He grinned at my horrified expression. "Sarcasm, Roark," he mumbled, wrapping an arm around my neck and gently noogying my hair. "If we're gonna try to be boyfriends, you need to learn how to better recognize it, babe."

"Ew!" I cried, pushing his arm away. "You're all sweaty!" I suddenly realized there was a sharp pain in the side of my head, from having left my glasses on as I slept. I pulled them off gingerly and whined. "Owwwwww-uh."

Volkner tapped a spot near my ear. "You've got a cut, Roark. Don't you need to get going, soon? We ought to fix that up for you." He yawned again and slid out of bed. I stared at his long, thin legs, connected to his tiny ass, and flashed back momentarily to myself pounding into it. I moaned and flopped into the pillows. Volkner turned back.

"What's wrong? Do you feel okay?"

"I..." I made a whining sound and buried my head into the pillows. "I... I'm still so horny..." I rolled onto my back and pulled the blankets over my head, still whining. "I don't want to go back to Oreburgh... what am I supposed to do when I want to see you... or when I want to... you know..."

The bed creaked, and then the blankets were peeled back from my face. Volkner's eyes were big and blue next to mine. "You'll just need to be a big boy, Roark, that's all. Just think about battling and beating up all those little trainers coming in from Twinleaf Town. Isn't that fun?"

"Yeah, but..." I grabbed Volkner's cheeks in my hands and kissed him firmly on the lips. He suddenly plopped himself on top of me, and I made a small oof noise as the air was forced from my lungs.

"I'll come visit you, in Oreburgh," he said, his smile just inches away.



Deedley deedly, deedely deely, deedly deedly doo.

I sighed. "I should get dressed..."

"That's too bad..." His fingers danced on my skin, then pulled the sheets away, leaving me naked underneath him. I blushed as he lowered a hand onto my chest, slowly massaging a nipple. The motion sent little sparks up and down my body.


"Can't the kids who want to battle you wait an extra hour? Besides, who ever shows up at a Gym first thing in the morning?" His other hand was squeezing my upper arm, feeling the muscles there.

"Nobody," I replied. I know he could feel my cock growing stiff against his leg.

"Now flex your muscles for me and I'll give you a special treat to keep you strong while I'm not around," he mumbled, biting at the other nipple. I gasped, then clenched my fists, flexing with all my might, as though the special treat would be even more special if he thought I was more buff than I really was.

"Good boy," he purred, slowly trailing kisses down my tummy, placing his lips on each little bump of my abs. "Here's hoping you don't forget me and run off with some cute museum nerd or pumped up mine worker..."

I took in a sharp breath, then moaned softly as I exhaled, as Volkner began to work on me.

I wouldn't forget.



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