The rain fell. It pelted against the green grass, sending the faintest of sounds through the air as it pounded into the ground. The hard, heavy rain was close to being curtain-like, its wet sheets concealing the sprinting form of a teenaged boy as he darted into the car park, the clacking sound of his boots touching road drowned out by a sudden clap of thunder.

Said boy, sixteen year old Kiba Inuzuka bolted through the damp depression, an utterly elated expression on his handsome features as he neared the car he was looking for, a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala. His grin widening, the dark haired youth picked up the pace, wrenching the passenger side door open with a muddy hand before sliding into the warm confines of the car.


She's not responding, and he's scared--damn scared. Why did he ever tell her that the world was beautiful? He couldn't stomach the idea now. SasuHina. AU.

Beautiful World.

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1: Glass In The Trees.


"I can't believe you two!" Kiba whined as he glared at the boy in the driver's seat, pointedly ignoring the sudden wince of said other boy as Kiba's mud caked boots met the brand new floor mats of the car. "Just 'coz it started to rain a little--" he paused when he took in the incredulous expression of the man in the driver's seat, "okay, maybe a lot doesn't mean you should bail on the game and wait it out in the car! Slack, you guys, slack!"

"Mou, is Kiba-chan upset that we didn't watch his game, ne? Is he a little sad that it rained so hard that we couldn't see, hmm?" came the mocking voice of Shino Aburame from the driver's seat, eager to rub salt into Kiba's DARE he get mud into his beloved automobile! It was an unforgivable act! "It's not like we haven't seen you play before--you're nothing special." The young man lied easily, grinning wickedly at Kiba Inuzuka's suddenly crestfallen face.

"Oh, please don't tease poor Kiba-kun, Shino-kun," came a soft voice in the back seat belonging to the heiress of the famous Hyuuga Corporation, Hinata Hyuuga. The laughter was clearly present in her tone. "You know that he doesn't take well to insults...especially ones regarding his soccer prowess." She giggled.

"Not you too, Hinata-chan!" wailed the ever-melodramatic Inuzuka, gripping his sopping wet soccer jersey in a vice grip and throwing back his dark head in mock despair--once again ignoring Shino's louder squeak of horror as spots of water hit the dark leather of the car seat.

"Stop moving, dammit! You're getting Florence all wet!" The blue bespectacled boy shrieked, waving flailing arms in the air, "It took me freaking years to get this car as it is now, don't you dare get her dirty! I'll fucking murder you, Inuzuka!!"

"...Florence?" Kiba asked blankly, before cracking into laughter, tears of mirth running down his cheeks, "Since when did you call your car Florence!? Wasn't it Roy last week?"

Shino snorted, turning on the ignition as the car quickly roared to life. "You were the one who called it Roy. She was always Florence to me."

"Oh God." Hinata muttered to herself as the best friends since childhood in the front seat began to argue viciously over which name sounded cooler as they drove down the road, Florence or Roy.

The heiress had learned how to tune the rather eccentric young men out when they got into disputes like the one they were currently having. While the three had only been friends since the beginning of the previous year when she and her twin brother Neji transferred to Rinnegan Academy due to their father Hiashi wanting them to "mix with the common people", it took quite a while for her to adjust to them. On her first day when Neji was dragged off by an oddball named Rock Lee and his handsome friend Naruto Namikaze, Hinata was left alone for a while--only for a spiky haired teen wearing rather trendy acid green glasses to slide onto her desk and begin a conversation with her about said glasses.

"So, Hyuuga-san, what do you think? Is the colour green better suited to a Monday or a Friday? 'Coz it could work well on an early Monday morning...having these babies right in your face", the young man pointed to his brightly coloured frames that slightly burned the girl's retinas, "would be like saying 'wake up bitch, it's a Monday--no time for you to go back to sleep!'...or wearing them on a Friday would be like 'cheer up, bitch, it's a Friday! School's over for the week in a couple of hours!!'"

Hinata had openly stared at the oddly grinning teen--especially when another dark haired boy who had what appeared to be red stripes tattooed onto his cheeks appeared behind the glasses wearing kid, draping an arm over the other teen's shoulder and grinning at the young heiress.

"Ignore this idiot, Hinata-chan," The boy ignored Hinata's look of shock at the use of her first name, "he doesn't really know what he's talking about. A colour like that shouldn't be worn ever--you'd be like that freak Home Economics teacher Might Gai and his protégé Rock Lee." He shuddered, before beaming at the girl. "I'm Kiba Inuzuka, and this retard is Shino Aburame. Nice to meet you, Hinata-chan, I hope we can be friends."

And they had indeed become friends...the best of friends, though Kiba had always meant just that little bit more to her...and not six months into their friendship did Hinata and Kiba push that friendship further and the two became boyfriend and girlfriend. According to a school poll they were considered one of the cutest couples in Rinnegan Academy, and Hinata had never been happier, though she too liked to tease her easily ruffled boyfriend.

"So, Hinata-chan," Kiba's rough voice broke her out of her reverie, "what'd you think of my goal in the second half? Pretty good, huh?"

Hinata grinned as she leaned forward to kiss her boyfriend on the lips. "It was wonderful, Kiba-kun. And Shikamaru-kun's pass was amazing too!"

"Oi!" Kiba cried, "With the way you're talking about Deer-boy it sounds as if you wanna date him, too! Hinata, why don't you love me?"

Both Hinata and Shino both openly stared at the blinking Kiba, though Shino had the bravery to ask first.

"...What the hell was that?"

Kiba raised an eyebrow before cocking his head to the side. "What the hell was what?"

"Don't play dumb, idiot, that voice just now! If you were trying to impersonate Forrest Gump you'd better not quit your day job...wait, you don't even have a day job. Ignore what I just said."

The two boys quickly erupted in argument again, and while at first it started off as Kiba's truly horrible character impersonations, it quickly turned to Hinata's choice in a proper boyfriend:

"Well, who's the better choice for my Hinata-chan? The guy who's topping the ladder in every subject or the class' dobe who does a horrible impression of a mentally retarded film character even though he's one of them?" argued Shino, grinning wickedly at Kiba's flushed cheeks,

"HEY!" Kiba wailed, "I'm not an idiot!! And I do great impressions! Besides, Forrest Gump's a great movie! Who's sounding like Neji-chan now, eh, Shino-bitch!?" The dark haired teen grinned wolfishly as Shino's jaw dropped.

"Ne, Kiba-kun, don't be rude to Shino-kun. And what's this talk about my Neji-niichan, boys?" Hinata had decided to interrupt on comments of her twin, eyes narrowed dangerously.

It was never a wise thing to do to insult either of the Hyuuga Twins in front of the was enough to get you the cold shoulder for weeks...

Both boys suddenly seemed rather interested in what was playing on the radio and ignored Hinata's annoyed mutterings, chatting away aimlessly about Kiba's winning soccer match in which the Inuzuka had scored two of the four goals for their team. The rain lashed against the windscreen and Kiba, after removing his still-sopping jersey had wiped eagerly at the misted window, attempting to clear the way for the annoyed Shino who could barely see the highway in front of him.

"What is it with this weather??" The Aburame mumbled, "Rinnegan is supposed to be freaking sunny all the time--not rainy like Shikotsumyaku!!"

Hinata smiled, "But the rain is so refreshing, isn't it? Especially when all you get is sunshine."

"This coming from the girl whose name means 'a sunny place'," retorted Shino without much thought, an amused smirk lighting his boyish features. Kiba snorted and Hinata sighed aloud.

"Ah, sugoi, I bet you've been wanting to say that for a long time, Mr Tree." It was Shino's turn to sigh, "But in any case, we should be careful now--who knows who else might be on this road right now...I wouldn't really call it very safe at night--"

In a very Kiba-like fashion, Shino merely laughed cheerfully and flashed his best female friend a pearly grin. "You doubt my skills as a driver, Hinata-hime?" The Aburame quipped, his lips turned downward in a slight pout.

"O-of course not, Shino-kun!" The Hyuuga girl suddenly stuttered helplessly, showing her shy nature, "I-if I had doubted y-you I would've h-had Homura-san drive me!"

Shino snorted. "I'm sure your driver would've been in the same position if he were driving you to your mansion, Hime-chan."

"My house is not a mansion, you guys! How many times do I have to tell you two!?" Hinata protested, eliciting a laugh from her boys.

"Sweetheart," Kiba stated fondly, "If your house is not a mansion I'd eat Akamaru…seriously."

"Don't worry, Hinata-hime, I agree with you!" Shino beamed, "Kiba-chan's being silly…how could your atrocious home be considered a mansion with its fifteen bedrooms and bathrooms…not to mention the acreage status. You live in a hovel, my dear girl, a hovel. I believe you wish that your home had twenty rooms, don't you? Though you attempt to claim otherwise, you're feeling rather inadequate over this housing issue…" The Aburame had taken on the tone of a shrink, and Hinata really expected the boy to add afterward: "And what feelings does this rise in you?" just to spicen things up a little.

"Shino-kun!" Hinata cried weakly, "I'll tell Aniki what you've been saying about me again!"

"And we'll tell Neji-chan to shove it and pull on his hair, wont we, Kiba-chan?" Shino retorted playfully, sticking his tongue out at the pouting Hyuuga.

Kiba meanwhile looked somewhat sympathetic for the heiress, and weakly punched the Aburame in the shoulder. "I think that's enough playful banter for this evening, Shino. Hinata may never forgive me...and it sucks when she's mad...even though she looks so cute with her cheeks puffed out like they are now..."

A dark blush flushed across the girl's naturally pale cheeks, and sweeping the brunette into a brief kiss, the two ignored the loud gagging noises from the driver's seat.

"Now, while I said I don't mind that the two of you are going out, I don't need to see any public displays of affection…you both know how it makes me sick—"

Headlights suddenly engulfed Shino's vision.

Letting out a gasp of shock, the Aburame attempted to swerve the car out of the way of the oncoming vehicle, only the road slick with water had no grip and Shino couldn't get out of the way in time.

The other car slammed into the left side of the Chevrolet Impala, screams of sheer terror splitting the air as the car was shoved sideways due to the sheer force of the other vehicle and crumpled against a group of trees--the shards of glass from the windshield exploding into thousands of pieces, each tiny shard sparkling like the stars hidden above them in the cloudy empyrean.

The rain continued to fall as more lightning split the sky.


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