Sasuke was not pleased.

As soon as class had ended for the day Naruto had dashed off out the door straight afterward yelling something about club duties and telling Sasuke to head home alone. Normally Sasuke would do just that, but given Minato had dropped Sasuke off that morning Sasuke had no idea how to get home by himself--so he knew he would have to walk with his brother and the blond idiot. Who of course managed to disappear just when he needed him. Goddammit.

"So I can find Naruto and my brother in the third music room Sakura?" Sasuke stated tonelessly, eyebrow raised as he turned to face Sakura who sat in the desk behind his own by the window overlooking the basketball court. "...Since when could Naruto play an instrument?" He suddenly added, frowning as he stuffed a textbook into his bag. "Itachi I could understand, but the idiot?"

His pink haired friend giggled at Sasuke's blank expression before attempting to stifle her laughter with her hand. Oh, Sasuke-kun, Sakura thought to herself, inwardly laughing, you have no idea, do you? "That's where you need to go, Sasuke-kun! Don't get lost, now--it shouldn't be too far from here."

Sasuke frowned momentarily before he smirked. He leaned toward his classmate suggestively elbow resting on her desk, inwardly smiling when she blushed. Even after so many years he could still make her blush. Cute. "How about you take me there, Sakura?" He drawled, his voice teasing.

Sakura Haruno merely flushed in response, wildly shaking her head. "No no, I'm sure you'll be fine." She smiled brightly, before muttering under her breath "'s not like I can afford to go in there anyway.."

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing!" Sakura's face was a horrible red, "Off you go now--you don't want to miss them! And I'd better head off myself--I have my Volleyball Club activities right now and I'm running late--I'll see you tomorrow, Sasuke-kun!" The pink haired student stuffed her remaining belongings in her bag and dashed out of the classroom to catch up with her friend Ino Yamanaka. Sasuke pouted again, running a pale hand through his dark hair as he watched the remaining students file out.


Kiba was gone. That much she knew. But was this new boy already stealing his sunshine? SasuHina. AU.

Beautiful World.

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6. Sakura Kiss

It had taken Sasuke a while, but after making several wrong turns and eventually asking a giggling third year for some directions (the girl had almost insisted on escorting Sasuke, but by the look in the girl, Ami's eyes Sasuke knew she wasn't just trying to be helpful) the young Uchiha after fifteen minutes had finally arrived outside of the rather obscure third music room, the ink black kanji etched on a white plaque announcing the room to the world. Gripping the gleaming brass door handle and ignoring the sudden chill in his gut, Sasuke forced his weight against the heavy door and opened the door, peering inside.

"It's yours, Hinata-chan!" cried Yamanaka Ino as a white blur zoomed Hinata's way and the dark haired heiress jumped into the air in order to meet the volleyball head on. Hinata slammed her interlocked hands against the inflated ball, determination in her eyes when Tenten in an attempt to dig the ball back to Hinata skidded too far to the left and the ball slammed onto the court, earning Hinata and Ino another point.

"Match point!" called Yuuhi Kurenai, Rinnegan's resident Chemistry instructor and the coach of the Rinnegan Girls' Volleyball Club.

The beautiful red-eyed woman beamed at Hinata, and Hinata nodded back, her expression without her normal characteristic smile. Kurenai's heart clenched painfully in her chest.

"Way to go, Hinata!" squealed Ino drawing her partner into a hug, grinning wolfishly over at the pouting losers Sakura and Tenten. Sakura hoisted her senior partner to her feet, patting the dirt off the back of her shorts with an amused smile. "Better luck next time, ne, Tenten-san?" Ino continued cheerfully, "If you try your best I'm sure you might win."

"Bring it, Ino-san!" demanded the brunette third year, fire in her eyes as she clenched her fist, grinning widely. Tenten was known throughout Rinnegan for her thirst for good competition. "Sakura-san and I will win! Right Sakura-san!?"

Sakura pumped her fist determinedly also, nodding. Coral pink hair flew from its loose ponytail. "Of course! We challenge you!"

Ino merely laughed and nudged Hinata, who was currently off in her own world. "Hinata!"

Hinata jerked suddenly, turning to face her worried friend.

"...You okay?" The blond asked worriedly, bringing a hand to Hinata's sweaty forehead. "You aren't feverish, are you?"

Hinata frowned. "I'm fine. Please don't worry."

"Welcome~ !!"

Dark eyes bugged out in what only could be described as horror as Uchiha Sasuke stepped into the third music room, taking in the sights with ever-growing terror.

There were girls.

Girls everywhere.

...And what...what the HELL were they doing!?

Sasuke rubbed at his eyes--were they playing tricks on him?--nope, they weren't. The boys were really there in cosplay of all the godforsaken things, serving the monstrosities tea in pretty china cups, kissing them on the cheek and wooing them with flowery words. Sasuke saw who he believed to be his older cousin Tobi feeding one girl a dessert with dainty silverware while smiling flirtatiously at the other two on either side of him. Bile rose in Sasuke's throat. He could think of only one thing that they could possibly be doing.

"Prostitution!?" He shrieked comically, still stunned, "you're a freaking prostitute, Itachi-nii!?"

The members of the Akatsuki Host Club all turned to stare at their surprise visitor, some members more surprised than others. Behind thick glasses, eyes as dark as Sasuke's own flashed, and Sasuke could tell by the expression on his brother's face that he was amused. ...Not that that was new.

"We all know that we didn't expect much from Naruto," the younger Uchiha continued to rant, not noticing the amusement in his older brother's eyes nor the squawk of indignation from the blond Namikaze, "but you! Itachi you're destined for great things! You're not meant to become a prostitute! WHAT WOULD OUR MOTHERS SAY!?"

"Little brother?" Straightening from his position against the cream coloured wall Uchiha Itachi smiled pleasantly (somewhere deep inside Sasuke screamed--he knew that look--it never meant anything good) as he greeted his younger brother. "Calm down, would you?" Sasuke's jaw snapped shut instantly, still in shock, and it seemed as if it was Sasuke's sudden silence that caused the clients to vomit questions and exclamations.

"That's Itachi-sama's little brother!?"


"Is he a host!?" / "He should be!"

"What's his name!?"

"Yes," Itachi cut in smoothly to cease the client's giggling, he too could only take so much in one day, "this is my little brother, Sasuke. I'm sure you all have heard enough about him from Naruto-kun, am I wrong?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he glanced over at the smirking blond sitting in a love seat by the window surrounded by blushing females, looking at him with sheer worship in their eyes. Sasuke was instantly floored--the blue-eyed class representative looked quite in his element. ...What the Hell?

Girls twittered around the blond and Naruto smiled pleasantly and nodded.

Where was that girl-retarded boy Sasuke knew now?

"Bastard!" Namikaze Naruto greeted amicably, his teeth glinting as he smiled--Sasuke couldn't help but notice the sudden surprise in them, "What the hell are you doing here!?"

Sasuke frowned. "What do you mean?" He growled in annoyance--of course Naruto should know "what the hell he was doing there"--he didn't know the way home for godsakes! "What do you think, loser?" He drawled, dark eyes narrowing when blue widened in even more surprise. ...Sasuke was open about it!? Naruto glanced at Itachi.

"Oi Itachi-nii--have we done this before?" He suddenly demanded, before glancing at the other boys cosplaying D-Gray Man excorcist uniforms spaced around the large room, "I'm only new--I've never heard of a man desiring our services like girls do for Konan-san--like, I'd do it, but it's Sasuke, and that's just wrong and--!"

"YOU THINK I'M HERE TO HIRE YOU!?!" Sasuke screamed in horror, cutting the blond off, "WHAT THE FUCK!? THIS REALLY IS A BROTHEL?!"

"No, no, not a brothel, little brother." Itachi was openly smiling now, dark eyes dancing and ignoring his cousin Tobi who was currently roaring with laughter, "Though we do offer a wide array of services here in the third music room, given that we are in fact still high school students, sexual favours is not one of them." Itachi's smile widened and he suddenly bowed before his brother, Sasuke openly staring in shock. "Welcome to the Akatsuki Host Club, Sasuke."

Sakura Kiss -- Chieko Kawabe



I notice that I'm always around you

But is it hating? Loving? Or just paranoia?

When I can see My feelings clearly, lady or host

It doesn't matter!

The reason for which

People fall in love is different for everyone, but


I want to meet you now, And give you a sweet person; a sakura kiss- If your heart moves form it then, lets have a romantic love

More important than the future is the present; the delightful spring love is a blossoming virgin's beauty

For example, I want to try looking for

The still-unknown you of mine, but I'm scared

In denim, in frills, in casuals and Chinese

Every time we meet, I change sevenfold and my resolution falters

The doors of love that open one after another

Are fully loaded with thrills- it's definitely love

On days when we're busy and pass by each other, a sakura kiss- it's a love romantic enough to be painful

Let's accept each other's weak spots, too; love that touches one another is invincible; the two of us who seem to bloom are the protagonists

Let's create memories that won't lose against the blindingly bright sky, now

It's definitely love

II want to meet you now, And give you a sweet person; a sakura kiss- If your heart moves form it then, lets have a romantic love

More important than the future is the present; the delightful spring love is a blossoming virgin's beauty



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