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Obito stood Outside The Ninja Acedmy along side Kakashi waiting for their new Sensei to arrive. It was beautiful day and Obito could hardly stay in one place. He perfered to run about and enjoy the beautiful day." Aren't you bored at all Kakashi?" Obito asked. Well of course I am but we have to wait here for our new Sensei. Kakashi repiled. " whatever" Obito said Kakashi. He then got a small ball out of his pocket and started to play Hackey sack. "what are you doing Kakashi asked. "playing Hackey sack to keep me form being bored. Obito replied.

Minato calmly walked towards the academy; going over his students' profiles in his mind. Obito Uchiha; playfully and michevious, ninja skills are just below average, even the Uchiha clan doesn't know what to do with him. Kakashi Hatake; became chunin at six, obviously the elite of the group. Then the konouchi, Rin; brain-smart, her skills could use work. He smiled; this was going to be fun.

Obito continued to play with his hackey sack. "hey you should try this Kakashi. It make you have great eye feet cordination cause you have to focus on the ball and keep your eye on all the making sure you kick it just right so it does go everywhere on you" Obito said still playing hackey sack. " That is is a childs game. I would not play it." Kakashi said with a yawn. "Last time I checked you were a child" Obito told Kakashi but whatever. I am gonna have fun even if you do not want to." Obito told him and turned away from Kakashi.

Minato entered the Academy grounds, smiling at the school. He remembered his own days and chuckled; soon he spotted his team. "Team 7?" he asked as he approached the kids, just to make sure. He smiled at them; they were all so cute.

" That would be us" Kakashi apporched the guy. You our new Sensei? he asked. " Yep that is us Hi there" Obito said with smile and continued to play with Hackey carefully. Rin got up from the tree she was under and smiled then apporched him. "hello" She greeted him.

Minato smiled. "Greetings to all of you." He said. "My name is Minato; I'll be your sensei from here on out." He looked over all of them. "So, care to tell me a little bit about yourselves?"

"My name is Obito Uchiha and um I like to have fun. I love playing games and am good some skills. Not many people think I can do much but I do try my best and hate to be put down." "My name is Kakashi Hatake. Not much to say about me really. I perfer to stay to myself so thers to drag me down." " My name is Rin." I specialize in medical training and well I want to be and anbu someday."

Yeah; they were adorable. Minato smiled. "My name's Minato. I like things in a straight and organized fashion and done as quickly as humanly possible. While under me, it's rare your training will be fun, but it'l hone all your skills. I Promise you that."

"Finally someone who just likes to get things done"Kakashi said and apporched his new sensei fully now trusting him. "great that means no Hackey sack what a real drag. You mean you do not like to play at all? Obito asked still wearly about his new Sensei. Rin looked about that same as Obito and did not apporch him any closer.

Minato looked at Obito and Rin. "For the most part, no." He admitted. "But you will be rewarded and punished when you have deserved such actions."

Obito and Rin were now not entirely sure about the man they just meet. "well finally I think I like you" Kakashi smiled at his Sensei. "Well it does not take much to please him now does it?" Obito talked to Rin "No it does not but he is still really cute." Rin smiled at Obito. The two stood thinking about there new sensei and what he had said to them so far.

Minato smiled at Kakashi, ruffling his hair. He looked a lot like his father; he must have made the man proud. "Well, what do you say we get started on our training? Hm? Coming you two?" He asked, looking up at Obito and Rin.

"yeah!" Kakashi said with excitement. " I am ready Sensei!" "well umm I am not sure." Obito said in low tone and took a step toward Minato still being wearly about him. Rin look as unsure as Obito did but walked by Obito and slowly made her way with Obito towards Minato.

Minato just gave them a friendly smile and lead the way to the training grounds. He didn't mind them being nervous, they'd open up eventually. He just felt they would.

"Okay Sensei now what do we do? " Kakashi smiled up at Minato. Obito and Rin Picked up the pace when they noticed they were several feet away. yet within seconds they were right by Kakashi and Minato. "umm yeah what do you want us to do?" Obito asked uncertain what kind of training they were in for. " I am good at Running I can run really fast infact." Obito talked in a low tone.

" I do not like to run it just gets you dirty and tired." Rin spoke lowly.

Minato just smiled at his students. "It's just the first day, we're going to do a small basic training." He said.

Kakashi nodded and waited for his Sensei to tell him what to do. Obito and Rin also nodded knowing it should not be to hard for them to do. " So what do you want me to do? I am also good at finding things did you lose something?" Obito asked and walked up towards his Sensei gaining a little more trust in the man. Rin did the same as Obito and walked up Minato and waited him to him.

Minato chuckled at Obito. "No I didn't lose anything..." He smiled. "Now, I'm sure all of you know what Taijutsu is right?"

The whole Team gave a nod to show they all knew what Taijustu was.

"Alright;" Minato said. "And can you all tell me which Konoha clan posses amazing taijutsu qualities?"

" I do not know which one does Sensei?" Rin asked. "Well umm the Huygga Clan?" Obito guessed. "That would be the best guess" Kakashi said.

Minato chuckled. "It's the Maito clan," he said. "I'm sure you all know Gai, right?" he asked. "His clan has been diversed, but there are still some pure's our there."

"dang why did I not get that one? I that is a what I get for listening to a loser. like Obito" Kakashi said with sigh.

"Hey! I tryed by best Kakashi! You agreed with me ya know! Obito shouted and took a deep breath to clam down some. "yeah and I did not even know the answer so I feel dumb" Rin admitted.

"Hey, easy now." Minato said, firmly, but not sternly. He was still speaking in that friendly tone. "If you all aruge you'll never get anything done."

"Yes Sensei I know but normally I am smarter then that." Kakashi muttered. "I really did try my best I mean I had a reason behind my answer seeing the Huygga clan is kinda like my and eye abilites I took that in to effect. The hyugga clan's Taijutsu must rock." Obito spoke up. "he does have good point I could see why he picked that answer." Rin admitted.

"The Hyuuga clan is best at Ninjutsu." he corrected. "They use chakra with their attacks; and any attack that requires or just uses chakra is ninjutsu."

"oops my bad then Sensei" Obito apolized. "Idiot.." Kakashi whispered. I guess I should have payed more attenetion is class" Rin admitted she had not always payed close attention.

Minato just smiled at them. "Now, I'm sure all of you can guess which clan is the best at Genjutsu. Eh, Obito?" he asked.

"Get off of my back Kakashi I tyed! The answer is my clan the Uchiha. Cause we use our sharingan." "then why not show us your sharingan? huh Obito? Kakashi grinned. "well huh I can try" Obito whimper and lifeted up his goggles sand closed his eyes focusing on trying to awaken his sharingan. He kept on trying and trying and trying but he could activate his sharingan. "Loser you are memeber of that clan and you can not even use sharingan yet? You are waste of time if you ask me." Kakashi said. This made Obito feel upset he tryed his best and failed. " I will someday I just need to learn more. Obito looked down at the ground. " he did try Kakashi: Rin said. "yeah and he failed at it too." Kakashi muttered.

"Hatake!" Minato scolded, no longer friendly. "Kekki Genkai aren't learned at birth! It takes special training; Uchiha and Hyuuga aren't totally expected to so much as activate their Kekki Genkai until twelve or thirteen."

"What? I am just stating the truth Sensei. even his own Clan looks down on him he is a loser He is old enough to activate his sharingan yet he fails to do so." Kakashi said flatly. "well then I will just have to try again." Obito said and kept on trying to activate his sharingan. "oh no not again" Rin muttered.

Minato gently placed his hand on Obito head, a gentle gesture for him to stop. "Enough Hatake." He told him, sternly. "Not another word."

Obito looked up at Minato very sad like." I am sorry Sensei. I can keep trying if you want me too?" "ok ok Sensei I got it and he can try and try but he will always fail." Kakashi muttered. "They are not gonna fight again are they?" Rin asked.

"No Obito...that's fine." He smiled at him, gently ruffling his hair. He glared at Kakashi. "Hatake." he said firmly. "At the end of this training, why don't you show me how quickly you can run ten laps?"

Obito nodded ok and stopped trying to activate his sharingan. "ok Sensei I will try agian tommorrow" "ok sure where do you want me to run the laps at Sensei?" Kakashi question. "good they are not going to fight" Rin said happily.

"I'll late you know later Kakashi." He sighed, looking back at the team. "Ok, let's start." The training lasted for a few hours, consisting of near basic moves. Minato just wanted to make sure they were all masters of the basics; which were the keys of the harder stuff. After Minato had dismissed Obito and Rin, he turned to Hatake, his stern face returning.

" what is up Sensei? where did you want me to run at? I am a decent runner." Kakashi told his Sensei and stretched his legs.

Minato glared at him. "You know this is a punishment, don't you?"

" yes Sensei I know it" Kakashi sighed knowing that his new Sensei was already angry at him.

"Good, run ten laps around the track. Then come back to me."

"Ok Sensei" Kakashi walked off towards the track once there he started to run."I wonder why I have to run and one else did he thought as hekeep on running around the track. Around the time he got to six laps his legs started to hurt and slowed down but continued to run. when he got to eight laps he was to tired to run anymore. "Sensei I am tired." Kakashi called.

"Too bad," He said. "You still have two more to go." He gave Kakash ia stern glare.

"Sensei I am really tired I do not think I can run no more without my legs falling off" Kakashi called and tired to run but barely jogged to his nineth lap. "Ok Sensei really tired now." Kakashi and started to walk around for his tenth lap.

Minato figured that was close enough. "Come here Hatake." He said, finding a seat on a bench nearby.


End of Chapter One.

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