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"Aww dad you never say no to those missions do you?" Kakashi asked with a half a smile as he leaned in his Dads arms.

Hatake leaned back in his seat, rubbing Kakashi's back as he just stared at him for a moment. Turth be told, he was always nervous when he got an S-Rank mission; scared actually. He could die; and never see his son again. "I'll miss you too son," he said, smiling comfortingly. "But I'll be back before you know it. You'll see and sometimes I do..." he said, smiling at his son. "I only go when they make me to be honest."

"Ok dad when are you leaving again first thing in the Morning?" Kakashi asked as he now layed on the couch getting ready to sleep for the night.

"Yeah..." He said, reaching over and rubbed his son's arm. He smiled. "It'll take me about three days..."

"Ok dad but please be safe." Kakashi said as he dirfted off to sleep on the couch.

"I will son..." He whispered his promise. "I always am for you..." He smiled and picked him up, hugging him close as he carried him to his room and tucked him in. He stared at his son for a moment, gently running his fingers through his hair. He kissed his forehead, before leaving and going to his own room to go to bed

Kakashi smiled in his sleep as he dreamed of becoming a great Ninja like his dad and maybe someday becoming Hokage.

The next morning, Hatake woke quietly and made sure he had everything he would need. After dressing in his Jounin uniform, he paid one last visit to his son, who was still sleeping. He smiled and kissed his forehead, whispering "I love you" to him before heading out.

Kakashi smiled at the kiss he got in his sleep and continued to sleep for a few hours before waking up to go meet with his Sensei. he quickly made a piece of toast and gobbled it down down heading out the door and going to training field was at. " Hey eveyone!" he called happily. "Hi Kakashi" Rin called when she saw him. Obito is not here yet. We are waiting on him." "Awww he is always late" Kakashi complained.

Minato smiled. "I'm sure he'll have a reasonable excuse." he said. He hadn't known Obito for more than two days, so Obito would be able to play him for a while.

"Hey everyone I am here!" Obito called being ten minutes late. "what took you so long?" Kakashi asked Obito. "I was helping an old lady carry her groceries but she had alot of him to carry." Obito told them. "You are full of it of you think I am gonna belive that one Obito." Kakashi told him back. Rin just took a sigh she knew Obito loved making up reasons why he had always been late.

"Easy now," Minato said. "I don't want any fighting today." He looked at Obito. "I want you on time tomorrow, understood?"

"uh huh yep I understand Sensei" Obito smiled. "oh come on Sensei are you telling me you belive his lame story?" Kakashi asked. Rin had to laugh at the fact herself. Obito had used that excuse alot when there where still in school.

Minato blinked at Kakashi. "He wasn't late yesterday," he reminded with a smile. "And he doesn't have a choice but to be on time tomorrow."

"yeah well you just watch him be late tommorow and have a lame excuse for it." Kakashi told Minato. "I will not and I was helping an old lady Kakashi!" Obito shouted at Kakashi. "so Sensei what are we doing today?" Rin asked ignoring the small fight.

Minato sighed. "I want to test you three in a mock mission." He explained. "I want to see how you work in a field."

"Sensei I will do as you say but I wanna know if you truely belive Obito's stupid excuse. first" Kakashi told Minato. "It is not stupid cause it was the truth!" Obito yelled at Kakashi. "I willl belive it when pigs fly" Kakasho told Obito. "That can be arranged.!" Obito yelled.

"Enough!" Minato said. "Or you both will be running laps after training!"

" Why does no one tell me what is going on!" Kakashi shouted. "Dad will not tell me about his mission and now my Sensei will not tell me if he actually belives a liar!" Kakashi yelled yet tryed to clam himself down. "I am no liar!" Obito yelled at Kakashi. "Why do boys have to be so stubborn! " Rin shouted covereing her ears.

Minato stared at his students, confused. "Kakashi," he said gently. "Your father can't tell you about his missions...he could get in a lot of trouble. As for Obito, he's only getting this one chance. If he's late anytime after today, he will be punished."

Kakashi took a sigh." Sensei I know butit is just I miss my dad he goes on all these S-ranked missions and I am worried about him." "What! I will be punished for helping out Konaha!?" Obito shouted. "well that is dumb"

"Shut up Obito," Minato told him. He kneeled down to Kakashi's level. "You're dad's one of the best, and being best means you'll get the toughest and dangerous missions."

"hey.." Obito whimpered. He was never good at being told to shut up." It was the truth" "Thanks Sensei I just want him to come back safe." Kakashi smiled. Rin was not sure what to do at that point Obito was Kakashi was happy and her Sensei was she did know how he felt.

Minato smiled and ruffled Kakashi's hair. "Ok, now. You three, show me how well you can hide yourselves. Go!"

Kakashi took off and hid in large bush and kept low to the ground. Rin went and hide up in where ther was the most branches and leaves to cover her while she kept a birds eye view things. Obito did not hid yet. he was mad at being told to shut up and he wanted his Sensei to tell him sorry.

Minato blinked. "Obito...the trick is to hide yourself..." he chuckled. "Go settle somewhere, kay?"

"I can't hide cause I am mad and upset."Obito told Minato.

Minato gently ruffled his hair, he kneeled down to Obito's height. "Hey," he whispered. "I got a surprise for you after training...cooperate and I'll keep it around."

"huh You do?" Ok then I will go hide" Obito sighed and ran into woods. He choose to hideo in a small tunnel he dug under a rock so it was mor like a crawl space then he put grass and twigs over the small enternace.

Minato chuckled, looking around for his students; he smiled approvingly, unable to spot them without looking twice. He coudl see them, but it was great for their age. "Very good," he told them all. "Now...let's see if you can catch me off guard."

Rin waited for her Sensei to look away to look away and Them tried jumping him. "Got ya!" Kakashi did the same thing." No I got him" he said as they both jumped on him. Obito stayed hiding trying figure out what his sensi would do next.

In a swift movement, Minato was out of the way. He winced as his twice students collided, feeling a little bad for that.

"ouch!" Kakashi whimpered but got to his feet. "That hurt" Rin said getting to her feet as well. Obito Then started to slowly dig his way underground. Using his Kunia and Chakra to dig away at the dirt until he was right under his Sensei then dug a small hole above ground and grabbed his Sensei's Leg and yanked as hard as he possibly could Trapping Minato's left leg under ground. "no I got him." Obito smiled coming up from underground full of dirt.

Minato blinked as his leg was pulled down. "Hello," he said, smiling as if this was a casual meeting.

"hello? You are trapped and all you say is hello?" Obito questioned. "He does have you Sensei." Rin agreed. " wait how do we know that is the real Sensei and not a clone." Kakashi asked.

"Very Good Kakashi." He said, and with a poof he was gone.

"That is cheap trick Sensei. I worked hard on digging that hole." Obito complained. "yeah and you made us collide" Rin also complained. " Yeah that hurt!" Kakashi groaned.

"The enemy wouldn't care," he said, still not revealing himself

"Hey Obito why use your sharingan?" Kakashi said smuggly. "Well I could try" Obito and tryed to active it and failed. "Once again Loser" Kakashi teased. Kakashi had a plan to get their Sensei out of hiding. " Oh yeah I am not giving up!" Obito shouted and continued to try and active it. "Oh no" Rin sighed. "not again"

A kunai came flying, stopping at Kakashi's feet. "Don't you dare start again."

"What an Uchiha Loser you are Obito." Kakashi teased Obito some more. " I am not! would An Uchiha Loser be able to do this?" Obito then walked up to him and punched him. "Ouch! Oh That is it you are going down!" Kakashi and ran towards Obito." "Like to see ya try" Obito teased. "guys!" Rin shouted. "stop it!"

Minato reappeared and seperated the boys; he grabbed Obito by the back of his shirt and pulled him away while picking up Kakashi and holding him under his arm.

"I am not a Uchiha Loser! Just cause I can not use my sharingan yet. I am trying. I will get it working soon you will see. Now please Sensei let me go." Obito told Kakashi and asked Minato. " I would loved to see that Loser." Kakashi said to Obito once more abore getting quiet. "why do they always fight?" Rin asked Minato.

"Simple," Minato said, talking to Rin first and not letting either male go. "Because males, unfortunately, don't mature as quickly as females. I'm sorry to admit that you and I are the only mature ones Rin."

"Great now even my own Sensei thinks I am a failure well that was lovey to hear Sensei." Obito told him. " I am so mature Sensei! I am the youngest Chuunin ever ya know!" Kakashi shouted. "But Sensei you are a male and you are mature though it could that you are older too. Rin Smiled.

"I said males don't mature as quickly." He said. "Meaning, you're mature now and they probably won't catch up for another year." He smiled at her. She was so adorable. "Rin, I need to ask you a favor." He said gently.

"oh ok Sensei I get it now and what is the favor Sensei." Rin questioned. "hey Sensei can youlet me go not you are stretching out my shirt." Obito asked. You think you got it bad I am being held by the gy so Shut up Obito." Kakashi shouted at him. " why do people love to telll me that?" Obito wondered.

"I'm sorry to ask, but I need you to go home early today. I have to deal with these two. I'll give you a private session one day, I promise. Ok?" He smiled at her, praying he wouldn't hurt her feelings

"Ok Sensei" Rin smiled and started to walk away."Bye Sensei!" Rin shouted and ran off towards her house. " Oh boy Sensei are ya gonna teach me how to awaken my sharingan!?" Obito said no longer careing if he was being held or not. " No! he is gonna do that he gonna make run the tracks until our legs fall off." Kakashi told Obito. "Fun." Obito muttered sacrcasticly.

"Kakashi's right," Minato said. "I'm gonna let you both go, and so help me, if you start fighting again..." He took a deep breath. "You'll regret it!" He slowly released them both. "Fifteen laps, both of you."

"Sensei I can not run that many laps I can barely run ten laps." Kakashi complained. " I like running and all but fifthteen laps Sensei? I am not sure I can." Obito told Minato. "Also Sensei what do you mean we will regret it if we start to fight again" Kakashi asked.

Minato glared at them both. "Start running, now." He said.

"Ok ok Sensei chill huh?" Obito asked and went into the track and started to run. Obito was indeed a fast runner and he loved to run but even he wore out at times.Obito kept on running and running it as not only his legs were on Fire but he was sure out of breath by his tweleth lap. " I will run when he is done Sensei." Kakashi said and watched Obito run.

"No, you run with him." Minato said sternly.

"Sensei No point in it now he is almost done. By the time get over the he will need one lap to go.' Kakashi said as he saw Obito get to his fourteenth lap. "So tired must stop soon. Obito said to himself and kept on running until he finished his fifteenth lap. Obito slowly walked up to his Sensei."done" he said out of breath. "See Sensei I told you so." Kakashi said and headed for the track. "Now I will run mine." Kakashi said and headed for the track.

Minato had to admit, he was impressed. "That was very good Obito," he told him. "Kakashi couldn't run all ten laps yesterday." So much for Kakashi's big talk. He picked up Obito and sat him next to him. "Listen," he said, lowering his voice so he could only talk to Obito. "I know Kakashi's words can get to you, but you should just turn the other cheek."

"Really Sensei he couldn't?" Obito smiled some."I am just have a lot of enegry in me that is all. I did tell you I love run but I did not think you would use it against me. How do I ignore stuff that hurts inside?" Obito questioned his Sensei. Kakashi started on his laps around the track and soon got five laps as Obito and his Sensei talked.

Minato smiled. "I know words hurt, but you should direct your pain into energy and train to prove Kakashi wrong." he said. He gently ruffled Obito's hair. "Now, if you promise to behave, I'll help you ok?"

"I can try Sensei" Obito smiled. He was not used to be treated so kind and he enjoyed it." What will you help with Sensei?" Obito questioned. Kakashi kept on running and got to his nineth lap. " This sucks" Kakashi muttered and continued to run.

Minato smiled, whispering softly. "Your Sharingan."

"I do not think I even have it Sensei. I have failed to awaken it to much" Obito said sadly. Kakashi kept running till he hit his evelenth lap. "Sensei I can not handle anymore. To tired" Kakashi goarned.

"If you stop you'll regret it!" Minato said. He went back to Obito. "I think you do...Tell you what, I'll lend you some chakra and we'll see how much it takes you to awaken it, ok?"

"ok Sensei" Obito smiled. "pht whatever Sensei I am tired nad o not thik I can handle much more" Kakashi as ran and got to his thirteenth lap. "Ok Now I am really Tired I must rest Sensei" he called again.

"Wait right there then," Minato instructed Kakashi. He then turned back to Obito. "Ok, all i want you to do is focus on activating that Sharingan." He placed his hand on Obito's shoulder and began to slowly stream his own chakra into the boy

Obito tired to do what his sensei said but he started giggling. "hey! That tickles! Obito laughed. Kakashi did listen to his Sensei and stay put as he caught his breath.

Minato had to chuckle at Obito. "Ok...go ahead and try..."

" Ok Sensei I give it a try just make stop tickling" Obito laughed and the closed his eyes. "Ok Focus.." Obito whispered and tryed once more to activate his Sharigan. Though he failed do activate it he swore he felt different. "Sensei are you coming?" Kakashi called and sat down on the ground regain all of his breath.

Minato ignored Kakashi, he steadied the flow of his charka, making it a bit faster. He narrowed his eyes, not in anger but in determination...He encouraged Obito mentally...

Obito once agian closed his eyes and tryed to activate his sharingan. "Come please awken sharingan Obito prayed hoping it would awaken. Then when Obito opened his eyes he left really odd. " Did it work Sensei? I feel weird." Obito felt weird cause this time he actually woken his sharingan. Kakashi just sat on the ground and watched them talk and waited for his Sensei.

Minato smiled. "Congradulations Obito." he said. "You do possess the Sharingan."

" I did it! Obito yelled and smiled. "Thank you Sensei!" Obito smiled again. " Hey I can lots of stuff with my eyes I could not see before. Sensei" Obito told Minato. Kakashi ignored Obito thinking" Yeah right"

Minato smiled. "I'm glad Obito. Now, if you'd stick around after training starting tomorrow, then I'll continue to help ok?"

"Ok Sensei!" Obito smiled. hmm question and it is kinda dumb."how do I make it stop?" "Sensei I can finish my laps now if you want me too." Kakashi called.

Minato laughed lightly. "You will figure it out buddy. Just try and focus on de actvating it."

" Ok Sensei and you explain it alot easier then my clan does." Obito did as he was told and de activated his sharingan. "Sensei come stop ignoring me and tell if I should finish my laps." Kakshi complained and got up from the ground.