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Chapter 1: Internal Dialogue

August 12, 1981 Chicago, Illinois

"Oh god this can't be happening!" Jackie whined as she paced back and forth in her bathroom.

"Please God, don't let it be blue. Pink not blue. Pink pink pink!" Jackie covered her face with her delicate hands as she chanted to herself.

She had never been so freaked out in her entire life. The past month and a half had been the worst in her entire life. Jackie believed it would be impossible to top the last half of 1979, but somehow, this was even worse. Jackie had been living in Chicago for a little over a year. After her breakup with Fez, she couldn't handle Point Place anymore. She hadn't been in love with Fez in the slightest, but when she had their 'relationship' to hide behind, she found it much easier to be in her hometown. She found it much easier to be around him.

Jackie and Hyde had barely spoken since she moved to Chicago. They made civil conversation, if you could call it that, whenever Jackie went home for a visit. He had moved to an apartment, not far from the Formans' house. Eric and Donna were living in Madison, Fez owned his own Salon in Kenosha, and Michael was now living with Brooke and Betsy in Chicago. Jackie felt so blessed having Michael and Brooke so close by. She would have been lost without them. Jackie had discovered a love for writing. After her breakup with Steven she started writing down her feelings in a journal. That lead to formulating her feelings into actual stories. Her first book entitled "What Goes Around Comes Around" was the story of a lovely high school cheerleader, Joanie, who falls for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Stefan, who inevitably leaves her for a prostitute after she had devoted herself to him fully. He dies a slow and painful death, not before confessing to Joanie that he always loved her. It had been released a few months prior and had moderate success.

Ding, the timer Jackie had set went off, awakening her from her trance. She walked slowly up to her bathroom sink. Pink Pink Pink. As Jackie leaned over and looked down, she felt her breath leave her body. Fuck! Blue!

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck!" she shouted as she grabbed her phone, which ironically was pink.

"Hello." the librarian said cheerily.

"Get over here now!" Jackie demanded.

"Jackie?" Brooke asked, confusedly.

"No, it's Farah freaking Fawcett!" Jackie said sarcastically "Yes it's Jackie!"

"Okay, okay. I'll be right over."

Twenty minutes later, there was a knock on Jackie's apartment door. Rushing to answer it, she caught sight of her new best friend and her two year old god-daughter.

"Jackie what is it? You're freaking me out." Brooke asked her friend with deep concern as she entered the apartment.

"It was blue." Jackie spoke somberly.

"Oh my god, Jackie. I am so sorry." Brooke hugged the shorter girl with all her might as Jackie began to sob on Brooke's shoulder.

"Brooke, what am I going to do?" she pleaded for a solution from her friend.

"Come on sweetie, let's sit down on the couch." the women made their way over to the couch as Jackie gripped tighter to Brooke.

"What do you want to do Jackie?" Brooke asked gently

"Well, there's only one thing I can do." she choked out "I just don't know if I can do it."

"Jackie, you shouldn't do anything that you are not sure of."

"Brooke how can I be sure of this? I don't want to do it, but I certainly can't have this baby." Jackie continued to weep.

"I know honey. I know." Brooke wasn't sure how to advise Jackie. Yes, she had been a single mother to Betsy before she and Kelso got back together, but her situation was nothing like Jackie's.

"Will you go with me…when I have it done?" Jackie whispered.

"Of course!" Brooke would support her friend in any possible way she could.

"I'm going to call and make an appointment today." Jackie said sadly "I think I just need to be alone for a while."

"Are you sure? I could stay, or you can come over and have dinner with me and Michael."

"No I'm sure. Go be with your family. I'll be fine." Jackie spoke surely as she dried her eyes.

"Okay, but call me if you need me. Anytime." Brooke hugged Jackie tightly before picking her daughter up and heading for the door.

"Bye!" she called out to Jackie.

"Bye." Jackie replied softly.

After Brooke left, Jackie collapsed on her bed, exhausted by the day's events. Her emotions had been tried nearly to death over the past six weeks. She was a nervous wreck. Jackie closed her eyes and remembered a happier time in her life. She remembered the nights she spent cuddled up next to her boyfriend in his cot in the Forman basement. Those were the best moments of her life, with Steven holding her as she drifted to a peaceful sleep. Jackie imagined Steven's arms were around her now. She finally felt at ease enough to drift off to sleep.

Jackie felt a body on top of her own, a hand covering her mouth as another ripped at her undergarments. She couldn't breathe as she felt a sharp pain of the stranger penetrating her roughly. She tried to kick and scream, but he was so much stronger than her. Get off me! Get off me!

Jackie woke up in a cold sweat, screaming and crying. She looked around her darkened room to find that she was alone and safe. Jackie glanced over at her bedroom window. The medal bars that guarded it and her from any intrusion were still in place. Jackie gathered her composure and breathed a sigh of relief. She got up and made her way to the kitchen, poring herself a glass of water. She returned to her bedroom. Looking at the clock on her nightstand, it was now 11:30 pm. Still feeling uneasy, Jackie picked up the phone and dialed an oh so familiar number.

The phone rang only once before Jackie heard the greatest voice in the world "You've reached Grooves Record Store. Our hours of operation are 9 am through 9 pm. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a message at the tone." As the sound of the beep of the answering machine hit Jackie's ears, she hung up and dialed the same number a second time. She let Steven's voice wash over her. Jackie would never admit that whenever she felt sad or lonely, this became her ritual. She would call just to hear his voice, and just hearing his voice, made her feel better. She laid back in bed and kept calling and calling, until she finally felt safe again.

Three days later, Jackie and Brooke sat in the cold clinic, waiting for Jackie's name to be called. As Jackie thought to herself, she found her mind racing with a million different thoughts at once. One part of her knew that she had to have this abortion, but another part of her struggled with it. She was never against a woman's right to choose, but that implied that their was a choice, but which choice was right for her?

"I can't believe this even happened. Aren't you on the pill?" Brooke asked, snapping Jackie out of her internal conflict.

"Not anymore. I got off it since I haven't had sex in a hundred million years. Taking it was just a reminder of my pathetic love life, or lack thereof." Jackie answered sardonically.

"How long has it been?" Brooke asked.

"Two words: Steven Hyde." Jackie added dimly.

"Wow that was over two years ago."

"Bingo!" Jackie said with disdain. She hated that she hadn't had sex since her breakup with Steven. She had needs too, after all.

The thought of 'needs' made her think of Fez. They never slept together, not for lack of effort on his part. Every time Fez would go for second base, Jackie would slap his hand away. Nearly every time he kissed her, she began laughing. It hurt Fez's feelings, and Jackie felt terribly guilty about that. At the end of the day, they both realized that they were better off as friends.

After many long minutes of silence, Jackie spoke again "You know I always wanted to be a mother." she paused briefly, staring at the ground "I swore I would be a good mom. That I wouldn't be like my parents. I would always be there for my child. He or she would always know they were loved." Jackie felt tears stinging her eyes.

"Honey, you don't have to do this. We could just--"

"Jackie Burkhart" a woman in a white coat called out.

Jackie waved and stood up. She looked down at Brooke with tears in her eyes.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Brooke asked

"It's the only way." Jackie answered through her tears. She followed the woman to the back rooms slowly.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay here by yourself?" Brooke asked with concern as the two women entered Jackie's apartment.

"For the last time, yes. I will be fine Brooke." Jackie assured her friend.

"So…do you think you did the right thing?" the taller woman asked nervously.

"Yes. I just couldn't go through with it." Jackie replied adamantly.

"Well, you know Michael and I will be here for you every step of the way through this pregnancy." Brooke said supportively.

"I know, and I thank you for it." Jackie smiled sweetly.

"You're most welcome. Call me if you need me. Bye!" The girls hugged tightly.

"Bye Sweetie." Jackie replied as Brooke left her apartment.

The next four months were terrible for Jackie. She had to deal with all the pitfalls of pregnancy alone and on top of it all, she continued having the nightmares. One night she had another nightmare, and it was particularly bad. This time her attacker pulled a knife and threatened to cut her belly and kill her unborn child. Jackie woke in her usual sweat. She grasped hold of her stomach as she felt a wetness between her legs. Ripping back the sheet, she discovered a massive pool of blood.

"Oh my god! My baby!" She screamed as she picked up the phone and dialed 911. She passed out in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

When Jackie awoke, she found her obstetrician hovering over her.

"Oh my god Dr. Matthews, is my baby okay?!" She shouted worriedly.

"Yes Jackie, you're baby is fine." the older doctor reassured.

"What happened?" Jackie asked as she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, you began hemorrhaging. I believe it was brought on by stress. You're still having the nightmares I presume?"

"Yes. It's just that every night I fall asleep in that room where…it happened. I guess even after nearly six months, I am still scared." Jackie felt tears threatening to fall.

"Jackie, maybe it would be best if you moved. You needa safe, quiet environment to finish out your pregnancy." Dr. Matthews asserted.

"In Chicago? It's such a busy place. Not really a peace and quiet environment." Jackie replied.

"Well maybe you should go home." the doctor suggested.

"Home? To Point Place? I can't do that." Jackie said emphatically.

"Jackie, you need to relax as much as possible now if you expect to bring this baby to term. I think going back to Wisconsin would be the best solution." he said sincerely.

"I know you're right. I just--" she wasn't quite sure how to finish the sentence. I'm too afraid of my immense love for my idiot ex boyfriend to have to live in the same city as him. That sounded lame in her own head.

"Okay, I guess I could move back, maybe just till the baby's born."

"Great. I have a very good friend down there. He is a wonderful doctor. His name is Dr. Green. I'll set you up for an appointment with him." he said gently.

"Thank you Dr. Matthews." Jackie smiled widely.

"You're welcome." he replied with a smile.

Over the next week, Jackie packed up all her things, and prepared to say goodbye to the apartment that housed her worst memory.

"You ready to go?" Kelso asked, tapping Jackie's shoulder as she looked on at her empty apartment.

"Yeah, I'm ready." she turned and faced her first boyfriend with a sad look on her face.

"Hey, are you okay sweet pea?" Kelso asked with concern.

"Yes I'm fine Michael." she paused momentarily. "Listen Michael, no one back home knows what happened. The don't even know I'm pregnant."

"I know. You told me not to tell them." he replied. He was proud of himself that he had managed to keep Jackie's condition secret for this long.

"Well I don't want them to know how I got this way. I am going to say I was artificially inseminated."

"Huh?" Kelso asked dumbly

"You remember that job you got back in high school, selling your 'special men'?" she asked slowly.

"Yeah I was good at that job!" he replied with a grin.

"Well I am going to say that I went to one of those places and got some random guy's 'special men' and that's how I got pregnant."

"But Jackie…why don't you want them to know what really happened?" he asked with a frown.

"I just can't let them know I was…was…raped. I just can't. So please don't say anything." she pleaded.

"Okay. I won't." Kelso said honestly.

"Thank you Michael." Jackie hugged her friend tightly.

Hyde sat alone at the table in the Forman kitchen as his adoptive mother stood at the stove cooking dinner. She insisted that he come over for dinner practically every night, since Eric had left with Donna, Mrs. Forman found herself lonely and sad dealing with a completely empty nest for the first time. If Hyde was honest with himself, he was feeling incredibly lonely these days too. With Forman and Donna in Madison, Kelso in Chicago, and Fez busy with his new salon, Hyde's life had become dismal. The only thing that brought him any sense of security was the time he spent with the Formans. If he really decided to be honest with himself, he knew that there was one main reason his life was lacking. He had no Jackie.

The past two years since his breakup with Jackie had been the worst of Hyde's life. When she moved to Chicago, he thought he would burst from the pain. It was not the first time she had taken off for the windy city, but it was the first time where even if he could have mustered the strength to ask her to stay, it probably would not have made a difference. He lost all rights to her life the day he chose to stay with a stripper instead of fixing things with the only woman he ever loved. Hyde thought about going to Chicago, trying to fix things, but then Jackie's book came out. The plight of Joanie and Stefan rang eerily familiar. The outcome for Stefan was not so good. It broke Hyde's heart to see in writing how much he had actually hurt the only person he ever rally gave a fuck about.

The sound of the sliding glass door awoke Hyde from his deep thoughts. In walked Michael Kelso followed closely behind…

"Jackie?!" Hyde said in surprise as he rose from the table and took in the view of his ex, especially around the middle.

"Hey Steven." Jackie replied almost shyly. For the life of her se had no idea how this man had such an effect on her. That with just one look or one word, he could melt her heart.

"You're…you're.." he couldn't finish the sentence. He was too in shock.

"Yes Steven. I'm pregnant."

To be continued…

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