This is the first thing I've written since Christmas and it is very short. I'm not sure whether or not I should continue with it, it all depends on the feedback I get on it, so please let me know what you think. Enjoy.

Unbetaed, all mistakes are mine, nothing else is.


"Garcia? You busy?" JJ poked her head in the tech's office.

"What do you need?" Penelope swung around in her chair facing the door.

"Will just called," JJ held up her phone while walking in sitting down.

"And…" Garcia prodded.

"I…" JJ sighed and looked down. "He's moving here." She looked back up. "To be closer to me and…"

"And?" Garcia smiled. "You're over the moon?"

"Garcia," JJ took a deep breath. "I'm pregnant."

"Oh my God!" The Tech jumped up from her chair and pulled her into a big hug. "Congratulations! That's fantastic!" She let go allowing the both to sit back down.

"Yeah," JJ let out a small laugh. "It wasn't planned, but I'm happy." She smiled. "I'm happy."

"But?" Garcia leaned over taking her hand. "What's wrong Sweetie?"

"He wants to move in with me, wants us to be a family." JJ looked at the floor again thinking about how to explain everything to her friend. She looked back up again determined. "I'm not… I don't think…" She stopped the determination fading. She looked at Garcia helplessly.

"He's not the one you want?" Garcia looked at her sympathetically.

"No," she shook her head while blinking rapidly trying to force back the tears threatening to spill. "I was never in love with him, he was always just a distraction from…" She paused. "From someone else."

"A particular someone else." Garcia stated. "The someone else who you have been flirting with since this someone started on the team." She smiled. "I thought it was just an innocent flirt, just a way of dealing with what you guys see every day." She muttered to herself.

JJ looked at her, surprise evident in her face. "You knew?" She asked.

"Of course I knew. I am the Queen of all Knowledge, Sweetie." Garcia laughed. "And I know you." She reached back over holding JJ's hand. "What are you going to do about Will?"

"Oh Penelope," JJ sighed. "He's the father. I can't just…"

"JJ, baby," Garcia looked her straight in the eyes. "You can't sacrifice your own happiness for this child. If you aren't happy, he or she won't be either."

"He loves me. If I stay with him, we'll be a normal family." She looked back at Garcia. "And Emily…" At the sound of the name a tear found its way down her cheek. "With Emily…"

"With Emily you'd be happy. And you'd love her as much as she loves you." Garcia finished the sentence.

"Loves me?" JJ asked. "Loves me? I don't even know if she does. I don't even know if she'd go on a date with me. How can I sacrifice Will, who loves me, for a 'maybe she'll go on a date with me'?"

"Oh, Sweetie." Garcia squeezed her hand. "You need to be brave. And did you ever think that maybe it's unfair to stay with Will when you're in love with someone else? You deserve to be happy, Jayj. And you won't be happy with Will."

"I know," she sighed. "I know, but I don't know what to do." She lay her head down in Garcia's lap.

"Whatever you choose to do, I'll be here every step of the way." Garcia said stroking the blond head. "I'll be right here."