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A Fight You Can't Win

It was nearing midnight when Kurosaki Ichigo finally returned to the human world. He was bloody, he was hungry, and he was dead tired. Why did that damn Shinigami meeting have to last so long?! He had school in the morning too!

Ichigo almost groaned as he carefully slipped through the only window in his room, yawning loudly as he landed in a heap on the floor. He didn't make a sound, though, since he was in his soul form. He went to stand up, and found his body laying right where he'd left it, in the middle of his smallish bed. Ichigo yawned loudly again, this time hard enough to crack his jaw, before allowing himself to slip back into his body.

It felt weird, like being covered in a thick layer of dirt and grime. It felt like having your skin stretched to thin, suddenly, then having it let go, only to sag against your body. He'd never get used to the feeling; he'd much rather be a spirit, but he didn't really have a choice in the matter.

Ichigo sat up and stretched, satisfied when he heard bones crack and felt his spine realign itself. He scratched his head wildly as he stood, ruffling the natural bright orange hair, before stepping over to his locked door. He stopped himself, though, and pulled on a large white t-shirt to cover his barely-clothed body before stepping out into the hall. The stairs made barely a sound as he slipped down them and into the kitchen.

He didn't bother turning on the light; instead, he opened the microwave, and allowed the weak light to guide him. Then he opened the fridge, hunting for some lunchmeat. He found turkey, and drew it out, along with the mustard, and lettuce. He placed these items on the counter, and drew the bread from the breadbin sitting near the fridge on the counter. He took out two slices, slathered them with mustard, and added a large hunk of lettuce and two slices of turkey.

His stomach already grumbling loudly at the sight and smell of the tasty treat, he pulled a paper towel off the rack and made his way to the table, where he sat to eat the sandwhich.

"Mm." He groaned; it tasted amazing! It might have just been the fact that he was really hungry, but it really tasted heavenly. Ichigo sighed, and practically inhaled the sandwhich in record time. Oh, yeah, that hit the spot.

He made sure to clean up his mess when he was done, then quietly made his way upstairs for a quick shower. The hot water felt amazing, too, against his stretched skin. The scent of lilacs drifted up from his shampoo, and he inhaled deeply. That scent always seemed to calm him down, especially after he'd just returned from the Seiretei. Grimacing slightly, Ichigo twisted the knobs to turn off the water, noticing his slightly tan skin had a pink hue to it from the heat. He toweled himself off briskly, before going back to his room and collapsing on his bed. After that, he slept the rest of the night, through his alarm, and through most of the day.

He'd needed it, after all.

In the Seiretei:

"Damn, but that was a long meeting!"

The rough growl belonged to none other than the Zaraki Kenpachi, Captain of the 11th division of Gotei 13. He was the roughest, toughest, and biggest of all the souls in Soul Society. Well, biggest when concerning the human souls, that is; Komamura Sajin was as big as him, but he was an animal, so he didn't count. Kenpachi wore his long black hair in low spikes with bells attached to the ends of them, and wore an insane grin on his face all the time that showed off sharp canines. His sharp black eyes betrayed his bloodlust, as did the tatters that were where his sleeves should be on his long, white robe that he wore over the normal Shinigami Shihakushou. His Zanpaku-to he carried at his side, on his belt.

He glowered at the ground before him, his long legs taking him away from the 1st Captain's corridors in no time at all. While he was on the way, his Lt. Kusajishi Yachiru, bounded from the shadows and jumped onto his broad shoulder, giggling.

"Hey, Kenny, where'you going?" She asked in her childish voice, still giggling.

Kenpachi spared her a glance, before continuing on his fast-paced walk. "Back to my quarters. I need to find someone to fight to get that stupid tension from the meeting off my back. Wanna come?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah! Then we can invite Baldy, and the others over for a party!" Yachiru grinned, her pink hair flapping around her face.

"Hey! I didn't say we could have a party!" Kenpachi growled, flashing his canines once more.

"But Kenny, having them over would be a great way to deal with your stress! After all, parties make everyone happy!"

Kenpachi snorted, but he didn't deny her her request, even if he wasn't particularly happy about it. After all, it was Yachiru, and he never denied her anything. He ran all the way to his quarters across the Seiretei, and pulled open the door harshly. His house was empty, as it always was.

Yachiru jumped down from his shoulder and quickly made her way over to the couch, where she jumped up and lounged comfortably. "Hey, Kenny, what was that meeting about, anyway?" She asked, swinging her feet back and forth.

Kenpachi made himself comfortable sitting on the floor with his back to the couch, his Zanpaku-to resting between his Indian-style legs against his right shoulder. He shrugged at her question. "Who knows? The most Old Man Yanamoto talked about was reassigning our squads to different areas, to better patrol for Hollows. Ever since that incident with Aizen, he's been a little panicked about finding more and more enemies. Supposedly this will help to keep the rest of us "safe," as he puts it." He was smirking by the time he finished talking.

Yachiru giggled again. "Oh, I know that smirk, Kenny! You're happy, aren't you? Cause this'll mean more fights for you!"

Kenpachi sighed; his Lt. knew him so well. But she was right. He'd found out earlier he was getting sent to the human world to patrol there for a few weeks, since the human world had been having spikes in Hollow activity. And that meant fighting, which he really loved. He just couldn't wait!

Ichigo blinked; why did the damn sun have to so bright?! He grumbled, turning on his side to hide his face in his pillow. He really didn't want to get up right now; he felt like he'd gotten no sleep last night. Speaking of sleep, how long had he been out? Ichigo turned back over to check his alarm clock, then checked it again.

"What?!" He let out a loud shout, shooting straight up in bed. There was no way it could already be almost five in the afternoon! He checked the clock once more; yep, it was definitately 4:51 pm. "Dammit!"

At that last loud shout, the door to his room burst open, admitting his crazy father, Isshin Kurosaki, who immediately sent a kick flying his way.

"GOOD MORNING, ICHIGO! I HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD REST!" It was all spoken in a yell, which only served to give Ichigo a headache as he dodged the kick.

"What the hell is your problem?! Is this how you're supposed to treat your own son?!" Ichigo shouted back, jumping away from his bed as Isshin landed in a heap on the ground.

"That...was an amazing dodge...my son." Isshin coughed, sitting up and rubbign his cheek, which he'd landed on.

"Shut up! What are you even doing here, anyway?!" Ichigo growled, taking off the t-shirt he'd fallen asleep in and exchanging it for a new, cleaner one.

"I figured I'd come check up on you, since you've been sleeping since yesterday. How're you feeling, son?"

Ichigo gave Isshin a weird look, before hunching his shoulders. "I'm just tired, dad, that's all. Well, I'm hungry, too."

Isshin grinned and stood up, speaking loudly as he tried to grab his son, "That's great! Yuzu made some rice porridge earlier, and there's lots left over for you! So let's go eat!"

Ichigo dodged the grip once more, stomping out of his room, annoyed. This is so stupid! Why did I have to be born into this family?! He thought angrily as he dished out a bowl of rice porridge, liking the smell originating from the pot. He sat down at the table with his meal, already salivating at what he knew would be delicious. After all, Yuzu only made the best to eat.

After he was done eating, Ichigo figured he'd just take it easy for the rest of the day, and decided to laze about on the couch reading a book. He had nothing else to do.

Kenpachi looked over at Unohana Retsu, who was assigned to accompany him to the human world. Standing next to her was her lavender-haired vice captain, Kotetsu Isane, who was looking a little down.

Hm. Maybe it's because she's no longer in the Seiretei? Whatever! It's not my problem! He thought, smirking. Unohana's voice jolted him out of his reverie, though.

"Zaraki-san, I would very much appreciate it if we could set up a headquarters, of sorts, before you go rushing off looking for Hollows." She said in her soft-spoken way, looking up at him.

He scratched his neck, before turning his head to look at Yachiru who was, once again, on his shoulder. She just grinned at him though. He sighed. "Fine. Where are we going to set up, though? Not like anyone can see us."

Unohana turned her head to Isane, who nodded. "There is another Shinigami who is located her as of present; a subsitute Shinigami. His name is Kurosaki Ichigo; I believe he was at the meeting that took place last night. I have his address right here." She held up a paper, which Unohana took from her.

"Thank you, Isane. We will go to the former 12th division 1st Leader, Urahara Kisuke. He will make us all gigais, (sp?) which we will wear to meet with Kurosaki-san."

Everyone else agreed to the plan, although none relished the idea of wearing gigais. They were quite uncomfortable, yet none objected to the idea. After all, it would be better to meet with Ichigo that way.

And that was how they ended up in front of the "Urahara Shop," where a small girl with weird black hair that ran down her face was sweeping the walkway in front of the shop. Helping her was a boy about the same age as her, with red hair and a fierce attitude. Both looked up when the Shinigami got close enough to them.

"Woah. What are two captains doing here?" The redhead asked, dropping his broom.

Unohana stepped foreword with a gentle smile. "Good afternoon. We're looking for Urahara Kisuke. Would you please get him for us?"

The boy kept looking at her, backing up some when he caught a glance at Kenpachi. But he stopped when he ran into a firm body. Turning, he found the owner of the shop standing behind him.

Urahara was a blond-haired middle aged man with grayish blue eyes that were mostly shadowed by his odd green and white hat. He wore an almost black kimono over a green shirt and pants, with sandals. It had large, white diamonds near the hem. In his hand was a cane, and his voice was amused when he spoke.

"Well, well, what brings Unohana-san to my doorstep, and with another captain no less? Am I in trouble?" He wondered, giving the redhead a light tap in the back with his sandaled foot. "Jinta, Ururu, go tell Tessei to make our guests some tea, would you? And you can quit with your duties for the day."

The two kids nodded and took off after a few long looks at the captains. Urahara smiled and pushed back his hat, motioning the foursome inside. He led them into the shop and to a room in the back, which he liked to call the "meeting room." It was used only for important people.

He situated himself before the table set in the middle of the room, and motioned for the others to do the same. Then he spoke. "Tell me, Unohana-san, who is this new captain? I don't remember him from when I was in the Seiretei."

"So it stands that you wouldn't." She smiled, making sure her robe wasn't bunched under her legs. But, before she could go farther with the introduction, Kenpachi spoke up.

"I'm the newer 11th division captain, Zaraki Kenpachi. I killed the last captain, and took his place. I've heard about you. You're the old captain of the 12th division, who was exhiled from the Seiretei for...unmentionable reasons. That is my Lt. Kusajishi Yachiru." He pointed to Yachiru, who giggled and waved.

Urahara nodded, pulling out his infamous fan and hiding most of his face behind it. "And the reason you came to me would be...?" He prompted, his voice slightly muffled.

Unohana took up the talking once more. "We came to request that you make all of us a gigai so that we may travel around town. All four of us have been assigned Karakura town to watch the recent spike in Hollow activity, and gaining information walking around as humans should help us do that."

Urahara nodded, his eyes flashing what looked like stars. "I see. But you do know that I don't come free, or even cheap, for that matter. Even for old friends and teammates." He sensed a lot of money to be made through this deal.

"I anticipated that. Isane, if you would."

Isane gave her captain a beat look and pulled out a piece of paper with many numbers on it, which she obediently handed to Urahara. He read it over, absently noting that Tessei came into the room to serve tea and what looked like cookies. His eyes widened at the number of zeros on the paper, then gleamed appreciatively.

"Hm. Well, this sure takes the cake. If this much money is involved, then I believe I can have your gigais ready by the end of the week. In the meantime, will you be wishing to stay here until you can find your headquarters?" He wondered, taking a sip of the tea placed in front of him.

"That would be nice, thank you. If need be, we will even pay you for allowing us to stay here." Unohana bowed her head, before taking a sip of her own tea.

Kenpachi gave his cup a sneer, turning his head away. He'd always hated tea; it was much to bland for his tastes. "So, is there anywhere to train at this shop? Or anyone to train with?" He wondered, practically caressing his Zanpakuto, which rested against his shoulder.

Urahara slanted him a look from beneath his hat, before grinning, still fanning himself. "I'm afraid not. You're just going to have to relax for the week. I'm sure you'll find something as fun as fighting to do. Something other than fighting, that is."

Kenpach scowled. What was he supposed to do for a whole week if he couldn't fight?! This job was already starting to suck.

"Yo, Ichigo! Where were you yesterday?! I totally mi-augh!"

The enthusiastic voice was abruptly cut off as its owner ran into the thick muscles in Ichigo's arm.

"Oh, Keigo, what are you doing here?" Ichigo asked, looking down at where Keigo was holding his bleeding nose. Yep, Ichigo's arm was that hard.

"I was looking for you, you dummy! So, where were you yesterday?!" Keigo nearly shouted, suddenly rearing up back onto his feet.

Ichigo sighed; sometimes he really wondered why he hung around this kid. "I was sleeping; what's wrong with that? I had a late meeting two days ago, and it made me really tired, so I took the day off."

Keigo pouted, practically wearing tears in his eyes. "Come on, Ichigo! It's the weekend! You have nothing to do, and I have nothing to do, too! So, we should do something together!"

Ichigo shook his head; he really wasn't up to dealing with hyperactive Keigo. "Sorry, man. I'm just planning on getting something to eat and resting at the park. I don't plan on doing anything with anyone today." With that, he left the whimpering Keigo standing there, and made his way into the restaraunt next to the movies store, which he'd been looking into.

Ah. I wasn't kidding, though. Lately, I just want to sleep. His thoughts were the only company he had for the next few hours.

Kenpachi had escaped from Urahara's Shop as fast as he could after learning he'd have to entertain himself with no fighting for a week. What was he going to do with himself now that he was in town, bored? Hm, what to do? Well, there's always stalking people. That's entertaining.

Kenpachi smirked, practically filling with glee. This would be almost too fun; humans were so entertaining when screaming from horror.

Hee hee hee! (a/n: Yes, that would be Kenpachi's happy laugh. Shut up!)

Ichigo looked up at a loud scream, flinching slightly. What could possible be going on now? He looked up, and nearly fell over from shock. What the heck?! Was that a Shinigami up there, hanging on the side of a building as it held a little kid?! And wasn't that Shinigami wearing a captain's outfit?!

Ichigo glanced around, but no one was paying any attention to him. They were all watching this kid who was hanging seemingly alone on the flat side of a building. Shaking his head, Ichigo popped a Soul Candy into his mouth, and felt the instant relief of his soul leaving his body. In his place was a smart, obedient soul from the spirit world that would take control of his body as if he hadn't left it.

"Just run around town, acting as if you're shocked this happened. If anyone questions you, say you don't know what's happened, or is happening." Ichigo commanded, releasing Zangetsu from its bonds on his back.

The soul in his body nodded and ran off, a proper shocked expression on his face. Ichigo sighed; now time to get back to that guy.

"That" guy was Kenpachi Zuraki, who was having a ball watching the humans freak out as they shouted for help for the poor kid he held in one hand. Oh, yeah, it was all too amusing. He was smirking widly when Ichigo suddenly appeared beside him, having Shunpoed his way up the side of the building.

"Hey! What'd'ya think you're doing?! You can't go around terrorizing the humans here in the real world! Give the kid to me!" Ichigo commanded, resisting the urge to flinch when the tall...no, huge man turned to him. The bells in his hair jingled at the movement.

"I was bored. This was the only way to entertain myself. I don't think there are any other Shinigami here besides myself and Unohana, so that must make you...Ichigo, right?" Kenpachi asked, still retaining ownership of the sobbing child.

"We'll talk later! Now just give me the kid!" Ichigo was getting impatient, you could tell that by his voice.

Kenpachi sensed the fighting spirit in this kid, and smirked as an idea began to form in his mind. "Sure, I'll give ya the kid. But afterwards, what say we go and have a little fun?" He asked, pulling the child out of reach when Ichigo reached for him.

Ichigo nearly groaned. "Fine; whatever you want. Just hand her over!"

Kenpachi nodded happily and allowed the orange-haired kid to recieve the child, who cuddled close to him, as if sensing she was safer with him. He waited until Ichigo had placed the child back into the window from which the captain had grabbed her from before suddenly latching onto Ichigo's arm and pulling him with him as he made his was to the Urahara Shop.

"Isane, have you seen Kenpachi around? I haven't seen him since earlier in the afternoon." Unohana stepped up behind her Lt. with an expression of only mild puzzlement on her face.

Isane turned around, just the tiniest bit surprised. "No, Captain. The last time I saw him was when we were talking to Mr. Kisuke." She, took, look puzzled.

"Hm. I suppose we'll have to go look for him; you never know what kind of trouble the...oh, it appears we won't have to look for him after all. I sense his Riatsu." Unohana turned, and ran right into the clothed chest of Urahara. "Oh. Excuse me, Urahara-san." She murmured, rubbing her nose.

"Not at all. I assume you felt it too?" Urahara asked, snapping out his fan to hide his face.

"The Riatsu?" She asked, and he nodded.

"Yep! Well, that and the fact that your Kenpachi is with my little Ichigo." He grinned, turning as a gust of wind jostled his hat.

"I'm not your little anything, dammit!" The shout was heard from many feet away as a very flushed Ichigo was pulled to a stop by Kenpachi.

"Oh, Ichigo! How pleasant of you to join us! Shall I have Tessai make you tea?" Urahara wondered, his grin broadening at Ichigo's practiced gag.

"No! Just get this freak off me!" Ichigo demanded, tugging on his sleeve. Kenpachi wouldn't relinquish his hold, though. "What the hell?!" Ichigo shot out, now and fully annoyed.

"Kenny! You found a playmate! That's good!" The pink-haired Yachiru appeared out of nowhere, jumping on top of Kenpachi's shoulder in her customary position.

Ignoring Ichigo's foul language and insistant tugging, Kenpachi turned his head to stare at his Lt. "Yeah; he's definitely what I need to curb my boredom. Any food around this joint?" He asked, dragging Ichigo foreword.

"Jinta and Ururu have prepared a lunch for us all, if you'll just take little Ichigo into the room we ate in yesterday. Unohana-san, Isane, are you two joining us today?" Urahara asked politely, smiling as he snapped his fan shut.

"Yes, I think that would be best. But first; Isane, would you please go find the notebook I gave you a few days ago? The lavender one."

Isane nodded and took off, and the rest made their way to Urahara's dining room, which was just called "Hall."

Kenpachi seated himself against the wall and dragged Ichigo down with him. Urahara seated himself across from Unohana at the table, pouring them tea. Isane returned within moments, carrying a thick, light purple notebook in her hands. While she situated herself, Tessai, along with Jinta and Ururu, began piling food on the table.

Kenpachi watched the food avidly; he hadn't realized it earlier, but he was starving. He absently heard the gentle sounds of the pages of Unohana's notebook turning, so he jumped when he felt a thump on his shoulder. Looking down, he noticed Ichigo had apparently passed out, and was now slumped against his broad shoulder. Since Kenpachi had hunched foreword to watch the food, it wasn't that hard of a thing to do. Kenpachi began to scowl, turning his furious gaze to Unohana when she suddenly spoke.

"Ah, here it is. Isane, there are some Crisallamie herbs in my bag in the room. Go and get them for me please. Mr. Tessai, would you please boil some plain water for me?"

While Tessai rose to obey, Kenpachi moved his left hand, getting ready to move Ichigo. Unohana's voice stopped him once again, though.

"Please do not move him, Zaraki-san. It appears as though he is sick; as soon as I get the Crisallamie in him, you may move him."

Kenpachi snorted; he was never a patient man. He was hungry, he was annoyed, and he hadn't had a fight in days. It seemed nothing was going his way.

"Here, Kenpachi. Why don't you try this new sandwhich recipe Tessai decided to try out. I've heard it's quite good." Urahara handed two halves of a sandwhich to Kenpachi, who sniffed it before popping the whole thing in his mouth. It was good, surprisingly.

"Here you are, Captain." Isane spoke at the same time as Tessai, who said, "Here's the water."

Kenpachi watched curiously as Unohana placed the still-boiling water in a large bowl, before adding the tiny particles of crystals that were the Crisallamie to the water. Almost instantly, the clear water turned an ominous pinkish color. She stirred it slowly, before dipping a small cup into the water and holding it up. She removed a small vial from her robe, adding a pinch of the substance to the water. This changed it from the light pink to an almost-green color. She stirred it once more in the cup, before nodding.

She went and knelt before Kenpachi and Ichigo, and motioned for Kenpachi to help her. Scowling, he did; he tilted Ichigo's head back, and put a large hand on his chin, opening his mouth. She nodded again and carefully poured incriment amounts of the liquid in the cup into Ichigo's mouth; he swallowed reflexively, even in his slip. They continued this until all the liquid was gone.

Unohana leaned back, watching, waiting. At first, nothing happened. She sighed, and turned to Urahara. She was about to say something when she spotted movement at the edge of her peripheral vision. Ichigo's head lifted, and he opened his brown eyes, staring at her.

Only, the eyes weren't brown anymore, and his bright orange hair was no longer orange. Instead, she was examined with eyes as eerily yellow as a cat's, and just as piercing. Snow-white hair fell against equally pale skin, skin that had lost its tan hue in mere seconds. Black lips were pursed in annoyance, and she spotted black nails when a pale hand reached up; to do what, she didn't know.

"Ogichi. I thought you were still asleep." Urahara's voice jolted Unohana, and she quickly back away from this non-Ichigo as she watched his hand fall away.

The non-Ichigo...Ogichi lifted his head from Kenpachi's shoulder, a blue tongue leaving those black lips to flick against a smirking cheek. The albino teen lifted himself farther, this time to stretch; he sighed at hearing bones crack back into place. When he spoke, his voice was a little high, distorted; it almost sounded as if he were speaking in tones.

"It's time to give King some rest, Mr. Kisuke. Haven't you...no, ya prob'ly haven'. By the way, Lady, tha's some powerful stuff ya got there." Ogichi grinned, returning to his original place on Kenpachi's shoulder.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?! Get off!" Kenpachi ordered; he really didn't like this albino that much. At least, at the moment.

Ogichi glanced at him, or rather, glared. He obviously didn't like being told what to do. "I'm not movin', so get over it. Yer comfortable." Ogichi rubbed his head against Kenpachi's hard shoulder, sighing. It was good to be out of that inner world again; very good.

Kenpachi grumbled some more, but he held still. It wasn't so bad, actually, sitting here with the albino who had an...off feel to him. Of course, Urahara didn't seem to be bothered by it.

"Well, that's good. Ichigo does need his rest! So tell me, how long are you going to be with us?" The man in green asked, his eyes shadowed by the brim of the hat. He handed a small vanilla cheese cake with strawberries on top to Ogichi, who accepted it without opening his eyes.

"Hn. Dunno. Guess it depends on how much sleep King needs. Ooh, my favorite! What a sweetheart for rememberin'!" He spoke sarcastically, but there was no mistaking the look of pure pleasure on his face when he bit into a plump, ripe strawberry. He practically shivered; it tasted so delicious!

Kenpachi felt almost ill watching all that sugar going down the albino's throat. But then again, there was...something about watching him eat the treat. He unconsciously leaned closer, staring at the arch in that graceful throat, watching the kid's adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed...

"A Hollow!"

The disgusted voice made Kenpachi jerk back and look at Isane, who was glaring at Ogichi like he was the scum of the earth. Urahara was watching her with a twinkle in his eye, while Unohana was just staring at Ogichi thoughtfully. The albino, fortunately, still had his eyes closed as he savored the cake.

"Mr. Urahara, how can you talk to this-this...thing like he's a normal person! He's a Hollow!" Isane continued, practically jumping to her feet.

Urahara exhaled heavily, laying his fan on the table in front of him before getting to his feet and kneeling in front of Ogichi, much like Unohana had been mere minutes ago. He gently cupped Ogichi's cheeks in his hands, tugging the pointed face foreword a few inches to stare into those now ocher eyes that opened to watch him curiously.

"You have nothing to worry about from Ogichi. He's fairly harmless, unless you try to kill him. He's especially weak when he's just woken up. Isn't that right, Ogi?" Urahara laughed a little, rubbing a spot on the teenager's neck that he knew was a weak point. Ogichi shivered, his eyes closing as he leaned into the touch. "Yep. You just have to know how to handle him, and he's perfectly safe."

Unohana decided to speak up at that moment. "That is beside the point, Urahara-san. You have been meeting with a Hollow for who knows how long, have been...training a Hollow, and have been feeding a Hollow. Who knows what else you've been doing? First you get yourself exiled, and now you do this? Do you know how many rules you're breaking?" Unohana asked, her voice calm. Inside, she was churning, though. What could possible possess Kisuke to do such a thing?!

Urahara exhaled once more, and allowed Ogichi's head to rest once more against Kenpachi. He resumed his original seat, but didn't pull his fan out again. Instead, he ran a hand down the stubble on his chin, choosing his words carefully. After all, not everyone would understand what he was doing, or why. He'd just have to make them understand.

"Retsu, I understand where you're coming from; I really do. But you aren't thinking clearly. Or at least, not as clearly as you can. You saw Ichigo when he first came in; he was lively, perfectly fine. But then all the sudden he got extremely tired. I'd been thinking he'd been getting so tired because he was holding Ogichi at bay, but I don't think that any longer. Something's going on, but it has nothing to do with the fact that Ichigo has a Hollow inside of him. And I said inside of him, not that he is a Hollow. To answer your other question, as to why I keep him here and take care of him, well, it's really quite simple. Because of a certain method Ichigo used to regain his Shinigami powers, he became a Hollow for a short period of time. He regained control, but since then has had periodic times where Ogichi, his Hollow, appears. Both are harmless; Ichigo has Ogichi under control. You don't need to worry."

Unohana didn't look like she believed him, but she didn't say anything. Isane did, though.

"That's perposterous! Everyone knows you can't control a Hollow! The Seiretei needs to be notified of this immediately!" She fairly shouted, and flinched when she heard that distorted voice of Ogichi's.

"Shut up, bitch. Yer so freakin' loud! Can't even sit in peace anymore." Ogichi groused, raising himself up to glare up at Isane.

Isane, for her part, looked shocked and frightened; Ogichi's powerful, wrong Riatsu bore down on her even from across the room. Kenpachi scratched his cheek at a slight tickling sensation, but he wasn't feeling overwhelmed, like Isane. The others just watched the exchange with interested faces.

Ogichi groaned, slumping against the wall. "Damn, I hate this. It's borin'. I need somethin' to do. Hey, you! Wanna fight?" He turned suddenly to Kenpachi, who looked startled at the sudden change in topic. But he instantly grinned happily.

"Yeah! I've been itching for a fight since Urahara here said I couldn't a few days ago! Let's go!" He stood, causing Ogichi to fall ungracefully to the floor.

"Hey! Warn a person, why don't cha?!" The albino hissed, rubbing his head. He stood too, shoving a roll in his mouth.

"Ogichi, take the basement. There's more room, and you'll be able to fight freely." Urahara told him, still sitting as he watched them surrepticiously.

Ogichi nodded and led the way, yawning loudly. He and Kenpachi passed Ururu on the way; she smiled up at them.

"It's good to see you again, Mr. Ogichi. Will you be staying the night?" She asked, sweeping the hallway.

Ogichi yawned once more, shrugging. "Dunno. Told Kisuke it's really up ta Ichi, on how tired he really is. The big guy and I are going to train; bring us down some water in about two hours, kay?"

She nodded and waved, before turning and walking into Hall. Urahara looked up as she entered, and smiled in greeting.

"Good afternoon, Ururu! Did you get the sweeping done?" He asked, handing her a cup of tea.

"Yes. I also ran into Mr. Ogichi and Mr. Zaraki. They want me to bring them water in two hours; are they planning on training?"

Urahara nodded. "That's right. Now, would you please go get Jinta and get the footage from a few months ago? The first time I took Ichigo into the basement, after he'd been stabbed by Byakuya."

Ururu nodded and drank her tea. When she was finished, she got up, and left the others alone.

The sounds of pants, grunts, and metal clashing filled the air. They were covered in sweat, dripping blood, and so excited they could barely breathe. They concentrated solely on the battle, ignoring all else around them.

Kenpachi had never felt such excitement before! It felt like this was his first battle. He was breathing hard, his muscles ached, yet he wouldn't have stopped fighting Ogichi for anything. His nameless Zanpakutoclashed with Zangetsu, creating a high-pitched ringing sound that caused him to shake his head, jingling his bells.

Ogichi wasn't feeling much different. He let loose a loud, manaical cackle, jumping back to swipe at Kenpachi's unprotected side. Ogichi felt a shiver go through him as the blade slipped along the giant's side, making a thin line of red appear, and wondered at the sensation. It was something he hadn't experienced before, but that didn't mean he was going to ignore it. He'd been asleep for so long he wanted to experience all he could.

Kenpachi sensed the change in Ogichi, noticing how the wild attacks became more calculated, began to force their bodies into more contact with each other. That tall, lean body began to rub sensually against him every time they came in contact with each other, and a definite smirk appeared on his face. Kenpachi jerked away when he felt something hard near his knee, and accidentally dropped his Zanpakuto. Crap.

"What's wrong, Zara? Don' like the feel o' me?" Ogichi's grin widened, and he pressed closer, trapping the larger body against the rockface. Surprisingly, Kenpachi wasn't really fighting him; instead, he merely watched him with a surprised face. "Come on; I know you like it. Accept it; accept this. Find something better than fightin'. Or so I've heard."

Kenpachi grunted; like there was anything better than fighting. He flinched; Ogichi had placed his feet on his spread thighs, and was drawing himself higher on that broad body. The teenager was getting closer, going farther up his chest. What was he trying to do? Kenpachi was getting more confused, but curious despite himself. What could this amazing fighter think was better than fighting?

Ogichi was still coming, as if in slow motion; his white hair was drawing nearer his head. Seriously, what was...

Holy shit! What was that?! Kenpachi's whole body jerked at the slight sting on his ear. It hadn't really hurt, he didn't feel pain, but he'd felt something. He couldn't define it, though; a tightening in his stomach, an almost burn farther down.

"Did you like then, Zara? Did it feel good? Shall I...do it again?" Ogichi's smirk widened; this time, he licked that tan ear, feeling Kenpachi's body jerk once more. Yep, he definitely liked it.

"K-knock it off! I thought we were going to be fighting, Ogichi!" Kenpachi's voice was loud, and he brought his hands away from the rockface, intent on removing Ogichi from his body. Suddenly, though, he felt his body freeze on its own; the albino had done something to his body!

"Hm? Not tryin' to escape, are ya, Zara? I think it's time I get some fun, and you're going to help me do that."

Kenpachi really didn't like that thought; not at all. But he couldn't do anything with his body forced to be held still by the energy eminating from Ogichi. But it wasn't just the energy that held him immobile; it was the incomprehensible heat that seemed to seap from the teenager/hollow's pores. It was encasing him, drawing him in, drawing him down to those black lips that parted just for him...

That first taste was intoxicating. It was unlike anything he'd ever tasted before! A sweet tang like sake mixed with something strong and almost...spicy; it reminded him of...dill weed? Almost.

Kenpachi lost himself after that first taste, and couldn't think about what he tasted like as he succumbed to that wet warmth. He still couldn't move his limbs, but he wasn't even thinking about that anymore. Instead, he tilted his head this way and that, seeking more of that tangy taste that belonged to Ichigo-or was it Ogichi? No, it was both.

Ogichi smirked against Kenpachi's hard lips and withdrew his energy, feeling those heavily muscled arms immediately fall down to grasp his waist. They lifted him up until he was clasped close to that amazing body, and he involuntarily gasped as something hard rubbed against a sensitive part of his anatomy. Kenpachi took control then, dominating the kiss, seeming to devour Ogichi's very essence. He was no longer fighting; he no longer wanted to fight.

I guess that Urahara guy was right; this is definately as fun as fighting. Kenpachi thought, grasping Ogichi tighter. He heard another gasp, but it wasn't distorted; it actually sounded like Ichigo. Did that mean...? Lifting his head, he glanced down. Yep, back to the brown eyes.

"What the hell, Kenpachi?! The fuck do you think you're doing?!" Ichigo snarled, struggling in the older man's arms. He'd been trapped in his inner, warped world when he suddenly began feeling things he'd never felt before. Pressure, pleasure, confusion, sharp desire that shot through his body. He didn't want it, he didn't want it, he didn't want it! Maybe if he chanted that enough in his head, he'd actually start to believe it.

"What are you talkin' about, Ichi? You started this, and I'm going to finish it. You should be honored." Kenpachi tried to keep a straight face saying that, but he couldn't help but snort in amusement. Really, he supposed taking advantage of the situation wouldn't be so bad.

"I didn't start this! That bastard Ogichi did, and you can't hold that over me!"

Kenpachi was getting annoyed. He had a growing problem down in his nether regions that needed taken care of, and he was going to have this-pretty hot teenager, he had to admit-take care of it, whether he wanted to or not. Preferably if he wanted to though; it would be more fun that way.

"Oh, come on, Ichi. I know you want this, you know you want this, so let's just do it. We'll worry about the consequences later." Kenpachi suddenly brushed his clothed erection sensually against Ichigo's own semihard erection, grinning in satisfaction at the groan that erupted from the boy's throat unnoticed. Yeah, that's it, Ichi. Just accept it; let yourself go. He was still grinning as he continued to grind himself against the teen, feeling himself only grow harder at the tense friction.

"Ah! Ah!" Each hoarse cry rung from between those delicious lips only made Kenpachi want more, until he was moving harder, grinding faster, working his huge body over that much smaller, leaner body now crushed between him and that rockface. He wanted more, he wanted it all; he wanted to make Ichigo scream. And he wouldn't stop until he'd accomplished that goal.

Ichigo couldn't believe what he was feeling now! It was all coalescing into one huge feeling of pressure, pressure that was building and building inside him until he couldn't take it anymore! He had to have some form of release, now!

Kenpachi felt the change in Ichigo immediately. Whereas before he'd been sort of unresponsive, only responding when his body forced him to, now he was arching up, jerking his hips hard against Kenpachi's, seeking his own pleasure in hard, fast jerks.

"Ken-ke-Zara!" Ichigo couldn't even form a complete sentence now, so mindless he was in his own pleasure. It all became too much for him; everything exploded behind his closed eyes, forcing a high-pitched scream from his hoarse throat as he came fiercely in his Shinigami robes.

"Ah! Ah! Augh!" He couldn't stop his cries as Kenpachi continued to rub harshly against him, drawing out the last of his essence until he felt the uncomfortable, sticky cloth rubbing against overly sensitive cloth. It was too much; he couldn't stand any more! He had to stop!

Ichigo groaned wantonly as Kenpachi suddenly jerked his hips back, rocking them foreword so hard he felt the jolt all the way to his bones. The 12th captain's erection swelled against him, before releasing something powerful against his own already hardening miniature Ichigo. It felt so good!

He looked up, and groaned again, seeing the powerful Kenpachi reduced to tremors from an orgasm that clearly shook him to his toes. He wrapped his heavy limbs around Kenpachi, shivering himself, wincing slightly at feeling the sticky cloth rub against him once more.

"Yeah, ya liked that, didn't ya, Ichi?" Kenpachi chuckled, shifting uncomfortably. "Hm, how about you just wait right there? Let's get more comfortable."

Ichigo's eyes widened when he saw the Shinigami start to remove his his Shihakushou. They widened even more as they saw tan skin revealed, along with heavy muscles, and sweet abs covered in old scars. Then his hands moved, and Ichigo looked down, letting out an uncharacteristic "Eep!" as he saw Kenpachi's erection for the first time. It was freaking huge! Of course, he should have expected that, but what the fuck?! How was this going to work out?!

Kenpachi noticed Ichigo's gaze, and smirked evily. "Don't worry, Ichi. I'll make sure you're prepared." He chuckled once more, although it was more of a cackle. He presented two long, thick fingers to Ichigo, rubbing them sensually against the boy's lips. "Suck." He commanded.

Ichigo opened his mouth to say something but only got a mouthful of fingers and skin for his troubles. Glaring daggers, he gave in, slicking up those fingers with his tongue, getting them as wet as he could.

Kenpachi tried to withhold a shiver at the feel of that hot, wet tongue laving his fingers. "Yeah, that's it, Ichi. Get 'em nice and wet; it'll be easier on you that way." Ichigo didn't really understand, but that was okay. Once he deemed them wet enough, Kenpachi removed his fingers, and immediately engaged the kid in a hot, wet, and very thorough kiss to distract him. Ichigo immediately responded, arching up, and Kenpachi used his legs to spread Ichigo's legs as wide as he could get them.

The kid didn't notice, thankfully. Smirking against those hot lips, he drew his wet hand down, down below Ichigo's beginning-to-strain erection, until he reached that untried, virgin entrance. He circled it once, twice, before without warning plunging his middle finger in to the hilt.

Ichigo immediately drew back from the kiss, biting back a moan of pain at the uncomfortable stinging sensation. Kenpachi ignored him, though, and began twisting his hand this way and that, moving it in and out, spreading the saliva everywhere. Ichigo relaxed after a while, the saliva dulling the sting some. When he figured he could continue, Kenpachi shoved another finger in the boy's hole, kissing his cheek when the boy winced and shifted in discomfort.

"Relax, Ichi. I'm doing my best to help you so you won't be in total pain. Just relax as much as you can." He didn't know why he was being so considerate, and he didn't really care. All he cared about was fucking Ichigo through the ground.

Ichigo nodded and relaxed his lower muscles, ignoring the burning sensation. Kenpachi nodded in approval and curled his fingers, scizzoring them inside that tight, hot entrance.

"Augh! What was that? Do that again!" Ichigo demanded with a gasp, his inner muscles tightening around Kenpachi's fingers as he arched up on a sigh.

Kenpachi frowned a little and twirled his fingers, feeling them brush up against something soft that burned his fingertips. He got the same reaction, accompanied with a groan and the tightening of Ichigo's arms and legs around him. His frown changed to a smirk as he pulled his fingers out almost all the way, before adding another. Before Ichigo could hiss in pain, he thrust them foreword, straight into that spot, causing a scream to erupt from the orange-haired boy. Hm, that's interesting. Guess I'll just have to make sure I hit that everytime. He thought, before beginning an assault on that spot, Ichigo's prostrate, adding a fourth finger along the way. Ichigo didn't even flinch; he was too caught up in his own pleasure.

He continued working that little body until he felt Ichigo's erection jerk suddenly and a few drops of a pearly white substance dripped from it, and he immediately withdrew his fingers. Ichigo whined in disappointment, shoving his hips up to try to get them to return.

"Ready for the main course, Ichi?" Kenpachi asked, not waiting for an answer before he drew Ichigo's legs up and out, until they were against the rockface, his knees near his face, and thrust all the way into Ichigo.

Ichigo let out a scream of pain, hissing and twisting in discomfort, trying to get away, but Kenpachi held him still, withdrawing until just the tip of him remained inside Ichigo.

"Remember what I said, Ichigo; just relax. You'll feel better in a second."

Ichigo didn't really believe him; the burning and stinging was back in full force, traveling up his body. "I-itai! Itai!" He cried, his head thrashing from side to side.

"Ichigo. Relax."

For some reason, Ichigo's body responded to the authorative tone without his knowledge, and his inner muscles relaxed unconsciously, and Kenpachi thrust foreword once more, this time with more ease. He drew back once more, only to jerk foreword, aiming for that sweet spot. Another withdrawal, another thrust, and...

"Aahh!" Ichigo screamed, his eyes opening, sightless, as his whole body jerked at the powerful thrust.

Ah, found it. Kenpachi smirked through his sweat before he began thrusting mercilessly at that spot, working it fast and hard, loving the harsh cries and loud screams he wrung from the boy. It was all too delicious. He set up a fast pace, in and out and back in, feeling those muscles tighten to keep in him, and loosen to welcome him once more. It felt so right!

Ichigo was in another world entirely. He'd been in such pain before, but now he was floating in pleasure. Each hard thrust jerked him back against the rock, but he couldn't complain. He was throbbing, aching, the pleasure spreading through him; each jerk caused sparks to explode behind his eyeballs. He loved this; he couldn't get enough!

"H-harder, Zara! D-do it harder!" Ichigo commanded, his legs somehow ending up on Kenpachi's broad shoulders.

Kenpachi halted for a moment, unsure. "Are you serious? You really want me to do it harder, Ichi? You're goin' to be sore enough as it is in the morning."

The teenager couldn't contain another whine as the big man stopped moving. "Yes, I'm sure! Just do it!" He said forcefully; he was so close! He needed this!

But Kenpachi still wasn't too sure; he really didn't want to hurt Ichigo. The orangehead growled low in his throat and leaned upward to catch the unsuspecting Kenpachi's neck in surprisingly sharp teeth, biting down as hard as he could. The captain let out a gasp, his hips jerking hard and fast before he could stop them.

"Ah! Yes, just like that! Yes!" Ichigo whimpered, biting down harder to induce the same reaction.

Kenpachi gave in; he was close, too. If Ichigo wanted it hard, he'd get it hard. He growled, louder than Ichigo had just moments before, and grabbed the boy's hips in his huge hands. He drew him away from the rock, only to turn and have his back face it. He used his powerful hands to draw him up off his straining erection, ignoring the peal of disappointment and anger. Just as he was about to come out, he suddenly pulled those hips down fast, jerking his hips up as hard as he could. Then connected, and he let out a shout of pleasure.

"Ah, God! Do that again; please!" Ichigo begged, tears forming in his wide, unseeing brown eyes.

Kenpachi did, and both groaned; he kept up that pace, all of his muscles straining. It felt like Ichigo was getting hotter inside, encasing him in such soothing warmth he never wanted to leave. But it was all coming to an end; he was swelling, growing bigger inside the boy, whose mouth fell open in astonishment and even more pleasure. Not wanting to come along, Kenpachi let go of Ichigo's hips with his hands, instead reaching one down to grasp the boy's throbbing erection. He immediately shuddered, gasping and trembling. He was so close!

Kenpachi groaned, forcing his hips up and down, bouncing Ichigo on his hard, thick cock. Ichigo whimpered with each bounce, moving as he was penetrated hard and fast at the same time he was gripped and squeazed. It was all too much; he was about to break!

Ichigo screamed his pleasure to the heavens as he came in quick jerks in Kenpachi's hand, the overwhelming pleasure blinding him. Kenpachi grunted as he continued to thrust in that heat that was tightening painfully around him, until he came moments later with a shout as loud as a battle-cry.

Ichigo came down from his sex-high minutes later to find himself cradled in Kenpachi's arms, the hard ground at his back and an uncomfortable weight on his front. The captain was still in him, which was very uncomfortable. He shifted, trying to ease the weight, but the latter only held him tighter.

"Um, Kenpachi, w-what are you doing?" He asked, despising the husky note in his voice and the soft tremor.

Kenpachi chuckled, the vibrations making Ichigo wince slightly. "I'm resting before we go another round; what's it look like?"

"W-what?! Another round?! You can't be serious!" Ichigo protested, struggling. Of course, his struggles amounted to nothing against Kenpachi's strength. Then again, a few more minutes filled with subtle thrusting and hot kisses dispelled any and all of his protests easily.

"Hey, Mr. Kisuke, what wast that Riatsu just now?" Jinta asked from somewhere above the basement, dropping his broom as the incredible power washed over him.

Urahara smirked, hiding it behind his fan. "That's just some boys finding out that fighting isn't the best thing in the world. Finish your chores, and we'll go out for ice cream."

"All right; ice cream!" Jinta whooped, diving into the rest of his chores with a gusto that he only showed when insulting people. It was pretty funny.

Urahara smiled, turning his head to look at the room that led to the basement. I'm glad you found someone, Ichigo. Of course, not just anyone; I'm glad you found someone who's strong enough to support you, and Ogichi. And not only that, it looks like things are going to be much more interesting around here.

And God only knows that Urahara loved it when things got interesting. He was already plotting a few experiments he could conduct on the two Shinigami now that their Riatsu had blended almost perfectly together. Oh, how fun the days following would be.

And what do you think? It actually turned out really long! I don't know how long, but man, pretty long! I think the longest I've done yet! Over 9,000 words, which is over 7,000 more words than I normally write! Shocking! Anyway, it actually turned into a plot, which surprised me. But if the lemon wasn't too good, sorry, I was writing it around midnight, and I'm only just getting into my sleeping schedule of staying up till three and getting up at 2 in the afternoon. And for some reason, whenever I wrote Urahara talking, his mannerisms reminded me of Gin! That wasn't supposed to happen! So, if he reminds any of you of Gin Ichimaru, I'm sorry for that. Anyway, please tell me what you think! I'm open to ideas on the next Bleach couple for chapter two, although I'm leaning towards Urahara-Ichigo. Maybe. But, please be dear readers and review for me!