So, this is one of my less weird crossovers I guess. I have actually read a few of these crossovers. It will be slash, Logan/Johnny actually with a little bit of Scott/Jean and Reed/Sue. It is set after the first X-Men movie, and it starts out at the very end of the first Fantastic Four movie.

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Sue forced herself to keep up with it, watching the brilliant flame that was her baby brother surrounding Victor.

She felt her body weakening and her nose bleed and she finally dropped her arms when she felt the flame let up some, hoping that Johnny would come out of it, that he would know to now.

When the flames died, though, her heart stopped. The road was melted in a large circle where she had contained Johnny's flame, but that was all that was there. Victor was no longer standing in the center and Johnny had not come out.

Sue's legs gave out on her and she sat hard on the ground, looking around frantically in the hopes that Johnny had thrown himself clear and she just hadn't seen him.

Ben and Reed were both standing not far away, both of them with shocked expressions on their faces. Johnny was not there, though. When Reed reached out for her, she snapped out of her shocked state and an irrational anger came over her.

"Don't touch me!" She yelled, getting up on unsteady legs and looking around once more, unable to believe that her brother was just gone.

Johnny prepared to roll out of the inferno when he felt that Sue couldn't hold it anymore. He was about to when he Victor did get off a lucky shot. His power connected with Johnny's and Johnny's vision whited out and then darkened.

He was cold. That was the first thing he realized when he became conscious again. Weird, because he didn't do cold. Hadn't since they had come back from space. His body continually ran hot, even when he wasn't using his powers.

"Hey, kid!" Johnny frowned and felt a hand shake his shoulder. Johnny groaned and opened his eyes, staring up at the man leaning over him.

"I'm fine." Johnny said, frowning and sitting up. Looking around he realized that he had been lying in snow for quite a while from the looks of it. He was almost buried. Sighing, he brushed the snow off and stood up, raising his body temperature slightly for a moment.

"I'm fine." He repeated, because the guy was still staring at him. The man's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Right. You've been lyin' in the snow for what looks like a while." He looked Johnny over. "Nice outfit by the way."

"Thanks." Johnny said, ignoring the sarcasm. He stretched a little, looking around. "Where are we anyways?"

"Canada." The man said shortly and Johnny's eyes widened.

"Canada." He repeated.

"Yeah. Mind explainin' how your fine?" Johnny shrugged and held up one hand, creating a flame there, extinguishing it a few seconds later.

"Mutant, huh?" Johnny stared at him.

"A what?"

"Might not wanna be doing that around some people, kid. You should know that." Johnny frowned. What the hell was he talking about? The public loved him.

"Whatever." He shrugged again. "I need to get back to New York. Sue's going to kill me." He said the last part quietly, more talking to himself, but from the way the man looked at him, he wondered if he'd heard anyways.

"Headin' there myself." He said, turning and starting away. "You can ride with me."

"No, thanks. I'll just fly. Quicker that way." At this, the man's eyes actually widened in a surprised look that Johnny hadn't seen yet even after how he'd found Johnny.

"You can fly." He stated. Johnny nodded and wondered who this guy was. It was rare that he'd find someone who didn't know who he was. Mostly because lately, you couldn't turn on a TV without seeing either his face or one of the others.

"Wait, kid." The guy said, grabbing his arm before he could take off. "Don't go showin' off that power. A lot of people won't appreciate it." Johnny might have laughed if it wasn't for the deadly serous tone.

"Alright." He said after a moment. The man nodded, and started off again. "Hey!" He called. "Who are you?"

"Names Logan." The man called back over his shoulder. He hesitated for a second before turning back to Johnny and reached into his pocket, pulling out a piece of paper.

"Look, you get into any trouble, come there, alright? There's people there who will help you."

"Thanks." He said, memorizing the address. "I'm Johnny." He grinned before stepping back and letting the flame envelope his body and lifting off.

After everything that he had seen and everything that had been done to him, it took a hell of a lot to surprise Logan. This kid, though, did surprise him. Logan had shown up here looking for answers about his past, and found the kid lying in the snow in a thin, skintight outfit.

When the kid had held up a flame, that hadn't really shocked him. He'd met a lot of mutants, after all. There was another boy at the school who could manipulate flames as well. From what he'd heard, though, the boy, John, couldn't create them like this kid seemed to be able to, though.

When the boy had first stood up, too, he had noticed that this was no high school student either. Early twenties at least. The blue uniform left little to the imagination and he actually felt the instant pull of physical attraction, which he figured wasn't that surprising. The boy was definitely pretty.

What had surprised him was the way the boy showed his power with just a question. Most mutants were too wary to do that and usually had more sense than to show off to a stranger.

When the boy had actually looked confused when Logan called him a mutant, he'd been even more surprised. And then the kid had topped himself by announcing that he would fly to New York. Watching the kid literally burst into flames and take off from the ground was definitely interesting.

He had actually given him the school's address in the end. He couldn't just let him go off and get himself lynched. Damn, I'm spendin' way too much time with Cyclops.

Johnny stood on the street, frozen in place and staring up at the building in shock. He closed his eyes and opened them again but the giant Hotel was still there, sitting in the place where the Baxter Building was supposed to be.

Sue sat in one of the chairs in Reed's lab, staring at nothing. They had searched the street but found nothing. Sue hadn't wanted to leave when Reed had finally suggested that they head back but it was no use. Johnny had vanished.

"Sue." Reed's voice broke through. He sounded nervous, worried. "We're going to find him." He reached a hand out to touch her shoulder, but she shrugged him off, stepping away.

"Why did you do it, Reed?" She asked, her voice rising in anger. "Why did you tell him to do that? I mean, what if he's-" She cut herself off, but the thought still floated through her head. They hadn't been sure while running the tests on Johnny's powers if his body could even handle going that high. The anger drained away and a tear ran down her face. Reed gripped her shoulders.

"Sue, don't think that, okay? I promise you I will find him." She nodded after a moment, and Reed pulled her into a hug.

"I can't lose him, Reed." She whispered into his chest. "He's the only family I have left."

Johnny wondered around the city for a little bit, still in shock. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do now. He had stopped in front of a store with a television in the window and watched as a news program ran about mutants.

Mutants. That was a new one. It was what Logan had talked about and apparently he and his family weren't the only ones with powers. At least not here. Then there was the fact that he hadn't been stopped once while walking down the street, even though he was in his uniform.

Thinking about Logan, Johnny sighed and changed directions, heading towards the address Logan had given him. He needed answers.