This is my last chapter. Hope you guys like it. This is my first finished multi chapter story!

Johnny rolled out of the flame, completely disoriented and feeling a little bit like he'd ran a mile without stopping at top speed. He forced himself to rise up on his knees and look up, only to meet Victor's eyes. He did notice too that he was back where he started, sitting in the middle of the New York street, in his New York. There were roadblocks and construction warnings where they were repaving this particular section because Johnny had melted the road.

"Nice trick." Victor said. He looked around. "Ah, back home." Johnny tried to get back to his feet, but his legs wouldn't hold him up.

"Here, let me help you." Victor yanked him up by the collar, bringing him close.

"Put the kid down." A voice growled from the left. Both Victor and Johnny did look over to find Logan standing not to far away. Johnny's eyes widened in shock.

"As you wish." Victor said, throwing Johnny backwards, hard. He connected painfully with the pavement.

Johnny could hear Victor and Logan fighting after that. He thought it was pretty pointless. He was pretty sure that neither man could die. He struggled to sit up and watched as Logan dodged Victor's power.

Logan's blades weren't doing much to Victor, not that Johnny had expected them to. It was odd that Victor and Logan's powers were so much alike, even if some of Logan's wasn't natural.

Johnny finally got to his feet and was trying to get his own power to work for him when Logan was thrown away from the fight. Victor had gotten a lucky hit. Johnny's power was refusing to cooperate, and he was horribly unsteady on his feet.

"Just you and me now, I guess." Victor smiled and extended his hand once again. Johnny braced himself for the hit, one that he knew he wouldn't be able to take and walk away from. He closed his eyes but snapped them back open when the hit didn't come. He stared as Victor's power was stopped by a very familiar blue shield. Victor sighed and dropped his arm, turning just as Johnny did.

"You three, again?" Johnny stared at his sister and Ben and Reed. They weren't wearing their uniforms which probably meant they had just come running. Reed probably knew the instant he had reappeared in this world.

"Do we really need a repeat performance?"

"Maybe." Johnny spoke up. "I think you were losing last time, weren't you?" Victor smiled at Johnny.

"And what are you going to do? Fall on me?"

"You're gonna lose." Logan walked over to stand next to Johnny, glaring at Victor. Then there were sirens and a dozen police cars were there. Johnny watched as they got out, aiming their guns at Victor.

"Really think you can take us all on, Vic?" Johnny asked.

"Come on, try something." Ben said, smiling and hitting one massive fist in his other hand.

Turns out Reed had built a special cage just for Victor while Johnny had been trapped in the other world. He had been there longer than he thought, either that or time just moved differently there.

He wavered on his feet as he watched the cops take Victor away. Reed admitted that it wouldn't be able to hold Victor forever but he was planning on working on something that maybe would.

Johnny was holding himself up by Logan's shoulder and he didn't have time to voice his disbelief that the man was there before Sue was latching a hold of him like he would disappear again. He had to admit, it was good to see her again.

Johnny collapsed on top of Logan, who was laying in his bed a couple of nights later. He was almost himself again. His powers were working alright again, even if he still couldn't sustain the flame for long periods of time. Reed had said that it should be back to normal in about a weak, though.

The others had listened to his story of another world were mutants were common and hated with disbelief. Luckily, none of them seemed to mind that someone had come with him.

Sue was just happy that he was back. She didn't seem to care about much else. Well, she did seem happy that he was happy, which was good.

"Tired?" Logan asked, as Johnny rested his head on his chest.

"Sue won't leave me alone. I think she's afraid that if she lets me out of her sight I'll disappear again."

"Can you blame her?"

"No." Johnny grinned. "But I can still be annoyed. It's my right. I am her younger brother." He sighed a little, closing his eyes.

"I still can't believe you're here."

"Yeah, well. I made a decision." Logan shrugged.

"Regret it?"

"Not yet." Logan smiled a little, and then, without warning, flipped them so that he was on top of Johnny. He leaned down to kiss him.

"Still tired?" He asked, putting one hand under Johnny's shirt. Johnny simply groaned and pulled Logan back down for another kiss.

Logan did think he would miss some things. Marie, most of all probably. He felt slightly bad for leaving her there again. The others would take care of her, hopefully. He was slightly surprised to note that he did sort of miss the others as well, even Scott.

He thought, though, when he could make Johnny smile or moan or when he watched Johnny's pure enthusiasm for life and anything that came his way, he made the right decision.