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AN: So here is the first chapter, the eve of Harry's 11th birthday.

Chapter 1: Birthday Suprise

There sat Harry Potter, alone in his tiny room under the stairs. For as long as he could remember Harry had lived in fear. Harry's 'Family' had never given him an ounce of love in the 10 long years of his life. And here sat Harry just minutes away from another birthday that wasn't celebrated. It wasn't enough that Harry had to watch his cousin Dudley open present after present on his birthday. He even had to watch as Dudley would break his toys after only a few uses. It took Harry six years to figure out why his family hated him. Harry would sit up nights crying after a dish would break or a bulb would burn out. Harry would wonder to himself why his uncle would blame him for a dish breaking or how he called Harry a freak. Then it happened, when Harry was at school getting chased by Dudley and his gang. Harry was so scared that he for sake of a better word teleported to the roof of the school. And when ever he was in the cupboard mad things around him would levitate in the air. Another time when Dudley was punching him, Dudley got a bad shock when Harry began to get angry.

So there sat Harry wondering what all of this meant. 11:57...'Why me'...11:58...'What did I do to make them angry'...11:59...'They will pay for what they have done'...12:00

The moment the clock hit 12 a bright light flashed in the cupboard and when it went away there was a pyramid shaped piece of rock on his lap. Harry was quite flustered at the abrupt entrance this piece of rock made into his life. If Harry hadn't known any better he would have said that it was magic. Looking at the rock Harry became confused at the marking on his new rock. He then reached out and touched it, when his hands came in contact with the surface that bright light came back and a voice could be heard along with a face.

"To whom this reaches, I greet you. My name is Darth Revan, Sith Lord. My discoveries have led me to believe that a far greater threat looms in the unknown reasons. Answers to questions have come to me. I must leave my home in hopes when I come back this threat will be no more. I must leave my wife Bastila and my daughter Lily in hopes that their future will not be darkened further because of my quest. I sent out this holocron to search for a person with the power to rival my own. This device will take you to a place where you may grow into your power. I warn you whom have found my device. The world is not for the faint at heart. You will be hunted, but if you prove yourself you will be rewarded with the knowledge of the ages. So to whomever you are in order to be swept away to this world you must hold the holocron and say these words, There is no good or evil, only power."

The rock went silient and Harry could only stare at it in wonder. Everything he had ever done had been magic. it was real. Magic is real. Harry couldn't help but be excited. Harry wanted to feel this power this 'force' inside of him. He wanted to use it to make his family pay for what they have done to him.

But first Harry had to think about this situation. Harry wanted so bad to leave this place, leave his family, but he wasn't stupid. If he was to say the words and be wisked away to another world he must be ready for what is to come. The man said that the world would be dangerous so that would mean that Harry must stay hidden and must find a way to find food and shelter. The man also said that if he proved his power he would be rewarded with ancient knowledge. At remembering this line Harry started to salivate. Harry loved to learn and he loved to read. Harry had learned how to read at the age of four. He even snuck out of the house at some points and went to the library to read. The only problem with that was if he got caught his family punished him and locked him in the cupboard.

After all the thinking he could muster at this time of night, Harry decided that he would do it. He would say the words and prove his worth so that All my know that Harry Potter is not a freak.

Harry took the stone in his hand and said the words, "There is no good or evil, there is only power."

The bright light flashed for a third time and Harry felt like his body was being torn into small pieces and being put back together. Then in a split second he was gone from number 4 privet drive and was wisked to another galaxy where he landed on the planet, Rakata.


When Harry awoke he was dazed and could barely walked straight. He felt worse then he did after getting beat up by Dudley. But when Harry's vision became normal he looked around. It was beautiful. He had landed on a beach of some sort and he was on an island by the looks of it. Everything was so vivid and bright. All of the colors around him seem to almost blind him. The air felt clean and refreshing. It was at this point that Harry decided to look around a little more.

After about an hour of walking Harry found what look to be a machine graveyard. But these were much more that auto's like in Surrey. These looked like ships that Harry would see on Dudleys saturday morning shows. Some were small while others were quite large. And then Harry heard it.

"&#& (#( #( ()(#," the language meant nothing to him. Harry could only hears what seemed like grunts. The hostiles looked weird to Harry. Their heads being so much different. There were five of them. Two were holding spears while the others were holding swords.

Harry couldn't help but notice that none of them look friendly.

Harry tried to reason with them, "I mean you no harm, I am Harry Potter."

This only seemed to anger the aliens and they charged.

Harry was scared and started running. The clouds above him started to darken and it started to rain. Soon Harry was trapped by a large cliff with no way up. As the aliens got closer Harry threw his hands up in front of them and said,"...

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