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Chapter 9: New Students.

Lord Umbra felt the connection from his apprentice and it was like seeing through her eyes. 'Lord Voldemort can be found at Riddle Manor, Little Hangleton.'

"It is done, My master."

"Very good my apprentice, the location is mine but come back to Head Quarters my new students will be arriving and I want you by my side."

"As you wish"

Lord Umbra stood aboard a small ship, built as a command center. The screen he looked at gave him pause. Not only is this planet millenia behind in technology but the planet was separated into factions called countries.

"Nex, send word to Chief Solo that I wish for a fourth of the armada and the best engineers that the galaxy has to offer. I want this planet up to speed in under a year."

Nex looked on with pride and said, "Yes my master." As she left a beep was heard from the console. "Oh master it appears as if the students and the assassins you sent for have breached the atmosphere and are on there way."

"Excellent send them here and we will have a demonstration."

Nex followed her orders and then followed her master out of the command center. As they stepped out they saw the ship landing.

Nex was looking on with excitement this would be the first use of the massassi assassins and from the design her master laid forth it would certainly be worth the wait.

What she saw next though gave her pause a man looking to be in his late 30's early 40's walked out pushing his way through the warriors and even blasting his way through with the force.

'Oh master doesn't look to happy.' Nex thought as she looked over to study his gaze. She was right.

"Enough!!! What makes you think that you can harm my men without suffering the consequences."

"These men are foot soldiers, I am a marauder best in the class. I am above them."

"Well I am above you." Umbra said as his aura flared and his eyes went white. "Kneel before your Master."

Whether be it bravado or stupidity Gantoris, the man whom Umbra identified from his memories, continued to walk forward until his stood in from of Umbra.

"You are just a kid, what makes you think I will follow anyone that should still be going to school back on Coruscant." Gantoris looked around as if sizing up everyone around him and even the enviornment. "Where is this Lord Umbra, I wish to challenge him. If he is so powerful why isn't he here."

"You are either very sure of your self or very stupid, but if a fight is what you want then I will ablige."

Then finally noticing his mistake Gantoris leapt back and ignited his lightsaber. When he landed he immiediatly went into Ataru. But to his shock his opponent was missing and he was shrouded in shadow.

'How can this be, it was midday. It could not be this dark.'

And then he felt a tingling in the back of his head. His lightsaber was up to block the attack but they came so fast. There was no time for offense and he couldn't seem to pick up on any of his opponents moves through the force.

After what seemed like hours, but was just minutes, Gantoris felt his blade fall with his hand still holding it. Then there was only pain. The world around him came back.

"I am your master and you will come to know me as such. Through teaching or through pain. It is your choice."

The pain ended only to be replaced by relief.

"Now I sent for you because I needed apprentices here on Earth. You were one of the best the my apprentice Luke sent. But all I see before me is a pathetic excuse for a sentient."

"Master forgive my ambition. I seek to learn and will follow your lead."

Umbra just gave a smirk for no answer was needed.

"Where is the second I, I believe his name was Kyp Durron.

Then he felt the presence and it was strong. quiet,calm, but strong.

Another man considerably younger walked up and went down to a knee.

"Master I am Kyp Durron. It will be an honor to learn from you and fight for you."

"Ah one who knows his place, you will rise quickly if you can learn as fast as you did from this display." Umbra said as he pointed to Gantoris who was still laying on the ground, whimpering.

"Your training will commence, immiediatly. Where in Lady Azreal."

As if on cue she came forth from the shadows, "I am here my master what is your bidding."

"I thought I told you to return to my side."

"It was my intention to return but I had not anticipated the new students arrival so soon. My deepest apologies my master."

"Well seeing as you procured a very important piece of information for me I will let this indiscretion pass."

A look of relief passed over Azreal's face for she knew the technique her master used to punish those that have wronged him.

"Take these two men and start their training with the holocrons." Umbra then turned his gaze to the two men. "And I must say this now look on Lady Nex and Azreal with no lust in your eyes. For they are mine."

Gantoris and Kyp didn't need to be told twice.


"People of Earth. I know it must be strange for you to see me instead of what drivel you must have been watching, but what I say must be heard. I am Lord Umbra, Supreme Commander of the New Republic Fleet. I come to you with a message and an offer. You are not alone in the galaxy."

The picture shifted to pictures of Umbra fleet traveling past Mars and stationing on the Moon.

"My fleet is not here to threaten you but to protect you. That is if you accept my deal. So from this point onward the governments of this planet will cease to exist and a planet governor will be elected. I will give you 3 monthes to heed my warning. And just to prove my point a little demonstration of my power."

The pictured changed again to what looked like a desert. Then a large red bolt followed by several more landed and shook the earth leaving only a crater in there wake.

"The choice is yours."

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