This is Random Fantasy, my second fan fic. This is based of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and its sequel.

Note: The clan is spelled "Woop(at sign)z". In the original version of RF, both the (at sign) and (aterisk) are used, so it may seem that this story looks wierd. So when you see "Woopz", it is supposed to sound like "Woopaz". When you see a single "&" in speech text, that person is swearing. Now that this place offers most new symbols, this will make more sense now, especially the aterisk. Finished with 24 chapters with no hope for a sequel, even though this is meant for one.

Chapter 1: Judge with Amnesia

In Delia Dunes, there's this bottomless cliff. A White Monk looks down such a cliff. Meanwhile, a Fighter wanted to cause trouble, so he pushed the White Monk off the cliff. A Gladiator sees this and pushes the Fighter down. A Gunner uses Mog Attack to push the Gladiator down the cliff for the heck of it. A judge comes along and tries to give the Gunner a Red Card because the laws that day forbid the use of "Charge" A-Abilities. The Gunner was smart enough to shoot the Judge in the forehead, piercing the helmet and into his head. The judge falls down off the chocobo, unconscious. Later, the judge wakes up unknowing who he is and the Gunner was smart enough to say the judge is the newest member of his clan.

Judge: What happened?
Gunner: Nothing much. You were accepted as our clan's newest member.
Judge: Oh. What's your name?
Gunner: Call me Pete.
Judge: Oh. Are you the leader, Pete?
Pete: Yeah, kupo.
Judge: Cool. By the way, *looks at his armor* why do I look like one of those judges?
Pete: You look cool with it. You came to our clan like that. Except for, of course, the gunshot right there. I accidentally shot you, but you're fine.
Judge: Wha…? Oh. Anyway, my name is Joe.
Pete: Ok, Joe, let's go to my base at Baguba Port.
Joe: Alright.

Pete takes Joe to Baguba Port, via Joe's chocobo named Cucco, where his clan base is. By that time, night fell. In the base, Pete introduced Joe to his clanmates.

Joe: What's the name of your clan, by the way?
Pete: Kupo! Forgot that! The name of our clan is Clan Woopz.

Clan Woopz and their abilities

Race: Moogle
Job: Gunner
Subjob: Mog Knight
R-Ability: DamageMP
S-Ability: Concentrate
C-Ability: Gun Combo
Best trait: his precise aim

B-Man (real name: Buster)
Race: Hume
Job: Blue Mage (red look)
Subjob: Hunter
R-Ability: Strikeback
S-Ability: Learning (when not learning, Weapon Atk+ or Double Sword)
C-Ability: Bow Combo
Best trait: his thinking (like Red Mage from 8-bit Theater)

Race: Viera
Job: Assassin (black look)
Subjob: Archer
R-Ability: Reflex
S-Ability: None if equipping bows, Shieldbearer if equipping katanas)
C-Ability: Killer Combo
Best trait: critical hits are common

Magic (real name: Steve)
Race: Bangaa
Job: Templar
Subjob: Bishop
R-Ability: Bonecrusher
S-Ability: Half MP
C-Ability: Monk Combo
Best trait: Easily heals MP and never seems to run out of MP

Ed (real name: Edwin)
Race: Nu Mou
Job: Alchemist
Subjob: Time Mage
R-Ability: Last Quicken
S-Ability: Magic Pow+
C-Ability: Gold Combo
Best trait: Can use a Time Magic called "Rewind". Somewhat powered by alchemy, this makes everyone except for Ed to go back a turn, but doesn't work if someone had Ed's space the previous turn. This is affected by the "Target All" law.

Dan DaMage
Race: Moogle
Job: Black Mage
Subjob: None, uses items
R-Ability: Counter
S-Ability: Geomancy
C-Ability: Black Combo
Best trait: Can equip a certain gun made by Kevin (AKA Jesus), which is just a good in Magic Pow as any good rod. The only reason for that is that Dan has abysmal Magic Power and the gun not only fixes that problem, but can "shoot" Black Magic, like Kaze from the anime Final Fantasy Unlimited, but shooting Black Magic has double the range of a normal Black Magic attack.

Spike (real name: Ted)
Race: Bangaa
Job: Defender
Subjob: Gladiator
R-Ability: Dragonheart
S-Ability: Doublehand
C-Ability: Sword Combo
Best trait: Is a blacksmith and makes unique weapons for the clan, even axes. Spike's weapons have high attack, but are usually heavy. Also makes armor.

Jesus (real name: Kevin)
Race: Nu Mou
Job: Beastmaster
Subjob: White Mage
R-Ability: Return Magic
S-Ability: Immunity (also has Weapon Def + and Shieldbearer)
C-Ability: Wise Combo
Best trait: Also a blacksmith. Makes weapons and shields. Weapons favor magic power and some have elements in them. Some even let the user use a magic that they don't normally use. Shields give good evasion. His Immunity S-Ability also prevents KO, such as Last Breath and Death. He never dies in a Jagd, somehow, but usually doesn't fight, anyway.

Note: The clan is spelled "Woop(at sign)z". Because the site added the aterisk, a new version of this will be added.

Arcs so far:

Chapters 1-3: Introduction to Clan Woopz
Chapter 4: Clan Abilities
Chapters 5-6: Save Jade
Chapters 7-8: Test of Skill
Chapters 9-10: Twin Mission
Chapter 11: Clans Frostbite and FireMarble
Chapters 12-14: Magizooka
Chapters 15-16: The Blacksmith
Chapter 17-20: Making new Weapons
Chapter 21-24: Fighting the Empire