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Chapter 1

Demons and half Demons

I watched that bastard pull a cigarette out of a cigarette box. He put it between his pointer finger and his middle finger. Regular humans make me sick half the time. Good thing I am half demon. Humans think that the underworld is the world of the dead. It's not, Demons live down there. Well used to be. Demons are not to interfere with the human world, but there was this one Demon before I was born.

He loved this human girl. He watched her every night. He had the ability to put his wings, claws, everything of his Demon self away to look like a human. He married the girl and had kids. One day the Leader of our clan killed him and the family. Ever since then most Demons would go to the human world and have sex with any women. Of course Demon women never went up to the human world because they would be killed by our leader. Once the Demon men did that they left. After the nine month period they would go up there to the human world and kill the women and take the human/Demon baby. Human/Demon babies never got there powers until ten years old. Demons already had there powers when they were born.

Most Demons hate us half ones, but they know we have an advantage. The leader of our clan told us half ones we could never marry. The only jobs we could do, because most Demons hate us like I said before, would be Bounty Hunters or Assassins. Most of us half Demons chose Bounty Hunters because it didn't involve killing people. It only involved catching people. I chose an Assassin. I want to prove to our world that I am not one of those half Demons that are a sacredey cat to full Demons. So I joined the best Assassin companies ever.

The Demon that runs it would be the leader himself, Haruhiko Kaiba, yes he is the most powerful Demon in the Demon world. Most Demons are classified by there wings. The strongest is black wings with red veins. Then the black wings with blue veins, then green, purple, last but not least no veins at all. They are the weakest. Me I have red veins, I never showed my father. He always hated me, since I am half human. My father's wife, and my three brothers,Jouichirou he is the oldest, he has hair like mine, black hair with purple outlining of if and yellow bangs. His eyes are yellow. When he uses his ability his eyes glow yellow, and his ability is that he can run very fast. Just I have yellow bangs that stick up as well. The second oldest would be Masakatsu he has black hair, with green outlining and green eyes. His ability is that he can turn invisible. Then my other brother Gakushi. His hair is black with red outlining, purple eyes, and red bangs. His ability is to read minds. I really hate it when he reads peoples minds. Me I have black hair, with purple outlining, and yellow bangs. My eyes are deep crimson red. So people mistake it as blood red but it ain't. My ability is that I can kill people easily. With one swipe of my claw or wings the person would be dead. Blood would be pouring out of the person so much that help would not be useful.

My dad I really don't care for. He is so mean. I would love to kill him. I don't because it would make me look bad. His wife at the time died with his third son born. So he went up to the human world wanting revenge since a human did kill her. He found this girl and had sex with her. Weeks later he found out that the woman was pregnant. Nine months later she had me. My dad killed her and took me. He tortured me because I was not full Demon.My brothers were mean as well, and still are. All of my brothers and my dad has black wings. Once I prove my loyalty to the leader of our clan I will show them no mercy when I come the leaders right hand man. I will kill them. One thing I am afraid of though would be if I am to prove my loyalty would be that I at least kill on innocent person. I don't think that would be to hard. Haruhiko is a Demon you don't want to mess with.

He sent me to the human world to kill this bastard that I am watching now from the roof top of this building. He knows that I only kill criminals. He says I am the best Assassin he had ever had. I notice that this guy that I am watching is looking at something while he smoked his cigarette. The man looked more of a drug person that would get what he would want. I followed his gaze. I saw him looking at a girl. I looked more closer. She had brown hair, blue eyes, she had a black skirt on with a black top with a baby blue jacket. She also had baby blue high heels on. I realized that it's the girl that I have watched the pasted few years that, when had to kill people here. She is so beautiful that I can't stop thinking about her.

I shook my head to get out of my thoughts. I saw the guy drop his cigarette and put his foot on the ground and twisted his foot. He stop and walked over a cross the street. I saw him take a bandanna out and quickly wrapped it around the girl's eyes that I have been watching. She screamed but he covered her mouth with his hand. I couldn't here what he said to her but I knew it was a threat. I became more angry, I wanted to get down there and kill him now but I told myself to wait. He got her back against an ally wall. He started to undress her. Then I saw other human men, there is about four other ones. I watched them play with her. I knew she needed help. If I got caught killing this man then I would have to kill the people that saw me. It is a rule in our land. If you get caught then kill the people that saw it so that they don't spread the word about seeing a demon. I only had to do that once. I can see it being the same here in this moment of time. My eyes started to glow a dark crimson red. My wings came out of my back riping my cloths a little. I had to take off my shoes, my claws on my fingers grew to its place, and so did my feet. My ears grew pointed, and my skin turned red. Anyone could see my shadow from the moonlight if they look down on the streets. The man, and the rest of the men that I will be killing to night, is hurting the girl. I can't stand it any longer. I jumped off the building and landed safely. No ordinary human could do that. If they did they would die.

"Leave her alone." I said harshly. Maybe a little to harsh. The men looked at me.

"Oh my God!" yelled one of the men."Is that a demon!"

"Lets run!"

"No." said the man. I saw him take out a switch blade. I really don't like those things. I have been cut with one before but not badly. I just fear tonight will be the night that it will be bad."Lets kill it." They started at me. I took one of my claws and thrust it into the leaders neck. I felt it go inward more and more.

"Never and I mean never do that do a young lady again." I said putting my finger/claw all the way threw his neck. I could feel his blood, seeping threw the cracks around my claw. If I pulled my claw out of his neck he would be dead. Instead I had another idea. I slid my claw to the left side of his neck. I saw blood, bone, anything in the neck on the ground and his head half way on. One of the guys fainted. The other three ran. I killed the three that ran right beside me with my wings. I heard there necks sap were they die immediately. I went over to the fainted one, I shrugged, I will kill him in a second. I walked over tot he girl. I failed to realize the one that fainted got up and cut my arm really deep with a switch blade. I yelped in pain. I felt it go deeper and deeper into my skin. I grabbed the guys hand that held the knife. I pulled at it, the knife came out. I saw my own blood run down my arm. I looked at him I took the knife out of his hand and stabbed him in the heart. I saw him fall to the ground, a blood puddle ran around him. I walked back to the girl. I saw her shaking uncontrollably. My eyes glowed red again. My wings shrink back into my back. My claws went back to regular fingers, so did my feet. My skin went back to normal as well. My ears went back to human ears. I put my shoes back on. Only half demons can do this, turn into human form. I undid the bandanna that was covering her eyes. She hugged me. I was surprised at first but returned it.

"Thank you so much. I thought I was a sitting duck. Thank you." She said crying.

"It's not a problem." I notice that she looked at my arm.

"Your hurt. Here come with me I will help you get that care of." She grabbed my hand. I knew I had to get back to the Demon world but she is to kind. I think I am getting to like her more.

"Whats your name?" I asked her that. I hit my self mentally. I never had human contact like this before. I know not to talk to humans but she is so pretty. Stop it Yami you can't do this, you can't like her.

"Anzu Mazaki."

"Anzu eh." It felt so good saying her name. It just rolled of my tongue like if it was heaven. Need to get these damn thoughts out of my head. Do I really like her?

"Yes, whats yours?"

Should I really tell her. I was born here and they did put my name as Yami Motou and in the Demon world it is the same."Yami Motou."

"Nice to meet you Yami. Thank you for all your help. Now lets just make it back to my house so that I can help you fix that cut of yours." Anzu dragged me up and down other different streets. Then I saw an apartment. We walked up about two flight of stairs, then we made it to the door. There is a number on it. It said 30. I saw her open the door with her keys. We walked inside. She had a nice living room. The walls are white. The floor is wood. She had a T.V set and a couch that faced it. I saw pictures of her and her friends and family that I guessed that's who they were. She made me sit down on the couch and pulled out a aid kit. I know a lot of human stuff since I have been killing people for a long time now.

"Ow, that hurt." I said that as she sowed up my arm.

"Of course it will hurt. Its really deep."

While she did this I looked at her. She looked more beautiful up close. She had nice curves, thighs, and a pretty face. What am I saying I don't need this. After a couple of more string or whatever she had, she was done."I really need to go." I said standing up and walking to the door. I felt her grab my hand again. Her hands are so soft.

"At least take my number so that we can well you know." I saw how nervous she looked, she put her hand behind her head.

"Okay." She wrote down her number and gave it to me.

"I hope to see you again Yami." She stood up on her tip toes and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I blushed but I turned away so she couldn't see it.

"Okay, she you later." I walked out the door. Once the door shut and I walked down the stairs I put my hand to where she kissed me. I guess I am in love with some human but I can't show it.It was about two hours when I reached the portal to the Demon world. I turned around to see the city lights. Well I will be back to kill more people. I just felt like something will turn my life around when I got back to home or better yet the place I hate where my dad lives. Then I walked right through the portal to the Demon world. I landed on the ground of the Demon world. The skies are always clouded like it could rain but it doesn't. The oceans like in the human world are like lava here. The rocks and ground are red. I really don't like this place. I walked into a building near by which is the leaders palace/were people work as well. I walked into his office. Our leader looked up at me.

"Yami I see that you are back." I bowed to him."Did you kill him or do you need more time?"

I stood up."No, I have killed him. I even had to kill four other people because they saw me."

"Were they with him?"


"Then it doesn't matter. Go home I will call for you when I need you again." I followed his orders. One of the rules I hate so much of his is that if you are half Demon then you must live with your mother and father for the rest of your life, then there is that you can't get married you can only pick two jobs then you can't kill any Demon unless directed by him. I hate Haruhiko so much like my father. Even if we are Japanese Demons my father has a American Demon name, Johnny. My dad's ability is to hear conversations 100 yards away from him. I swear once I get to be second hand man to Haruhiko Kaiba then I will kill my dad and him, then my brothers. I got out of my thoughts and realized that I am at the door to the house were I live. I opened the door to see one of my brothers there. When I stepped all the way in I saw the whole family there. Even our new step mom.

"Oh great it is the little dick." said my older brother Gakushi. I really hate him. Good thing I know how to block my mind from his mind reading.

"Don't call me that." I hated it when they did this to me. I am 20 years old. Not five when they did this to me more.

"Dinner is over there you ungrateful thing."I hated when my dad said that. He says it a lot. He thinks I am nothing but thin air. I will kill him. I will.

My other two brothers Masakatsu and Jouichirou were having a conversation about me. I knew it was bad when I heard this.'He should get fucked up.' I jumped over and my claws grew out, and wrapped them around his neck. It's the first time I slipped in front of this family. I usually don't ever show my demon self around here at all. They don't even know that I am a Assassin. They don't even know about what type of Demon I am.

"Wow, I didn't even knew you had it in you." I could see Masakatsu smirk since my claws are around his neck.

"If you know what I do every day then you wouldn't be hear." I said it venomously. My claws scratched his skin were it to bleed. I barley touched him too. Just a lite scratch is all. I could fill his blood coming down his neck. I let go. He reached for his neck. He felt his blood and looked at his hand, it is covered in dark red blood.

"You know what!" yelled my dad."Get the fuck out of here!" I ran and got my stuff out of my room and ran out the door. I finally am leaving that place. I started to walk down the red road to the place that one of my friends live down on. He is half Demon too. I walked down a couple of streets, then I saw his house. I walked up to the door and knocked on it. I heard someone coming and opened the door.

"My I come in?" I asked.

"No, just kidden you can." A blonde haired half Demon said, as he let me in.


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