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Angel Diary


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I didn't know what happened after I passed out. I dreamt of Angles and Demons fighting to the Death. I didn't know why and I didn't want to know. There was blood everywhere in my dream. I saw death then I seen some laughing at one another before they fought. It didn't make much sense. I didn't remember who I was at all. What was my name? Where did I come from? How did I end up here? I shivered and I felt pain going up my chest and my back hurt. I felt like I was dying….What's death? I wondered. Sometimes in my dreams I was in pitch black darkness and then I saw a light. I didn't want to go to that light. I was scared of it so I push myself away from it father into the darkness. Then the fight between the Angles and Demons appeared if I went further into the darkness. I didn't know what to do. Go through the light or stay here and watch this?

I didn't know who long it was that I was here. Days, weeks, months? Maybe all my life? Every passing moment I could feel my body again. My back didn't hurt anymore but my chest till hurt like hell. My memories of what happen in our war came back to me. I defeated the Enemy and I was glad. My eye lids were heavy and I couldn't move them but I could hear voices. It was become more quickly. I didn't know who was talking. It sounded like a Male. Then there was a Female voice. It sounded so much like Anzu's voice.

"Is he going to wake up soon?" I heard her ask in a whisper.

"I don't know. I had never seen a Half Demon come back after losing so much blood and recovering. I don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry if he doesn't make it back." I heard an 'okay' and a door closing. I wanted to open my eyes and look at her, tell her that I was going to be alright. Then I heard her sob. It broke my heart.

Then I was back into darkness. I ran around trying to get back to my Anzu to try and be awake. I ran right back to the war of The Angels and the Demons. There were only two left now. The Angel looked like she was winning and the Demon looked terrified. Then she swiped at him with something. I couldn't tell what it was but he fell and slowly died.

The Angel saw me and walked over to me. She put a hand to my face but for some reason. I wasn't terrified of her like I should have been. "Yami you are safe for now. Never make me worry about that again." She said sweetly.

Yami took a couple of steps back. "What are you talking about?"

The Angel shook her head. I couldn't tell who she was. Her face was a blur to me."You don't need to worry about that now. You will know eventually." She then disappeared.

I felt my eye lids go light. I could open them now. I let them open to see Anzu sobbing. Her hands held her head. I pushed my upper body up, nothing hurt. There was no pain. Was I healed? Then I looked at my hands and they were the only things that weren't right. They were wrapped up in bandages and something felt like they were missing.

I looked back at the crying girl. I wrapped my arms around her and heard her gasp. She hugged me tighter too. She kept on chanting that she knew that I was going to be alright. I kissed her on the lips and lay back down.

"How do you feel?" She asked me.

I smiled. "I feel no pain." Her hand grabbed mine. "But I feel like something is missing….Something in my hands."

I heard her sigh."The Doctor told us that you must have put your Claws into lava. Once you killed Haruhiko they were infected and they had to get them out of your hands before they started to infect your hands or you might have lost your hands too." I nodded giving her hand a squeeze.

I looked around. It was a small room. Only enough to fit a patient and a couple of Demons around the patient. I then looked back at her. "What else been going on and how long have I been asleep?"

She then cocked her head to the side."You have been asleep almost a week now. Things been crazy. Well this is what Marquis has told me. He found you and freaked out that you were dead. When we realized you weren't you the Doctor still told us that you might not make it. Even the Half and Full Demon citizens are happy that you defeated Haruhiko and they all want your autograph. I think it's stupid. Also Jono stayed in his room for about three days. He couldn't take the death of his sister but he's fine now. And then Marquis and Lexus are going out." I smiled at the last part. I knew there was something going on between them. "Also the City is in bad shape but it's not that bad either."

Then the door open. I saw Marquis, Lexus and Jono right there. Jono ran up to me and gave me a very long hug and I wouldn't let Lexus touch me till I was convince that she wasn't going to read my mind.

Marquis was glad that I was alive."Will talk later about what's been going on." I shrugged. I sort of knew what was going on. "Also Yami," I looked at him confusedly. "Since you beat Haruhiko you are to become the new leader of the Demon nation."

I shook my head. "I will be only for a couple of months." He looked at me weirdly. "Because I made a promise to Anzu. That I would lock up my powers and my Demon self and live with her in the human world."

Anzu gasped and everyone nodded understanding. "Are you serious that you would do this?" She asked in bewilderment.

I laughed. "Of course I would I love you too much." I kissed her on the lips and I heard Jono say 'get a room'. I rolled my eyes and pulled back.

"But who will rule then?" Marquis asked.

Jono came a little bit closer to me. "Well I'll rule for a couple of months then I'll let Jono rule with your help Marquis."

I looked over at Jono. His eyes were big and he was stiff. "Are you sure?" Jono asked in a horse voice.

I nodded. "Of course you deserve it." He smiled and stayed silent.

"It's been very busy. We need you at the place where Haruhiko used to rule at the building. I know that we have to sign release forms but that can wait later. Do you think you can start ruling today?"

I nodded. "Of course."

Marquis got the Doctor and took the papers and said that he would have them back later. When they got out of the hospital. It was like hell when we walked outside. Anzu wasn't lying when she said that I was wanted for an autograph. Demons and Half Demons tried to get to me so that they could have my autograph...I guess since I beat Haruhiko. Flashers (cameras in the Demon world) would take pictures of us. We made it way from them without getting touched. I could see the buildings burnt from the war and damaged.

Then the building that I'll be working in for the next couple of months was ahead of us. We walked in as some of the Demons were cleaning up the mess and waved at us. We finally made it to the room were Haruhiko used to work at. The window was still broken and the room was a little bit messy.

I went and sat down in the chair. "Let's get to work." I said putting a paper right in front of me and started to write with the pen that Marquis just gave me. "Also put these new rules up straight away right after I'm done Marquis."

He smiled. "Sure thing Boss."

I rolled my eyes. "Very funny." I stared at the paper. I thanked that Angel for getting me out of my dreams and then I felt something with in me. Something I never felt before like another power. I shrugged it off and got to work.


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