Chapter 5: not title


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We went to the dinning room all of the Akatsuki little club was there too. Naruto sat by them so I sat by Sasuke everyone was talking, but I eat quality. I really didn't pay any action to what the audits, or to the others until my cell phone ring .

"Since when do you have a cell phone?" Naruto asked

"on me and some friends got a line together." I told him

"Since when do you have other friend beside me and Naruto?" Sasuke asked me.

"Since when do you take an interest in my life?" I asked back as I answered

"Hi there girl where are you guys?" I asked

"yap be out in a minute ya k. bye love ya like fat kid love cake!' I said

"I don't know I head someone in school yell it in art so ya."

"I know am hungry for cake too, we should make some later tonight,"

"Sounds fun I be there in a minute K bye" hanged up and stood up

"sorry but I have to get going my friends are right out side and don't want to keep them waiting thank you for have me for dinner and see you Mrs. And Mr. Uchiha" I said as I bowed

"see you Monday Shizune, Minato." I said as I took my backpack and left.

Normal pov

"man she been going to her friend hose every weekend for the last mouth." Naruto said once Sakura was gone.

"Will Naruto she did make new friends so let her as long as her grad don't go down she can go and stay with them as long as she wants" Minato said as he ate

"Ahh that not fair you have to know my friends and you let sakura go with out even talking to her friend or the parents of her friends"

"Will Naruto its time you know the true we love sakura more then you, now that that is out in the air pass me the bread." Minato said as everyone laughs,

"Dad come on tell me."

"what Minato means Naruto is that this is sakura we are talking about the girl that never gets in troubles I mean what trouble can she get into?" Shizune said not knowing to them that at that moment Sakura was getting really her new job and if they saw what she looked like they would not if it was her….

With Sakura her pov

Me and the other got really in about less then 30 minutes and we then head to work. We really are getting along of course no one in school know we are friends since we are from different clicks but that's all good since we just hang out every weekend.

"Cherry bloom we need some help at the front go over there. Bob yelled as I went to help Ino and the others. Today was very busy not like other nights.

"Cherry bloom go to the end and sever them I got this area coved "Ino said as I did as I was told. Cherry bloom is my name for here we don't want anyone to know who we really are so we pick names that mach us. As I served I saw there was a fight the next thing I know I was braking up the fight. I looked at the man that stared it and was shook cause the man that was there was non other then my dad.. Shit!!