Raven stood on the roof of a building bearing red symbols that seemed to burn her skin. Her appearance looked as if she cut her leotard without steady hands and it looked as if she was wearing a swimsuit. Her waist length hair flowed gently in the blowing breeze as Slade held her in his hands. The evil symbols vanished and Slade let her fall over the edge. "We'll be in touch," he said. "Oh, and a Happy Birthday." Raven plummeted unconsciously to the asphalt below. Robin was looking for her all over the city when he noticed that a person was falling from building. He recognized her by her lavender hair and black suit. He shot a grappler and then swung over to catch her. His catch was successful and they both landed on a rooftop. Raven woke up with a groan and looked at Robin with blurred vision but it soon returned. "Let's go home," he said. Her violet eyes filled with tears and then she pulled Robin into a tight bear hug. She began to sob uncontrollably.

"Robin! I..I.I don't want to do this!" she sobbed. "It's all right, your back with me now." He reassured her. "Just calm down, and tell me what happed." She stopped crying long enough to tell him everything that happened. She began to cry again. "I.I….I d..don't know w..what to do!" she wailed. Robin hugged and tried to reassure her. When she and Robin got to their feet, she used her powers to grab what was left of her cloak. She put it on and then walked to the street where Robin's R-Cycle was parked. He gave her a helmet and she put it on. He revved up the motorcycle and they sped off.

When they got back to the tower, Raven was exhausted and dropped on her bed like a rock. She went outside and sat on the rocky slope of the island. The hated runes appeared once more and she began to cry into her arms. A sinister laugh broke the silence. It was unmistakable: her father's. "You don't have a choice, you will bring death to everything and everyone." Raven screamed, "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!" She stared at the runes as they disappeared. She headed back in, avoiding her friends so that they could not see her in this state. She teleported to her room once she entered the entrance to the tower. Raven opened her closet and pulled out another suit. She didn't know why but she kept the tattered clothes in case she wanted a swimsuit. She retrieved her brush and scissors so she could cut her hair. Once it was cut, she checked her hands for the runes once more. They did not appear again. Even though they did not appear again, she knew the truth.

She was broken of her spirit.

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