A/N: This story takes place at the very beginning of Breaking Dawn. Bella going to the gas pump is the only thing from it that I kept the same. I took off in my own direction after that.

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Chapter 1:

Bells and Whistles

Bella Swan pulled into the Gas-n-Go to top off her tank and possibly catch her breath. She wasn't sure if it was paranoia or reality, but she could swear that people were staring at her. Sure, she thought sarcastically, no one would be looking at someone driving a brand new, shiny black Mercedes. That would be crazy.

Out of the back pocket of her khaki shorts she wore with a black spaghetti strap top, Bella pulled out her debit card. It was a gift from Edward. Her stipulation, however, was that it only have 500 on it. Edward had promised it would have just that, but she wondered how often he "topped it off". She placed the card into the pump and pressed the code.

While she mechanically took the nozzle off from the pump and placed it into her car, Bella began thinking idly. It was a week before her wedding to Edward. August 13th... Dooms Day. Alice had planned the wedding down to every last tiny detail. All the way down to the silver, three prong candlesticks that would adorn each of the twenty guest tables at the reception. One hundred and twenty people were coming to the blessed event. Bella wondered to herself if she even knew that many people?

The one part of the wedding that she was specifically looking forward to was seeing Edward, her bronze-haired love, in his classic black suit. Classic, she imagined eventhough she had never seen it. In his day, his human day, Edward would have been a man even at the tender age of 17. Bella knew that he had been a proper gentleman in those days as he was now. So his dress would definitely have a classic aura around it. She imagined a dapper black suit, no a tux, with a fitted black vest and an ivory tie to compliment his white shirt. She could only imagine how handsome he would be. He already dazzled her now. She wondered if she would even be able to contain herself when she saw him at the alter.

Bella shook off her thoughts and placed the nozzle back onto the pump. But she had to laugh at the irony... standing at the alter to get married next to a vampire. Bella had no idea who Alice had sweet talked to performing the ceremony for them. She didn't really want to think about it. She had a hard enough time dealing with the details that she did know. The wedding would take place at the Cullen home. Alice had set it up where the chairs for the guests would be at the front of the stairs. Edward and the preacher (or whoever she got) would be at the bottom of the stairs. And Bella would walk down from the top of the stairs to meet them... Bella really hated that part. Alice assured her that she would NOT fall or trip or tumble down the stairs... Bella prayed that she could bet on Alice.

It was a hot day in Forks, Washington. And of course it was raining. Rain and heat sure didn't mix. Bella gasped when she opened the car door and slid into her scorching hot black leather seat. Quickly, she cranked up the engine and blasted the air conditioning. It only took a few seconds for everything to cool down. She missed her truck for many reasons, but she sure loved the new AC on this car. Smiling to herself, Bella thought she just might thank Edward for getting rid of her old truck... might.

In a much better mood than when she pulled into the gas station, Bella turned her windshield wipers on and pulled away.

It was a slow steady rain. The kind that puts you to sleep when you are curled up at home reading a book on a lazy Saturday evening. Bella's thoughts wandered and she caught her self wondering if she would enjoy such small things when she became a vampire. Eventhough it was the deal she had made (to marry Edward in exchange for him changing her), she couldn't say that she was looking forward to it. First, all of the Cullens had bets going on how many people she would kill in her first two years while she craved blood- human blood- the strongest.

She cringed at the thought. She knew she was doing the right thing. It was best for everyone involved. It would keep Charlie and Renee (Dad and Mom) safe in case another vampire or the powerful vampire group, The Volturi, came after her. And most of all, she wanted to be an equal to Edward forever. She wouldn't be "fragile" as he called her. She could protect him too.

But she definitely wasn't looking forward to the pain and often wondered if she would be the same girl she was now, at least in the beginning.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a sign for Thompson's jewerly. It was on the next road to the left. She had told Charlie that she was going to Serenity, a more posh establishment on the main road. Alice, who had already seen the ring in her head, told her that she loved the one she would picked out. But Bella decided, upon seeing the sign, that she would try Thompson's. She really had nothing else to do that day and maybe they carried a similar ring that she was looking for only cheaper. Being as the ring was the only thing they were letting her buy for the wedding, Bella decided that cheaper (but still nice, definitely tasteful, and classy) was better.

It was a spit second decision to go to a different store, and as she turned left at the light a split second was all that it took.

A blue '08 Mustang, going the opposite direction, was going too fast and couldn't stop when the light turned red.

All Bella saw was a blurry car coming right at her. Then all she saw was black.

At the Cullen house, everything was in full force in preparation for the big day... at least for Alice. The rest of the Cullens and Hales had other things to do. Emmett lounged on the big black couch in the living room with a remote in one hand and a magazine in the other. He was on call for heavy-lifty duty. Alice had told him that eventhough she could do it, he was going to use his manly skills for good. Jasper and Edward sat at the window behind the couch, playing chess. They loved playing together. Jasper had to play without thinking, just on instinct because if he did, Edward would see his next move coming. Edward loved the fact that Jasper had to play that way.

"Well. Shoot." Jasper ran his fingers through his light blonde hair. He watched as Edward smiled triumphantly across from him. "Wanna play again?"

Edward rolled up the sleeves of his dark blue button-up shirt which he paired with dark blue jeans. He cracked his knuckes for affect and nodded. Then the two playfully glared at each other for a second, then all anyone could see was a blur.

Upstairs, wedding plans were heating up. Today was the final bridesmaid dress fitting. Angela Webber, Bella's fried from high school, stood in Alice's room looking in a full length mirror. "You look beautiful," Alice squealed. "Really. The alterations were perfect just like I--thought." She cut herself off. She almost said "Saw" but Angela didn't know Alice, or any of the Cullen's-Hale's, were vampires let alone that Alice could see the future.

Angela rubbed her hands down the legs of her deep purple satin off the shoulder dress and had to agree. "It is beautiful Alice--Alice?" She looked over and froze. Alice had fell to her knees, placing her hands on each side of her head. "No." Alice moaned. "No, Bella. Not that way. No!" Alice's head jerked up, and her wide, wild eyes made Angela step back. Before she could ask any questions, Alice had ran out the bedroom door. Only when she got half way down the stairs did she see the door already shutting as Edward ran out.

"Edward!" she called, but she knew it was too late. He had already seen what she saw in her head, and she already knew that he would be too late to stop it.