The Devil and The Saint

My First Devil May Cry 4 fanfic so be gentle xD don't expect it to be brilliant.

This is set at the end of Devil May Cry 4 after Nero had finished fighting all the demons, just after he was centimetres away from kissing Kyrie.

She was witnessing it before her very eyes, Nero, slicing through every demon in sight as she just stood back watching him. Moments before this, however, they were mere seconds away from kissing until these bastards arrived. When he stepped away from the near-kiss, she cursed under her breath even though her face didn't show this anger, she put on a fake smile saying that she can wait.

But she knew that, when he had finished, she could feel his warm touch, his lips firmly pressed against hers as he kisses her.

Kyrie wasn't really in to relationships, but after being with Nero, she felt so right with him, Kyrie found the demon to be very attractive, especially when he was fighting demons, like he is doing now.

Demon after demon fell under the wicked cold steel of Nero's blade, as it sliced repeatedly through each demon. After minutes that felt like hours, the last demon fell to the ground, Nero, panting from exhaustion would smile to Kyrie as he placed his sword firmly onto his back.

"Thought that would never end…now…where were we?"

Kyrie smiled as Nero began to step towards her and when he finally reached her, he placed his arms around her waist. God, his touch was so sensible and gentlemen-like, she had never met someone so amazing in her life, she wanted to kick herself, telling herself that it's all a dream. As Nero leaned forward, he pressed his lips firmly against hers as they embraced in a warm, soft kiss. As the kiss continued, Nero and Kyrie's eyes were firmly closed, Nero's tongue was flicking around inside Kyrie's mouth, pressing against her own. Wanting the kiss to continue, Kyrie wrapped her arm around Nero's neck, pulling him closer, Nero took the hint and stepped forward a little, his hands moved away from her waist and began to brush through her silk-like hair as the kiss continued.

Nero decided that he needed to breathe and thought Kyrie would too and pulled away from the kiss, resting his forehead on her nose.

"Kyrie…I love you"

Hearing his words, Kyrie hugged him tight around his waist, God, his waist, so slim and muscular, it felt like heaven being in his arms. She rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes, getting the scent of demon blood swimming up her nostrals.

"I love you too Nero"

Yet all the fighting that happened before, made it all worth while.

Well that's it folks, there you have it, what did you think??

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