A/N: My first publication on fanfic! I wrote this a long time ago, when I had only just barely started watching these shows. So it's not really representative of my current writing ability, but it was really good for my age when I first wrote it. It also doesn't adress the more recent seasons of the shows described. It had started out as a father's day poem for my dad, because he's the one who I watch these with. But then I just decided to settle for making it a poem about my imagination, which is usually very busy.

Disclaimer: I don't own these shows, but I do own anything and everything that goes on in my imagination. ;-)

Science "Fiction"

I've walked right through the Stargate,
And flown the galaxy,
In the Enterprise, Galactica,
And Serenity.

The "Stargate" or the "Chaapa'ai";
"Great Ring" or "Pool of Light";
Whatever name you call it by
I've traveled it, a'right?

The Asgard, Tok'Ra, Ancients,
The Tolan and the Nox,
I've met them all; I've answered their call,
And we knocked off Goa'uld's socks!

NCC-1701 is my fav
In Star Fleet Command;
The Enterprise is the total best,
'Cuz it's manned by all my friends.

"Live Long and Prosper" is
What Vulcans say to me;
I help fend off the Klingons,
And other hostile thingees.

The BattleStar Galactica
Has become my home of late;
The Commander's always proud of me,
'Cuz I'm their pilot first-rate!

My Viper's always clean and shiny
When I fly out into space;
I blast those Cylon butts to bits,
And save the human race!

That "Firefly Class" ship you see
Upon those "Wanted" signs
Is my home; And whose crew just so
Happens to be friends of mine.

The Alliance is unfair,
So we oppose them in ev'ry way;
To steal some of their excess goods
Just makes my rainy day.

Whatever vessel that I choose,
Whichever friends with which I fly,
The leaders always stay the same:
My imagination and I.