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Full summary:

Hyuuga Hinata was never able to properly fit in at school, which is perfectly understandable when you have a special ability that you have to keep secret, and Hinata's is that she can control water, cool huh. Well, now at least she can go to a school where her powers are allowed to be out in the open. She is going to KANG, Konoha Academy for the Naturally Gifted, or should I say Supernaturally Gifted. At KANG, she is able to fit in and make friends, and maybe even fall in love. Wait, did I read this right!? Fall in love!? Hey Director, I think that the script has a problem- what!? Its supposed to be like that!? Well, anyway, you get the gist of it.

Hinata walked home on the last day of school of her 8th grade year. Finally, it was over with. 3 months away from all those people who didn't like her, no one who she was able to really be friends with. She breathed out a content sigh as she walked into her house, only to find her father sitting in the living room with a troubled look on his face.

"Whats wrong Tou-sama?" she asked, a slightly confused look dawning her face. He sighed, then turned toward her and answered,

"Hinata, you as well as I know that you have long had troubles with this power of yours". Hinata froze, whenever her father brought up this subject, the outcome was almost never good. He continued, "well, today I got a letter from this boarding school called Konoha Academy for the Naturally Gifted, and you have been offered a scholarship there". Hinata was surprised, this had not been what she had expected at all. Rather than something bad, this was actually quite good. She drifted off into her own little world to think for a minute, but she was jerked right back to reality when her father started talking again.

"I am sure that you have heard of this school before", she had. It was reputated to be full of rich, snotty, genius kids, "and this letter has informed me that it is a school for people with supernatural abilities such as yours". Hinata had definitely not been expecting this, but she was overjoyed. Finally the chance to meet others with powers. She had only ever met one other person with similar abilities, her cousin Neji, but she had not seen him in years.

"I was also informed that your cousin Neji goes there. And in the upcoming school year, you too shall attend there" her father finished, then dismissed her to her room.

Hinata was so happy, she was even skipping up the stairs and had a huge smile on her face. Back in the living room, Hyuuga Hiashi still sat there, but his own smile adorned his lips. It's nice to see her so happy for once. He though, I haven't seen her like this since before the accident. His smile was replaced by a pained look for a second before his smile returned.

In her room, Hinata fell down onto her bed, letting out a content sigh as she fell. She grabbed a pillow and hugged it to her chest. I am so glad! This school sounds like a great place, I cant wait for summer to end. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, the smile still on her face, as wide as ever.

Two weeks later, Hinata has been officially enrolled in KANG, after many tests and interviews. She is tired but happy. She still has another 2-and-a-half months till the start, but she has already packed up all of her stuff. She could not wait for the new school year to begin.

Somewhere else, not too far away, two girls were talking on the phone with each other. One had short pink hair and green eyes, while the other had long blond hair pulled into a ponytail with blue eyes.

"Did you hear?" the pinket asked.

"Hear what" the other replied.

"We're getting a new student this year"

"Your kidding me! Really!"

"Yeah, no joke. And she's in our class"

"Awesome, she must be special to be in our class. Do you know here powers?"

"Sadly, being the childhood friend of the school director can only get you so much information"

"Ah, oh well. We'll find out when school starts"

"Yeah, gotta go, talk to you later"

"Kay, bye"


the line went dead, both girls had hung up. And they too anticipated the new school year.

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