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Sakura and Sasuke stood before Sakon, poised to fight.

"I can take the two of you on easy." Sakon boasted, turning his face away from them. Sakura's eyes narrowed. His move was cocky and the wrong one to make, but if gave her a chance. She shot forward, punching out at Sakon, who just barely managed to dodge. "You tried to hit me! You really tried to hit me!"

"That's the point of a fight." The pinkette replied in her kindergarten teacher voice, "To hurt your opponent." She got more serious then, "And my opponent is you." She pointed a single index finger loosely at him. For some reason, this really pissed Sakon off, and he charged forward, blind to everything but Sakura, who had her fist back. This being so, he didn't notice Sasuke's attack heading for him and was hit full force by the flames.

"Gah!" Sakon was sent flying by the attack and crashed to the ground.

"Let me finish him off." Sakura sashayed over to the felled sound five member, gripped him by the collar, and landed a solid punch on his jaw, breaking the bone and knocking him out.

"Well then. One down, four to go." Sasuke shaded his eyes and looked over this his friends' battles.


"Okay, here's the plan." Ino used her powers to project this into Kiba's mind so that they wouldn't be over heard, "I'll keep him still with my powers, but it will only work for a short time. Hit him fast and hit him hard." Kiba replied by nodding, his eyes (unlike Sakon's) never leaving his opponent.

Ino focused her power and sent out a blast of telepathic energy towards Ukon, hitting her target dead on. The sound five member stiffened as his actions were temporarily taken over by Ino.

"Now!" Ino called through gritted teeth, who was struggling to keep Ukon under her control.

"Akamaru, let's go!" Kiba and the dog shot forward, rotating in a drill-like pattern, both of them slamming into Ukon's stomach at the same time, just as Ino released him so that she could avoid being hurt.

"Two down, three to go." They grinned at each other.


"Well, it seems Ukon wasn't up to the task." Tayuya grinned maliciously as she looked over at her fallen teammate, "Guess I'll have to take care of that bitch after I get rid of you two." She pulled out a wooden flute and held it up to play when it was jerked out of her grasp by a gust of wind, which danced it's way over to Temari.

"I don't think so." Temari broke the flute over her knee and let the pieces clatter to the ground, "You aren't getting passed us." She set out another gust of air right into Tayuya's stomach, knocking the air out of the girl.

"Bitch." Tayuya growled and lunged at Temari, ramming right into the other girl. They grappled for a few seconds before Temari used her powers to push Tayuya off of her and sending her flying, crashing to the ground where she was promptly hit by a bolt of lightning.

"I thought it would add a nice touch." Shikamaru replied when Temari looked up at him, "Plus, I could sense that the lightning wanted the be released." He held up a hand dancing with sparks.

"Well, whatever. Just two more to go." Temari said as she pushed herself off of the ground.


Jiroubou didn't fare much better than his teammates. He was immediately restrained by Gaara's sand and then Kanna and Malem, completely forgoing powers, simultaneously delivered flying kicks to his jaw. He didn't stand much of a chance to being with.


"Dude, how did you get so many arms." Tenten asked, hands on her hips, head cocked to the side in a questioning manner.

Kidoumaru paused, "You know, I really don't know." He replied thoughtfully, not noticing the liquid like metal rope type thing flowing along the ground toward him until it was too late, wrapping around his ankles and yanking him up so that he was hanging upside down off the ground.

Neji took this opportunity to finish him off quickly, "Hakke rokujuyonshou." He closed all of Kidoumaru's tenketsu, rendering the last member of the sound five unconscious.

"All that's left is Orochimaru." Tenten has the metal cord throw Kidoumaru towards his teammates, cracking her knuckles all the while.


"Kukuku, it seems your friends managed to defeat my minions." Orochimaru observed apathetically, a panting and exhausted Hinata and Naruto in front of him, "Oh well." He faced them again and sent another burst of power towards them. They just barely managed to dodge it, rolling to either side of the blast. The rest of his men had been taken out by Naruto and Hinata's friends.

"Dammit, this guy is too tough." Naruto growled and sent another battalion of clones towards Orochimaru, who simply brushed them off like flies.

"Kukuku, you should have realized by now that all of your efforts are futile. I am much too powerful for you two to take on." Orochimaru prepared to send yet another blast of power towards the pair.

"Then how about all of us."

All three heads snapped to face the group of students standing before them. They looked very epic, standing confidently with a sunset behind them, outlining every one of them.

"Fu, you think that will be enough?"

"Not think." Sakura stepped forward.

"Know." Ino finished for her friend, also stepping forward.

"So be it." Orochimaru narrowed his eyes, sending out a blast of power towards them, only to have it meet a wall of solid air courtesy of Temari.

"I don't think so." Temari wrapped the air around it power and sent it back at it's caster, hitting him dead on and knocking him back.

"Insolent children!" Orochimaru stood and wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, "You shall all die for this!"

"No we won't!" Kiba cried and sent himself hurtling towards the snake man in the same drill-like pattern as before. Yet another dead on hit. Soon, all the other teens joined in in using their powers to beat down their nemesis till he was reduced basically to a bloody pulp, devoid of enough strength to even move.

"Our turn." Naruto growled as he and Hinata walked forward calmly. They had been left out of the fight since their friends had showed up, but it was their fight to finish. And that is exactly what they intended to do.

"Hyah!" Hinata used the last of her power to freeze Orochimaru solid.

"Let's finish this!" Naruto called, creating a final few clones, all attacking the frozen Orochimaru, shattering him into a million tiny pieces. Silence fell for a few seconds before it finally hit them. They had beat Orochimaru. He was gone forever. A communal cry of absolute glee and relief rose up among them all. People started jumping up and down, hugging each other, some even cried.

"We did it, Naruto-kun, we did it!" Hinata threw her arms around the boys neck, practically tackling him.

"We did!" Naruto cried, wrapping his arms around her waist and planting a kiss right on their lips. Both were too exhausted to truly realize what just happened. In fact, just about then, all of them simply collapsed out of exhaustion, content smiles on all faces.


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