Overprotective Husband

"James what you doing out here?" said Lily stepping out onto the patio.

James had gotten back from a month-long Order mission a few hours ago. Lily couldn't help but notice he had been distant with her, they had only been married a year and spent almost half of it apart so they made the most of time they had together. James had suddenly disappeared after dinner, Lily found him outside in the garden in the pitch black, just staring off into space.

"I just wanted some time alone to think," said James harshly.

"Is everything alright?" she asked, a little hurt. She reached out and touched his arm, wondering if something bad had happened on his mission.

"Everything's fine, just leave me alone Lily," he said gruffly.

"Did something happen?"

"I said leave me alone!" James shouted.

Lily knew she wouldn't get anything out of him, when James shut down it was pointless trying to talk to him. He had never shouted at her for nothing before. She calmly walked back inside, and sat down at the kitchen table. She couldn't help but let a few tears escape her eyes. She had missed James so much for the past month, all she wanted to do was talk to him, to fall asleep in his arms and tell him that she loved him. She hated when he wouldn't speak to her, it wasn't often but it was horrible when he was in a mood.

It was almost 3am when James eventually went to bed that night, Lily was still awake waiting for him. He hadn't said a word to her all night, he just sat brooding in the garden.

"I missed you," Lily said.

James just grunted and rolled over so that he had his back to her.

"James please…just tell me what's wrong."

"Can you just shut up?"

"What?" whispered Lily. James had never spoken to her like that, she was getting really worried about him.

"Sorry," he mumbled. "Just…I'm sleeping on the couch."

"James…" she called after him. He just slammed the door behind him.

The next evening Lily got home determined to talk to James and find out what was wrong with him. She noticed that the only light in the house that was on was there bedroom light. Maybe James has gotten tired and took a nap she thought to herself. But deep in the pit of her stomach Lily knew something wasn't right. Her fears were confirmed when she opened the bedroom door and saw a large bag on the floor and James placing an envelope with her name on it on her pillow.

"James what are you doing?" she said calmly.

"Lily, you're home early," said James startled to see her. He couldn't look her in the eye, in fact he couldn't look at her at all.

"Are you leaving me?" she asked shocked by how calm she sounded.

"It's not how you think…" said James. "It's for the best."

"So you are leaving me?" said Lily her voice not giving away any emotions. "Did you meet someone else on your mission?"

"No!" said James shocked she would even think that he would leave her for someone else.

"Then what?"

"I just have to…it's not you love," he said feeling his heart break with every word he was saying.

"Don't call me love!" she hissed. "If you're leaving, just go!"

"Don't hate me."

"Don't hate you, are you kidding me?" shouted Lily. "You were going to fuck off before I even got home! I love you and I have done nothing but miss you while you were gone! Now you're walking out on me, we've not even been married a year! So just piss off!"

"It's for the best," said James hating himself with every fiber of being, he could see the hurt in her eyes and he was the cause. But he had to do it, he knew that now he couldn't be selfish and put her in danger anymore.

"You can keep saying that all you want," shouted Lily. "But it doesn't mean anything. So go on get out! Or do you want me to leave, I wouldn't want to deprive you and your tart of our house."

"There is nobody else," said James. He couldn't let her think that there was someone else, he could never be with anyone else. "Of course I don't want you to leave."

"Well I want you to leave!" cried Lily, throwing her wedding rings at him. "Get out! Fuck off!"

"I'm so sorry," said James grabbing the bag and leaving.