At Shanara's castle on Rawn, Blink was sleeping as usual. The four young magic users returned to Shanara after their huge attack from the Overmind on Pixel's planet Calomir.

There, when the Overmind tried to take over Pixel's mind through a computer chip, Nantor took it over instead. Nantor is Pixel's adult figure that recreated him on the world called Calomir. Like Eremin created Helaine on Ordin and Traxis made Score on Earth.

The young travelers revisited Ordin and found a peasant girl named Jenna that had the healing power. At first, Jenna and Helaine did not really get along. See, Helaine is a noble and nobles and peasants don't agree on a lot of things. But through their past adventures they grew to rely on each other and even start to like one another, even though they could still get on each other's nerves.

Pixel and Jenna seemed to be very fond of each other and they became a couple very quickly. Score and Helaine on the other hand bickered about the smallest things but every one else new they were kind of fond of each other. Finally, after the fight with the Overmind, Helaine kissed him on the lips. Now they had to be together and learn to get along.

Shanara had just announced the biggest news the four had ever heard on their journey. She said in a clear voice, "I am your mother, Score."

This was a shock to all listening ears……..