Jenna walked through the portal last. It had led them straight to the room Helaine was staying in.

"Hi Shanara," Pixel said.

"Oh my gosh, I was so worried." She gave him a big smile. "Oh Pixel, I'm so glad your ok. How did you make a portal?"

"We'll tell you when everyone's listening." Score looked at where Helaine was sound asleep. "Right now we have someone else to save." He walked over to her bedside with the other three following. Helaine had her hands tightly wrapped around her stomach and she had a twisted look of pain on her face. She was covered by about four blankets but her hands were still ice cold from the loss of blood. She was breathing hard like she hands a punctured lung. Score knelt by her bed and placed her frozen had in his. "Do you think you can save her?" He looked at Jenna and Pixel.

Jenna looked at Pixel. He had a lot of shock on his face because this is the first time he'd ever seen her so dead like. "I don't know, but we will try our best." Jenna spoke for the both of them.

They put their hands on Helaine's stomach and said at the same time, 'Shone-potlety-phonlawm'. Their hands started to glow a bright turquoise and then straight to red and they fell backwards with a crash.

"What happened?" Score asked. "Did it work?"

Jenna got up and brushed the invisible dust off her clothes, "I don't know what happened? Something's preventing us from healing her."

Pixel found Helaine's Book of Magic and was flipping through the pages. Jenna walked over and saw he was on a page called HEALING: He dragged his finger down the page and studied something. "I got it." He said. Pixel got up and walked over to Helaine again. 'Melborp eht Dnif'. He was lost in concentration.

Jenna and Score just looked at one another confused then looked back at what Pixel was doing.

He took his hands off of her and spoke to the other two, "The bullet is still stuck inside of her and that's why we can't heal her. I just don't know how to get it out."

"Wait, pause a sec." Score said. "How did you know what was wrong with her and what do you mean to bullet is sill in her?"

"See, Score, Helaine's book of magic gave me a spell that allowed me to see underneath her skin to see what the problem is. As for the bullet part, I guess the bugger got stuck in her liver and thankfully it didn't hit her stomach or pierce a lung. But it did hit a few major blood vessals, so if she was left for another five hours she would be dead." He paused to take a breath, "but if we don't get that small hunk of led out of her soon, she might as well be dead."

Score looked at poor defenseless Helaine and said, "I can use my Amethyst to shrink it 'til it's gone or my Emerald to change its form. Just tell me what I need to do. I want to help."

"Yah, Score, maybe you can change the bullet into something like you did the computer chips on Calomir." Jenna said.

Score stood up with his Emerald in hand and he took out his Jasper to use, too. The Jasper gives Score the talent of sight. He's using it to find exactly where the bullet was located, just in case he accidentally changed an important organ. He placed his hands on her now and focused really hard. "Ok, it's gone." Score didn't move away from Helaine, he just moved forward so Jenna and Pixel could try again. But this time he stayed with Helaine.

"Shone- potlety-phonlawm." There hands turned turquoise again and this time stayed turquoise. Helaine's insides started to close up and color flooded back into her face. The procedure worked and Jenna took off Helaine's bandage. All that was left was a scar.

Score's face brightened with excitement and through his arms around Helaine. He wasn't going to loose her. Pixel and Jenna looked pleased with themselves too.

Helaine broke out of her short rest coughing again. She sat up quickly to cough more and she felt no more pain. Touching her stomach confused she looked around the room, "You… You made it back in time. I knew you would. I didn't lose hope." Her voice was a little clogged from there rapid coughing.

Score gazed into her eyes, "I would never allow you to leave me so easily."

Shanara spoke again, "Ok, Score, now that everyone is with us, how did you make the Portal without killing Destiny?" Helaine looked interested too.

"Well," Score explained everything that happened before Pixel broke the trance very briefly and he said, "Destiny some how made Pixel really mad and he did something I've never seen him do before. His eyes turned all red and his face was almost black. He also started to rise into the air, with all of the other furniture in the room. Destiny had said something about this being Nantor's biggest power and she disappeared into a portal to another planet. So, the border spell turned off and we made it here in time to save Helaine. And here we are."

"Wow, I missed a lot." Helaine commented.

Score smiled, "But at least you're alive. That's a bright thing to look at."

"We have to go after Destiny and kill her." Pixel said seriously. "She can always come back and do some serious damage."

"Are you serious, I don't want to have to deal with that psycho again." Score complained, "I say if she comes back we can deal with her then, not go chase after her."

"Score," Helaine cut in, "we need to do what Pixel says because if she comes back at any random time we won't be ready for her."

"I still think we should stay here. It's too dangerous. Who knows what she's planning."

Jenna stopped him, "Remember this is the girl that tried to kill you and me and not only that, she almost did kill Helaine. Don't you want to get payback?" She knew this would spike Score's interest.

Score looked over at where Helaine was sitting in bed, exhausted from her close brush with death. "Ok, I'm in."

"I'm glad to hear that." Pixel smiled.

Helaine started to get out of bed, "Where do you think she's located?" She somehow managed to stand on her wobbly legs, "and where's my sword?"

"Helaine, I think you should stay here and rest." Score just realized what he told Helaine. She started to get mad and she clenched her teeth. Score was quick to say, "Or you get your sword back and you come with us." He managed a small smile.

"That's better," Helaine mocked, "For a second there, I thought you wanted to go on without me." She walked to another room.

"She just came from being so close to death and she's already up to kicking butt?" Jenna asked.

"That's our Helaine!" the boys both commented.

Helaine came back into the room with her armor back on and her sword rightly back into its place. Her dark hair was pulled neatly back, "That's better. Now we just need to find Destiny, then we can kill her once and for all." She had a huge smile stretched from ear to ear. Obviously, she was feeling a whole lot better.

"Ok, let's do it." Shanara walked to her crystal pool. "Blink, wake up you lazy fool. I need you to help me."

"Work before breakfast. Why do you do this to me woman?" Blink slugged out of his small bed and conjoined his power with Shanara's.

The crystal pool started to form a figure in the water. It was some kind of squid. The creature was red with black dots and eight tentacles. It was somehow floating in the middle of space. There, on its back, was Destiny.

"That's something you don't see every day." Score said.

"Oh yeah, Destiny said something about this before I was a creepy zombie." Pixel informed everybody, "Something about Zarathan. Like the thing that hatched from it. It was a… oh, what was it?" He started to pace around the room deep in thought. "Oh, ya, it's called a Cracken. She said that she's been riding around on it through space and using magic to breathe oxygen."

"What's a Cr… Cra… well, what is it?" Score asked.

"It's a creature I've heard about on my planet." Helaine explained, "It is some type of squid that flies around space and can talk using telepathy."

"Also," Jenna interrupted, "it is pretty friendly but it can kill you with a simple snap. If it feels threatened or in danger it will come after you."

"That's nice to know." Pixel smiled in a frightened way. "So do we go after her?"

"We have no choice." Jenna said. "Shanara, do you know were she is in the galaxy?"

"Yes, she's floating around the rim worlds. But it does look like she's coming after you four. She's on her way to Rawn right now."

"So, what should we do?" Score asked. "We can't exactly visit the middle of outer space with a crazy animal out there looking to kill us. Oh ya, and the Cracken, too." He smiled at his joke and was waiting for an idea from the others.