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Chapter 1: My Hero??

Pai was sitting on the branch of a tree watching the green mew. She was standing alone on a bridge looking out towards the lake below. Her blue eyes sparkled like the lake she was watching. Pai noticed and sighed to himself. Then quickly shook his head.

What am I thinking, Pai thought to himself, I'm on a mission here. Not to notice how beautiful her eyes are. Wait, I did it again Arrgghh!!

Pai was supposed to be watching Lettuce to see if she could find any info on the Mew Mews and see if they were planning anything. Taruto was watching Pudding and Kisshu was supposed to be spying on Ichigo, though I could bet he already blew his cover and is chasing Ichigo. Zakuro was on some tour and Mint was visiting her brother at college. They also read their mail. Pai turned his attention back to Lettuce. A guy that looked about her age staggered onto the bridge. She turned around with a surprised looked on her face.

"Lettuce-san," he called, "Is that you?" He started towards her.

"Masaru-san?" Lettuce called. He went to her school. He was in her class but he didn't really talk to Lettuce he was one of those loud dumb jocks and she was that quiet girl to him. Seriously he actually called her that while asking for a pencil, "What are you-" He was right in front of her now and the way he was staring at her made her stop mid-sentence.

"You look cute today Lettuce," he said reaching out and touching her face, "Wanna make-out." Lettuce could smell alcohol on his breath.

"What- No!" she shouted slapping his hand away, "You're drunk Masuru!" Which really didn't surprise her. The fact he was drunk when it was only six o'clock surprised her. He was usually drinking at parties late at night or so she heard….

" So," was all he said as he wrapped his arms around her. He pressed his mouth against hers. Lettuce tried to push away from him but found herself backed into the railing of the bridge.

"Stop Masaru I said No!" she screamed.

Pai narrowed his eyes and stood to his feet. He wanted to jump to her defense but….

She's my enemy.

But she needed help. Just then Kisshu appeared by his side. "That was boring," he said, "Ichigo was just grocery shopping with her mom. She did look cute though..." Then he looked down at two on the bridge. "Now this is interesting."

Pai shot him a disgusted look.

"What!" he exclaimed. How could Kisshu be so sick? Then he heard a shriek. He turned back towards Lettuce and saw her fall into the lake. Masaru looked down into the water and staggered off the bridge. He walked off like nothing had happened.

Why that little… how could he just leave like that?

He looked back at the water. Lettuce hadn't come back up yet. "Can she swim?" he said aloud. All Kisshu did was shrug. Before he realized what he was doing he dived into the lake.

"What are you doing?!" Kisshu shrieked. Pai kicked his feet furiously as he scanned the lake for Lettuce. As he swam deeper he saw her lying on the floor of the lake. She looked so calm and …beautiful lying there. He quickly shook those thoughts from his head. Her glasses were still on which surprised him. He quickly scooped her up into his arms and teleported to the surface. When he reached the surface he laid her down on ground.

"What was that!!" Kisshu shouted.

"Not know Kish!! I need to I need to…" he tried to think of what he could do. What was that thing humans do when someone almost drowns? "CPR!" he exclaimed. Pai leaned over Lettuce.

" What the heck is CPR?" Kisshu shouted. Pai placed his mouth on Lettuce's and blew. "Oh if you wanted to make out with her all you had to do was say so," Kisshu said disappearing.

"Baka," Pai whispered while pushing down on Lettuce's chest. He leaned over her again repeated that process two more times. Just as he was pulling away from her mouth the fourth time she started coughing violently. He sighed to himself. She rolled over on her elbows still coughing. When she finished her coughing fit she finally took a look up at her rescuer.

"P-Pai-san?" she said surprised at who was looking down at her. "What happened?"

"You fell into the lake," he said dryly, hiding the fact he was glad she was okay. He stood up.

"You...you saved me Pai-san," she asked trying to stand up. She stumbled and almost fell but Pai grabbed her wrist to steady her. She was staring at him with those big blue eyes. Her face started to turn red when she realized he was still holding her wrist. He dropped her arm and blushed too. He quickly turned around hoping she wouldn't notice.

"Yeah- but don't get used to it," he said.

"Of course, arigato Pai-san," she whispered. He turned around and she bowed. When she rose she cocked her head and smiled sweetly. He quickly turned his head so she wouldn't see the smiled that appeared on his face. He couldn't help but smile.

"I- I have to go," he said quickly and teleported back to the ship. Lettuce stared at the spot were he was standing.

Pai-san, she thought to herself.

Pai wasn't on the ship for more than ten seconds when…

"So did you have fun making out with your girlfriend?" Kisshu teased Taruto was behind him. Pai shot him an evil look.

"I wasn't making out with her," he hissed, "It was CPR you know mouth to mouth."

"That's exactly what I saw," Kisshu grinned, "mouth to mouth."

"I did it to help her," Pai shouted.

"Why?" Taruto spoke up, "Why would you even help her? She's our enemy!"

"Just DROP IT!!" Pai shouted his voice harsh, it left Taruto stunned. Even Kisshu didn't try to crack another joke. "I'm going to bed," he mumbled teleporting to his room. He laid on his bed staring up at the ceiling. I need to calm down he thought to himself. He closed his eyes and tried to think of better times on his planet when it wasn't like it is now. He thought of his mother's garden and the ocean. Then her image came into his mind. Her blue eyes smiling at him.

"Arigato Pai-san" she said. His eyes shot open. Why was he thinking about her? He pulled a pillow over his head and screamed. "Why did I have to jump into that lake?" he asked himself sarcastically.

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