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Chapter 8: The Power of Love

"Ryou, I'm worried about Lettuce I've called her twice and she hasn't answered her phone," Ichigo said. Ryou looked at her.

"Maybe she's busy with her boyfriend," he scoffed. Ichigo narrowed her eyes at him.

What's up with him she thought.

"Yeah I thought about that but she always answers her phone even if she is busy," Ichigo went on. Just then Keiichiro came bursting through the dining doors.

"Ryou!" he called, "You might want to come see this," then he dashed back towards the basement. Ryou quickly followed. Ichigo looked back at all the girls who were looking at her. Then they all went down to the basement too.

"What is it?" Ryou asked Keiichiro who was typing away on the computer. He pointed at a circle on the computer that was constantly expanding. "What is that?"

"My readings tell me that's…" He typed away some more then let out a small gasp, "… Mew Lettuce!"

"What?" everyone yelled.

"Her energy levels are off the charts," Keiichiro explained, "She's giving off the same readings Ichigo was when she was on top of Tokyo Tower." (See episode 26.)

"So Lettuce must have found mew aqua," Mint said. Keiichiro shook his head.

"That's just it," Keiichiro typed some more, "I just did a scan and I can't find any mew aqua anywhere near Lettuce."

"But if she didn't find mew aqua then how na no da?" Pudding asked.

"Maybe we've all been looking for something we've had deep in our hearts this whole time," Zakuro said. (Line from Mew Mew power. Yeah it might be kind of corny but I like it and it fits in with the story so :P.) "Maybe it's triggered by a certain emotion like the reaction is."

"I know when I was up there on that tower I was so mad at Kisshu he wanted to destroy everything I loved," Ichigo said, "Well no matter now. Keiichiro tell us where Lettuce is so we can go help her!" Keiichiro stopped typing.

"I don't know where she is," he whispered. Everyone froze. Ryou was the first one to speak.

"What do you mean you don't know? Didn't you do a scan!" he yelled.

"I did 15 times," Keiichiro replied, "and I can't find her location."

"How can you see her energy levels and not her location?" Mint yelled her voice almost cracked from worry.

"Energy levels and locations are two different things," he turned from the computer to face everyone, "I'm sorry." No one spoke.

"Well do you expect us to sit her and do nothing while our friend's life is possibly in danger?!" Ichigo yelled, "Well I'm not! I'm going out to look for her." She ran towards the door.

"Ichigo wait," Mint called she ran up beside her, "I'm coming with you."

"Me too na no da!" Pudding called. Zakuro walked towards them too.

"Everyone," Ichigo said, "Lets go!"

Back to the ship (Where we left off from)

"Do you hear me?" Lettuce shouted, she started to glow a light blue, "You're gonna pay!" DB took a step back.

"What is this energy?" he asked staring at Lettuce.

"You won't win," she continued, "I won't let you. I Won't!" A bright light exploded from Lettuce. DB shielded his eyes. When he looked up he saw Lettuce foot. She kicked his sword out of his hand. She landed right in front of him. He smirked.

"You think I need that sword to defeat you?" he asked. Lettuce didn't answer. DB swung his arm at her. She ducked and did a spin kick on the ground. DB fell over. Lettuce jumped into the air.

"Ribbon Lettuce Rush!" she called. Her attack hit DB directly. She felt more power and energy in her attack. Lettuce landed in front of DB. He was still on the ground. Her attack seemed to have a large affect on him.

"Where," he breathed, " did you get all this power from?" Lettuce looked at her hands and saw that she was glowing.

Where did this come from she thought to herself.

She looked up and saw a blue light heading right for her. It hit her and she flew backwards screaming. She landed besides Pai. She looked at him it was then she understood.

"I think I understand know," she said aloud standing up, "This energy I feel. This power… it's inside all of us. Just like when Ichigo was on top of the tower." She looked up at DB who was staring at her, "It's something deep inside our hearts that we all have to find on our own. It's stronger than Mew aqua… it's the Power of Love and its inside all the mews." DB laughed. He reached down and retrieved his sword.

"Ha! Power of Love," he scoffed, " You may be stupid enough to believe in that junk," he held his sword above his head, "Now it's time for you and Pai to die!" He slammed the sword on the ground. The room shook and cracks started to form in the ground. Blue lightning seemed to shot from the floor in a line that headed straight for Lettuce and Pai. Lettuce stood her ground in front of Pai.

"Mew Power Extension!" she cried holding up her weapon to form a shield in front of them. The light collided with her shield, but it stayed up. Lettuce could feel her arms shaking. She knew she couldn't keep this up for long. She looked back at Pai.

I have to…I have to hold it.

She could feel her energy begin to drain. She looked back forward. She could see DB smirking. Lettuce could feel herself being pushed back.

"It's too much," she mumbled to herself. Just then Kisshu and Taruto appeared behind her shield.

"Kisshu! Taruto!" she called half surprised half relieved. She looked back towards DB, "Get Pai outta here," she commanded.

"What about you?" Kisshu asked surprised.

"Don't worry about me," Lettuce replied struggling to keep her arms up, "I'm not going to be able to keep this up for long and it's going to take both of yall to get Pai out of here." Taruto stared at her. "Go!" Kisshu and Taruto kneeled beside Pai and teleported away. Lettuce turned back to DB.

There's only one thing I can do. She took a step towards DB. "Ribbon," She took another step, she could only hope, "Lettuce," she had enough power, "RUSH!" Her shield expanded and went backwards towards DB taking his attack with it. There was a large crash. Lettuce fell to the ground. She looked up and saw smoke and dust. She didn't see DB. She waited a minute and he still didn't appear. She tried to sit up.

Did I win?

Obviously DB was gone. Whether he was defeated or not she didn't know. The room was still falling apart. The pole she was once chained to fell to the ground creating more cracks in the grounds. Parts of the floor started to cave in. She could feel the ground beneath her begin to shake. She fell forward as the ground she was just sitting on caved in. Then the floor beneath her collapsed. She quickly grabbed onto another part of the ground. She looked down, as she hung there, and saw the pieces of the floor fall into a pit of nothingness. Her arms started to shake. She couldn't hold on much longer. Her hand slipped and she fell. She started to scream when she felt someone grab her wrist. She looked up into the face of Kisshu.

"Gotcha," he mumbled pulling her up. Once they were on solid ground he grabbed her other wrist, "Hold on." He said and he teleported them away. They ended up in another large room but this one wasn't as empty. The first thing she noticed was Pai lying on the floor on the far end of the room. Taruto was beside him he looked as if he had been crying. Lettuce looked back at Kisshu who was looking down.

"I'm sorry Lettuce," he started, "There was nothing we could do," his voice cracked. Lettuce reached out to touch his shoulder but pulled back when she saw she was still glowing. She had a little power left. She smiled and walked towards Pai.

I still have power left. I still have a little left. Mew aqua has incredible healing abilities so maybe since this is stronger just maybe… She kneeled down beside him. Taruto looked up at her. That day you saved me that day you gave me life. She slowly leaned over Pai and closed her eyes. This power I have left I will give it to you. She kissed him. Then Pai began to glow, while Lettuce's glow slowly faded away. She pulled away from him and immediately fell backwards. Kisshu came behind her and caught her. She looked up at him.

"I'm okay," she said sitting up. She had never seen Kisshu or Taruto like this. So worried and scared. They all turned their attention back to Pai who was still glowing. Please, Lettuce said to herself Please work. She felt her eyes begin to water. The glow from Pai began to fade away. Then Pai's ear twitched and he began to stir. Lettuce let out a loud sigh of relief while Taruto's face lit up. Pai slowly opened his eyes and sat up, but he wasn't up for long because the youngest alien had jumped on him.

"Pai!" he said throwing his arms around him, "You're alive! She did it! She did it!"

Pai who had fallen back down because of the sudden pouncing stared at Taruto. He was now resting on his elbows. Kisshu looked at Lettuce who nodded at him letting him know she was okay so he could go join the little reunion. Kisshu went over to Pai and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"It's good to have you back buddy," he said trying to hold back tears. Lettuce smiled at the scene. It was then Pai notice her sitting there. He stared at her. Kisshu noticed.

"C'mon Tart," he said pulling the small alien off Pai and out the room. Lettuce and Pai both stood. They just stared at each other at first, but Lettuce couldn't hold it in anymore. She ran and threw her arms around him. He almost fell back again but was able to regain his balance. He wrapped his arms around her. She started to cry.

"Why are you crying?" he whispered. She looked up at him.

"I thought I lost you," she cried. He hugged her tighter.

"I'm here," he whispered in her ear, "thanks to you." She looked back up at him. He leaned over and kissed her. She kissed him back. When they pulled away she saw she had de-transformed and was back in her regular form. Pai scooped Lettuce off her feet and was holding her bridal style. "I should probably get you back. Your friends are probably worried."

"Yeah," she said smiling. She put her arms around his neck.

"By the way what happened to Deep Blue?" Pai asked teleporting away. They landed in front of Café Mew Mew.

"He disappeared," she told him, "I don't know if I defeated him or not." He gently put her down. He put his hands on her shoulder.

"I'm just glad your okay," he whispered then he leaned over and kissed her on her forehead. She blushed lightly. He teleported away. She turned ready to walk into the café.

"Lettuce!" she turned around and was greeted by a blonde haired girl who had jumped into her arms. She fell over. The girl looked up it was Pudding. Ichigo, Mint, and Zakuro were running up to them. "Lettuce-oneechan I'm so glad you're okay na no da," Pudding yelled hugging her.

"It's good to see you too Pudding," Lettuce hugged her back. Ichigo pulled Pudding off her while Mint helped her up.

"Where have you been?" Ichigo asked hugging her, "We were so worried."

"It's a long story," Lettuce replied once Ichigo let go.

"You can tell us about over tea," Mint said. You could hear the relief in her voice.

"There's not enough tea in the world for this story," Lettuce said.

The End.

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