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Summary: Bella Swan is pronounced blind at the age of sixteen after an accident. She moved to Forks from Phoenix to relieve her mother of the burden of caring for her. What happens when she meets the strange Edward Cullen?

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Bella Swan POV

I swore to myself that if my mother continued her ranting, I would implode upon myself. Oh, there it was.

"Mom, stop! Look, you don't have to keep saying that. I am moving to Forks. Emmett and Charlie have already made arrangements for me to live there and the plane ticket has already been bought. Said plane leaves in fifteen minutes. If there really was a chance that I wouldn't be going, don't you think I would have said something by now?"

My mother, Renee Dwyer, had been trying her very best to convince me that leaving Phoenix, Arizona, the only home that I had truly ever loved, was the worst mistake I could ever make. She tried even harder to remind me that Forks, Washington, the barely-above-water city, wasn't an improvement comparatively. However, as much as I loved Phoenix, the sun and the heated air that always caressed my face, I was exhausted, tired of holding my own mother back from her own life with her new husband, Phil Dwyer. I had lost the will to keep her from traveling with him as he toured the country with the minor league ball players that he was under contract by. Her convincing had been futile despite the fact that every second of it tempted me to change my mind and be selfish. In her voice, the hopeful yet sad tones told me that she was intrigued at the concept of not having to deal with the burden of having a disabled child to watch over at all times. That was what kept me going.

"Bella, honey, please, you don't have to go. What about all your friends? And what about your condition? You will have to learn how to survive in Forks and how to get around." I sighed and bit back the sarcastic retort that was just gnawing at my throat. My condition, a topic that should have been taboo after so long, was always brought up at times like these. Renee worried about things that had long since been resolved because she was a mother but I could tell that she didn't do it on purpose. It came with the territory of being the mother of a blind girl. I was the girl, she was the mother. The sum of the two minus the blind girl meant anxiety beneath the surface of both parts of the equation.

Renee always seemed to forget that I was a mammal by nature and in being such, nature forced me to adapt to match the circumstances. Like any other animal, if I didn't adapt quickly, I would die. So I did my best to stay alive. Reading had been the first on my list of things to learn if only for the fact that I probably read more than I slept. It took me a little more than two weeks to learn enough that I was able to get the gist of most of the books I owned (books I had replaced as soon as I possibly could).

It took me about two weeks to get it down, and by then, I had already replaced all my books with copies in Braille. Another thing I learned was harder. My love of reading had definitely been the cause of my fast learning of Braille, but my inability to walk with stumbling over a flat surface led to some trouble with learning how to use a cane. Though, much as I hated using it, it helped me a lot when it came to not walking into people, and more importantly, walls.

"Mom, there is one week until school starts. I already talked to Charlie and he said that he would make the arrangements with the principal to allow me into the school so I can learn the floor plan by memory. Anyway, since the...accident, I really just want a new start. I may be blind, but if people just think that it's a normal thing for me, it won't be such a big deal."

Truth be told, I hadn't had many friends in Phoenix anyway, and even the ones that I had had felt too uncomfortable around me after the incident to actually stick around. I hadn't really felt abandoned by them when they drifted away; I wouldn't have known what to do with a blind friend either. In my opinion, friendships were so very brittle, quick to break at the first sign of bending; friends just weren't for me, I supposed. Had I been interesting, maybe a jock or a scholar, there may have been a chance that I would have had a lasting friendship. Being the girl I was and maintaining my own persona as Bella and not someone else was what kept me alone, was what had attracted all the trouble that had caused the wheel to start turning. I was stuck as Bella Swan, but that didn't bother me because I knew I couldn't just sneak away and be someone else to escape what had been my fault. It was okay.

The robotic female voice sounded over the intercom, announcing my flight. My mother crushed me to her chest, her idea of a proper goodbye being staining my short-sleeved shirt—a favorite of mine that would be useless in Forks—with her tears while making sure I was unable to breathe until she released me. After bidding our farewells, I boarded the plane, a stewardess guiding me gently down the halls, giggling when I tripped over my own two feet, and accompanying me because I happened to be one of the few physically incapable people on the plane.

I didn't like how reality slowly crept up on me like the plague, burning my chest and my throat. It was a slow, painful reminder that I was leaving behind the home I had loved for a place that I loathed because there was a lack of sunlight. However, I shook my head away from the selfish thoughts. Renee wasn't meant to take care of someone like me. Someone had to take care of her like I had for years, how Phil would from now on. She was the child in an adult's body that needed to be protected, not the mother who needed to guide her blind seventeen year-old daughter around.

The pilot announced our flight and I sighed. The stewardess that had been assigned to me didn't watch me excessively, a courtesy I appreciated. I opened the window's blind and attempted to see shapes in the bright Phoenix sun. All I saw was a yellowish white color that reminded me of the color you saw after staring at the sun. Leaning back in my chair, I tried to be optimistic. It wasn't as hard as I'd thought it'd be. I hadn't seen Charlie and Emmett for a while…practically two years. They'd visited this past year but....seeing them wasn't an option. It still wasn't. Still, I'd get to be with them, to have them around me again. They were my family and I had missed them. The thought of them being there at my side, merely black shadows in my false vision, was enough to make me smile.

Yes, starting new was good.

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