A/N: hey it is me, CraZedPanDA93. This is my first story so I ask for no flames of anything. Sry if it is crappy.


Artificial Blood Flavoring


Was it me or was the chocolate a little too bitter sweet that it somewhat reminded me of blood? Either way I rolled the piece of chocolate with my tongue, savoring the artificial flavoring. I looked at my twin brother, his naïve eyes eyeing the final piece of the bitter sweet chocolate.

"Sora, go ahead and take it." I said sighing.

I chuckled at his naïve nature as he quickly snatched the piece of chocolate and shoved it into his mouth. I saw him sigh in content from that last and final piece.

"So Roxas, what did you think of that brand?" Sora asked. Putting my finger on my chin and my thumb under my chin, I leaned into my hand. Doing the famous "thinking" pose, I thought of a word that would describe how the bitterly sweet chocolate that reminds of blood, made me feel. Smiling softly I said," It was addicting."

I heard Sora chuckle at my corny response. However, it stopped when we heard a small 'crack' of a twig. Before anyone could blink, we were gone from the area. Only leaving an empty box of chocolates that had 'Oblivion' written in fancy cursive.