Axel POV

Ch 15

It was a nice Saturday morning, a week after the whole Spanish rice incident, 6 AM I believe. I'm not too sure. I didn't bring my cell or my watch. I just needed to get away. Away from life, people, electronics; I just needed 'me' time. I was walking towards the deeper wood behind the park, just wondering with no true destination in course.

It was about ten minutes into walking into the woods, did the trees get denser and denser by minute. The birds were chirping their little hearts out and my sneakers were getting damp by the dew on the grass. There was a slight mist above the ground, making it mysterious.

It was faint but I had heard a low cry. Like something was in pain and was dying. It sounded weak and scared but then it just cut off. Like was put out of its misery. I heard a low growl after a minute or two. I had slowed my pace towards the sound and saw someone lowered over the dead carcass of the deer that was crying out moment ago. Their blond hair was shining in the sunlight and it made a makeshift halo about the person. Their face was in the neck of the dead animal and low growls were emitted from the person's neck.

Suddenly, they looked up and blue sapphire eyes glared up at me with an animalistic anger in them. I just about shit bricks when I saw the person's face. It was Roxie.

Roxie stood up and was growling at me. He…didn't recognize me? No, there was a mad glint in his eyes stated that he wasn't in his right mind. Roxie had blood smeared on his chin and his lips. His lips were pulled back as he let loose a snarl. I saw that his teeth were covered in blood also.

I held up my hands, in which was a peaceful and calming manner.

"Roxie, come on man. You know Axel." I said softly. Roxie growled again and showed no sign of recognition in his eyes. So I tried again.

"I'm not going to hurt you. See I don't have anything in my hands." I said, holding my hands out more. Roxie's snarls were still there but were lowered, like he wasn't too sure anymore. I held out my slowly even more and walked towards the blond. I was inching slowly towards him, inch by inch, till I was on the other side of the deer with Roxie. I slowly lifted my hand to his head, not to alarm him. Roxie didn't snarl anymore but had gone silent and was trembling slightly. I couldn't see his eyes because he had tilted his head downward to look at his feet, I think.

My hand fell softly onto his golden hair. It was slightly rough and pieces stuck together, probably do to the gel or spray that he had used, but had a noticeable softness too it. We were quiet has I was running my hand through Roxie's hair. Roxie had stopped trembling and said in a soft, hoarse voice, "Why?"

"Why what?" I said back softly also still petting his hair.

"Why didn't you run?" He said back.

I was quiet while I thought about it for a while. Why didn't I run? Was I scared? Worried about what Roxie was doing to the deer? Did he want me to run away from him? "I don't know," I finally said to him after a moment of silence.

Roxie's shoulders were shaking up and down and he was gasping softly but from what I could see, no tears were falling. I placed my hand under his chin and tilted his head up to where I could see his face. His face was cold but not too cold. It was like he was standing next to an air conditioner for an hour or two. His eyes were clenched together and he was still gasping softly but I saw no dampness under his eyes. He opened his eyes to look at me and I gasped slightly, and I knew I had a stupid shocked face on. His eyes weren't even getting a little damp, puffy, or bloodshot, but even if he didn't physically cry, I could see the sadness in his eyes that he couldn't cry out in tears. He must have seen this happening because he took a deep breath and said, "Axel, we have to talk."

Talk? What did he mean by talk? Did…did he like me or something? Just the thought of that made butterflies have a party in my stomach. Wait…what?! Since when did I feel like this at the thought of Roxie liking me? I have only known him for a month or so. Even though, he is cute…no! He might not even want to talk about going out with me; it could be something different, like his declaration of his love of cheese. Yeah, cheese.

He took another breath and began, " I…um…I am not what you think I am. I…I'mavampire!" He said the last part in one big breath. He looked nervous. Wait, what did he say? I'm a umpire? So to state my confusion, I elegantly and intelligently I replied, "Huh?"

He looked like he was going to bolt as he took a calming breath and repeated slowly, " I…am…a…vampire."

Vampire? Like the ones that are said to drink blood, like the blood that was still on his chin and lips. Or the ones that can't step in daylight in fear of turning into ash, which I have seen him do a lot. For P.E. and before school and after school! He didn't turn into ash. And from what I had seen at his home, there were no coffins or not bats. Also, he had gone to school when vampires are supposed to be asleep. He didn't fly, turn into a bat or multiple bats, and he wasn't afraid of water or crosses, from what I know of.

I began to laugh, even though it sounded more like a chuckle to my ears. "You are kidding right? II mean there is no way possible that you could be a vampire! They aren't real, and if so, they can't come out into sunlight but here you are! And they sleep during the day but here you are! You don't have coffins in your apartment from what I saw. This is just a big joke right?" I began to feel uncertain towards the end of my rant by the look that was forming on Roxie's face. It was one of hurt, regret, and of sadness.

After a while, he whispered softly, looking everywhere but me, "You forgot blood." I had to strain to hear him but I heard it. I took a moment to look back at what I had said. I did forget to mention blood, like the blood that was dripping onto his navy blue shirt, which was dark enough to cover most of it. It took me another moment to realize that he was being serious, really serious.

I sighed and sat down. He still didn't look at me. I cleared my throat and then he glanced at me, but was still standing. I sighed and said, "Well, I guess you kind of owe me an explanation or story to this, don't you?" He sighed softly and sat down. A moment later, he began to explain.

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