Galinda sat huddled under a blanket by the fire, trying to finish her reading assignment for Ozian Literature in spite of her frozen fingers. It was bitterly cold, and so many people had opted to skip class that Galinda was surprised they were still bothering to hold class. She wasn't complaining, though—her green bean roommate was so devoted to school that she'd ventured out into the cold to attend lectures that day. Chances were she'd be the only one there, but either way, she wasn't in the room to bother Galinda.

An hour later, Elphaba came back to the room on a draft of cold air that caused her blonde roommate to shriek and burrow even deeper in her fabric cocoon. Elphaba rolled her eyes as she stomped the snow out of her boots and shook it from her cloak and hair. Uncharacteristically, she walked close to Galinda, and settled herself by the fire near the blonde, causing the other girl to jump at both the unexpected closeness and the cold still emanating from Elphaba.

"Oh, calm yourself, I've already told you that the green isn't contagious," Elphaba told her wryly. She pulled a jug and two mugs from her bag. "I brought us a treat, seeing how cold it is." She pulled the stopper out of the jug, poured a helping of steaming liquid into each of the mugs, and handed one to her wide-eyed roommate.

Galinda took the mug and sniffed it, then grinned in delight. "You brought us cocoa!" She gratefully wrapped her cold fingers around the mug and settled back, and Elphaba gave a rare smile at the blonde's reaction.

Galinda found herself smiling back, and suddenly realized that she couldn't remember ever smiling at the green girl before. "Thank you," she said quietly.

Elphaba shrugged. "It's nothing. I work in the kitchen, the cooks like me."

"I really appreciate it, though, Miss Elphaba," Galinda insisted. "I've been freezing all day."

Elphaba looked up at her, and Galinda found herself fixed with her roommate's searching gaze. It felt like an eternity had passed before Elphaba simply nodded, and Galinda relaxed. "You're welcome."