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"Come back to us Amber..."a haunting voice called

"What the heck? Who's Amber?"Millie called into complete darkness

"Amber, come back. You have no choice,"A dozen hands grabbed Millie's arms.

"What!?AIEEEEE!!,"Millie realized she was surrounded.

"There' no escape!"The girls hissed.

"You! You brought them back! Get out!"A woman holding a glistening axe stood above Alexa

"Wha-help! Millie! Mom?! Anyone!?"Alexa called out as she tripped backwards

"There's no one to help you, Jeanie. Twins cause bad luck!"The woman brought the axe swinging down.

"AIIIEEEEE!!"Alexa and Millie woke up on their living room floor screaming

Alexa looked at Millie. "I've had enough of this!"Alexa stood up. "So, we're going?"Millie turned to her sister. "Yup, tomorrow, we're going into the old Greenwhich bushlands!"The twins finished their sentence together.

A horror story about two twin girls trying to uncover the secret about their mother's life and possibly someone else's.

"Its like we're dreaming someone else's memories!"Alexa exclaimed.

"We've gotta do something! I don't know if we can handle this much longer,"Millie turned to her mother,"What exactly happened in Greenwhich private college?"

You'll have nightmares just from reading it

"Okay Lex, not much farther, we're almost to the school's remains,"Millie held tightly onto her flashlight. "Mills, I'm having second thoughts about this,"Alexa's voice was tight and raspy.

"Don't worry. Just put your hand on my shoulder. If you take away your hand, something's wrong,"Millie ducked under a bush.

"Uh-okay,"Alexa didn't sound right to Millie. She put her hand on Millie's shoulder though, to Millie's satisfaction. "Lex? Where did mom say to look again?"Millie waited for an answer. It didn't come. "Lex? Anyone home?"Millie tuned her head when her sister's hand dropped off her shoulder. "Mills, I-I don't feel so good," Alexa clutched her stomach, her head down. "Lex?"

Alexa's head flew up a dark ring around both of her eyes.

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