Hello I am Isabella swan, well now it is, Isabella Lynx. I'd rather be called Bella. I am 16. I live with my so called 'parents', James Lynx and Victoria Lynx, and my 'uncle' Laurent. I have around 4 jobs, s I can pay for my own food, because God knows all of us kids don't get any. I work in my parents strip club; well it is more like a sex house. Older men go there to sit and watch young girls like myself strip for them, and if they like a certain girl they could pay my 'parents' about 3000, to, as they say, 'have a go at them'.

My so called 'parents' are parents to 15 girls, adopted of course. The number changes every once in a while, because if a man like one of the girls here he can pay for her, and take her home, and do what ever he wants to her. A lot of my close friends have been subjected to that, and I just hoped I'd never have to be.

My friends are, Alex, a 15 year old who has been here since she was 8. Andrea, a 17 year old, who has been here since she was 9. Corrine, and Carrie, the twins, they are 16 like me, and have been here since they were 10. None of them have been here as long as me though.

As I said before I am Isabella Lynx, I am 16, and I have been here since I was 4. With that being said, most of us get choise if we want to leave or not when we reach 20, but none of us ever reach 20. I unfortunately I don't get that choise. All of the men who come to see our 'show' normally want me. Some have even tried to buy me, but their prices are way to low. I won't be allowed to leave unless someone tries to buy me for over 50 grand.

Right now I am supposed to be sleeping but I am no longer able to sleep, f I close my eyes and fall asleep I see the images of all of the men who have had me, and used me, and I just couldn't handle that. I only sleep once a week and it is for about 6 hours.

I once had a brother, oh how I missed him! His name was Emmett, he used to promise he would always be there for me but he had broken his promise that one day. It had been right after our real parents had died. I was 4 and he was 6. My life had gone downhill after my mom and dad had died.


I didn't understand. Why weren't mommy and daddy coming back? Emmy Said they went to see the angels and wouldn't be back anytime soon, but I didn't get it I wanted my mommy! Why would they leave me and Emmy alone? I didn't want to be a big girl, I just wanted to be mommy's little angel, and daddy's little princess.

It was one of those days were grownups would come and take the kids without mommy's and daddy's, like us, home. And I was scared. I wanted to wait for our mommy and daddy to come and get us, but Emmy said that we couldn't.

I was almost five, and Emmy had just turned six, I didn't get why we had to have these people with us to leave. It didn't make since. Emmy had made some friends but I hadn't. I felt like I was alone. The lady who was in charge was like a mommy but she wasn't my mommy so when I started to cry she had to o get Emmy.

"Bells, Sissy, don't cry." He was saying to me. He was hugging me tight and rocking me back and forth. "I will always be here for you, Bells. You'll never ever get hurt, and you'll never ever be alone. Because I will be there for you all of the time! So don't cry little sissy, please don't cry." He kept talking to me until finally I fell asleep; I think the lady who was in charge took me to my bed.

When I woke up I saw Emmy sitting on the bottom of my bed with his suitcase packed. Tears filled my eyes, "Emmy, are you going to see the angels too?" I asked him. He looked down at me with sad eyes; I could see the tears falling.

"Bells, someone came today and they want to be my new mommy and daddy. I have to go with them. And you can't come." I let my tears slip. And I was crying like a baby.

"You and them don't want me?" I asked, as I looked up to him, "But you say you always be here with me. Why you have to go?" the tears keep going and going. He came over and grabbed me into a big hug.

"Bells, I promise we will come back for you. The people who are taking me will come back for you in about 2 months. Bells it's not that long. I promise Bella we will come back for you." he had said

"Here Emmy, to always remember me. Take my locket. You'll have both the key and the heart, to always remember you're my big brother. And to help you remember to come back for me." I said as I lifted my necklace and put it in his hands.

He then took it and it was time for him to go. He left the room without a look back. I just sat there for the next week and cried. I wouldn't eat I wouldn't sleep; I wouldn't get up at all. I just sat there and cried out, "Emmy, please come back. Please. For me."

End flash back.

About a week later Victoria and James had come in the orphanage and said they wanted to adopt a girl. So the owner showed them me, and they like me so they then brought me here. I missed my brother every day.

I have been here at this place since. At age 4 Victoria and James decided I was old enough to be put on the 'one night do whatever you want with her' market, and ever since then I have been a favorite of the sick men. I never let anyone in; I guess you could say I was depressed, severely depressed, and sometimes suicidal. I just wanted to leave this ratty old place and get on with my life.

"Get your asses down here, right now! It is time for your lessons!" Victoria growled at us. It always amazed me how thinking about my past made the long torcherus nights pass with ease. We all got up and got ready as fast as possible. And went down stairs for our lesson. Our days go like this,



Lesson 2

Job / lesson 3

Shower and get ready

Go to work at the club.

Because we have so little to do it doesn't really mean anything. The day just passes in a blur. And before we know it, it's time to go and work at the club. This night was like another, or so I'd thought.

After my 'act' if that's what you want to call it, 6 men wanted to have me. Of course I was immediately thrown in a room with the first guy who paid the most. It was to numb from my depression to ever really care. Let's just say he wasn't that gentle. I was forced to stay in the room for more men. And as the third man was on me, having his fun while I was pretending I was somewhere else. I heard someone outside the door.

Then suddenly someone broke the door down. The man on top of me shot up, and started to get off of me, but then the person who busted the door down said, "Police! Don't move!" I wasn't moving anyway so it didn't matter to me. The officer who was in the door way leaned out for a second and called, "We have another one in here! Get me a medic!" then 5 more officers came in and grabed the guy that was on top of me and hand cuffed him.