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Rogue rolled over on her bed and opened her eyes to see someone walking through her closed door. She stared as Kitty Pryde flicked on a desk light and sat in the chair beside Rogue's desk.
"We need to talk.."
Rogue was automatically in a sour mood for two reasons, being woken up before she actually needed to get up and because Kitty was sitting feet away from her. "Why..? What do we need to talk about..?"
"Why are you being so mean to me? I haven't done anything to you.."
"Nothin' to me?! I guess stealin' someone's boyfriend doesn't count, huh?"
"Bobby? You think I stole Bobby from you? Rogue, I knew he was your boyfriend the minute I laid eyes on you two. The way he looked at you.." Rogue saw Kitty's eyes lower for a moment then she saw them focus back on her. "I'd never do that to you..Plus..I see Bobby as a big brother and nothing else.."
Rogue still couldn't believe this. "How can I trust what you're sayin'. I haven't seen Bobby since he left me!"
"I haven't seen him either Rogue..Like I said..I only see him as a brother."
Rogue finally sat up from her bed and her eyes narrowed as she stared at Kitty. "You..haven't seen him? Actually…" Rogue then started to remember that she hadn't seen him since they had broke up. She hadn't even seen him with Kitty, she just assumed. "He..hasn't been in any of my classes for weeks.."
"I haven't seen him at lunch either…This is getting weird.."
Rogue then stood up and nodded. "Come on, Kitty let's go to Ororo. I'm sure she'll be able to figure out somethin'." As Rogue walked over to Kitty, she placed her hand on Kitty's shoulder and something happened. Somehow Rogue ended up downstairs, in a room full of sleeping boys. "What the…" Rogue looked around then looked toward what she thought was the door. She quickly ran over toward it and left the room. As she looked down the hallway she spotted Kitty phasing through the ceiling and landing in front of her.
"What just happened?!" As Kitty walked up to her, she saw her holding her head as if she was going to faint.
"Uhm..I'm not sure..But I don't think you should touch me.." Rogue regretted saying those words as they left her mouth. "Come on. We really need to get to Ororo.."
They made their way to the main floor and sprinted up the staircase. As they approached Ororo's room they looked at each other. Rogue could tell that Kitty was extremely worried.
"It'll be fine, I'm sure she'll be able to do somethin'.." Rogue knocked on the door and immediately the door opened and Ororo was standing in front of them fully dressed. Her face was a mixture of worry and annoyance but she finally spoke to them after what seemed like hours of awkward silence.
"So..It's happened..Come in.." She stepped aside and let Rogue and Kitty walk in.
"Have a seat." As Rogue and Kitty sat down in chairs, Ororo leaned against the wall staring at them.
"Bobby's missing." Kitty blurted out.
"I think that's the least of our problems right now.." Ororo said to Kitty. Kitty frowned and crossed her arms. Rogue noticed that Ororo kept glancing in her direction and she was starting to get irritated.
"Stop lookin' at me like that. You can't see if I have my powers back.." Rogue already knew that they were, but she also knew that they weren't completely back. If so she would still have a bit of Kitty's powers left in her, and also the memories hadn't returned yet.
"Kitty..Phase your hand through this vase.." Ororo reached over and handed it to Kitty. Kitty tried hard but could barely phase her fingers, let alone her entire hand. "Just as I thought, this isn't good.."
"I'm sure I'll be alright..I saw what happened to most of the people she's done this too. They get their full powers back after a few minutes..Depending on how long she's touched them.."
"Not that Kitty...Don't you see? If Rogue has gotten hers back.." Ororo sighed and sat down on her bed.
"Then..Magneto and Mystique? They got the cure around the same time I did, didn't they?" Rogue had stood up now and was starting to worry. She was slightly confused at her own actions because she never worried like this.
"Kitty. Go wake up Logan and bring him here. We're going to need as much help as we can get." Ororo said.
"On it.." With that Kitty quickly left the room.
"I think they have Bobby.." Ororo had now gotten up and walked over to where Rogue was standing. "I didn't want to say anything, but he hasn't been in any of his classes for weeks."
"And you didn't mind tellin' me..? Didn't think I would care?"
"Now Rogue, you know I wasn't thinking such a thing. I told Henry about it and he looked into it. He called Bobby's parents and they haven't seen him either.."
"And how long were you gonna keep this a secret?"
"How do you expect we look for him, Rogue? Unless you can use Cerebro we don't have as many options as we use to."
"Well..Logan does have a high sense of smell. Can't he just sniff him out?"
"I don't think so Rogue.." said a voice from the doorway. Rogue looked over and saw Logan. But he wasn't alone; behind him were Kitty, Jubilee, Warren, and Peter. "Even if there was a scent, I'm not some hunting dog.."
"Kitty..Didn't I just say, Logan?" Ororo looked over at Kitty.
"Yeah, but I got my phasing back by the time I got over to him..And didn't you say we were going to need all the help we can get?" Rogue saw Kitty flash a cheesy grin and couldn't help but laugh a little. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all.
"So..Why are we all up here anyway..?" Logan said as the other passed him up and took seats around the room.
"Well, it seems as though those who had the cure, have gotten their powers back.." At that moment everyone glanced over at Rogue. Rogue just rolled her eyes and sighed.
"We can all sit here and question if this has just happened with her, or we can go out there and make sure." Logan said, and Rogue knew that everyone knew he was getting a little irritable.
Kitty and Rogue nodded but everyone else seemed a bit skeptical.
"Well..What proof do we have, that it's happened to everyone else..?" Jubilee blurted out.
"We don't. But the more time we spend here.."
"I'm sure they understand Ororo, but who's going to be looking over the kids here..?" Logan said.
"I have that under control. I've already spoken to Henry..He'll be willing to watch over the school while we're gone." Rogue noticed the look on Ororo's face and hoped that she would finish her sentence. "We'll leave at dawn. So be ready.."
Everyone nodded and agreed with her decision.
"Where are we going to go anyway..?" Jubilee asked as she watched the others leave.
Ororo just shook her head and motioned for her to leave. As Rogue quickly made her way around Logan and the others she got an odd idea. But she was quite sure that Ororo wouldn't seriously think about going back to Alkali Lake to look for him.