"Logan!" Rogue had grasped onto the wheel of the car and was trying to steer it the best she could.

"Logan! Wake up!" She shoved her elbow at him until he started to come to. "We have to pull over, you gotta let me drive before you get us killed!"

She had never seen him like this before, he was so drained all of a sudden, it had to be because of Jean, she knew that deep down, he still had a soft spot for her.

As Logan took control of the wheel, he started to put up a fuss, "I have it under control, Marie.."

"Under control...Under control..? You call drivin us off a cliff into a giant pile of snow and ice, control? Well, we've got a whole separate idea of what control is, pal.."

With a grunt and a sigh he finally gave up his seat and stepped out of the truck. Rogue quickly hoped over to the drivers seat and buckled up.

"Take this.." Rogue tossed her communication device over to Logan, who still refused to wear a seatbelt, "try and get in touch with Ororo..I have a hunch of where they are, but I can't be certain..I just want to make sure that they're.."

"Alright..alright.." Logan said, slightly more aware, she could hear it in his voice.

Her eyes then drifted forward towards the dark road. The headlights caused the snow to slightly twinkle and light up the ground. Her mind drifted for a moment, something that shouldn't be happening when there is a powerful and new mutation growing inside of her.


Rogue quickly glanced over at Logan, "Yea..what is it?"

"Please put my truck..back..on..the ground.."

"What..?" Rogue just started the notice that the snowy ground that was once glimmering in front of her was now yards beneath her. "Oh lord..Uh..Hold on! Hold on! I can handle this..!" But before she could even get a grip on what was going on she started to panic and the truck went into a full upside down twirl, then it started to nose dive.

"Rogue!!" Logan yelled, not a fan of heights or getting thrown into a mountain, and even because of his regeneration powers he still would feel immense pain from this crash no matter what.

"I'm sorry! I'm new at this whole thing..I'm tryin'!!"

"Well try harder damnit!!"

Suddenly the truck came to a quick jerking stop.


"That ain't me, Logan.."

She knew the same painful and gut wrenching shock went through Logan and herself at the same time. Only one familiar and terrible person floated through their minds, "Magneto.." their voice combined in a low and hallow tone.

"Such a pity..such wonderful power wasted on such a useless girl.."

There he was, in all his glory. Floating before them, one arm outstretched, controlling the position of the car, currently upside down, then other at his side. His dark blue eyes were narrowed staring directly at them. His hand began to carve away the pieces of metal exposing them to him. Rogue was now floating upside down, the only thing keeping her in the air was a seat from a truck. Logan on the other hand was being held in place because of the animantium that coursed through his body.

"You shouldn't have brought her back Magneto! You had no right! You know what she is capable, she is capable of killing thousands of innocent people!" Wolverine's voice was full of an unexpected rage.

"Innocent...?" Rogue watched as her world turned right side up again.

The moon hung high above Magneto, causing his eyes to give off a hellish glow. "You call innocent..gathering up thousands of mutants and extinguishing them one by one..innocent..my boy..you have no idea what the word innocent means.."

"Listen bub, I don't care if your definition of innocent is skipping through a meadow of flowers, I'm not letting you kill anymore people!"

"Kill..who said anything about killing..?"

"Then why'd you bring Jean back..? Just for show..?" her words were a bit spiteful.

"You children and your ideas..." A hint of a chuckle could be heard coming from the man.

"What makes you think that body you buried was hers..?"

Rogue could not see Logan, but she knew that a chill had shot down his spine. This chill had yet to reach her, somehow she knew that Jean couldn't be killed that easily.

"Of course I couldn't just let her body go to waste like that..When I got the chance, I had a friend of mine snatch it and replace it..It was a lot easier than I thought..Your defenses were low..I truly don't understand why you even decided to bury her there..She was the one who killed Charles and Scott Summers.."

A low growl started to erupt from Logan, she could see his silhouette twitch and fight against Magneto's grip. Magneto merely held his hand there, mocking him. Rogue was now fed up, she had to get control of these powers now. Her eyes darted towards Magneto, if she was able to push off Magneto's grip slightly, she'd be able to give Logan a chance to attack.

"Logan..I'm gonna try and push his grip off of you..You got it..?"

She didn't hear a response, but she knew he had heard him. She quickly rose her arms up, as she felt herself start to fall, she was able to push Magneto back. Hearing the sound of Logan's claws rip through cloth made her happy that the plan had worked.

"Now for part two.." As she fell through the cold crisp air, she started to focus on floating and it suddenly happened. As she adjusted herself so that she was right up she had another plan. To knock that damn helmet off of Magneto's head. As she flew back up towards them, she could see chunks of metal coming straight for Logan. Quickly flying up behind up she threw her hands in front of her and diverted the metal spikes. Now planted on the ground she felt more balanced. Standing back away from the fight she aimed towards magneto's head, with the only thing that wasn't metal in her sighs, a snowball.

With a loud grunt she threw the snowball with such force that Magneto and his helmet went flying off the cliff.

"Logan! Come on! We gotta get out of here!"

She heard him yell, obviously frustrated with her discussion, but knowing that soon his goons and goblins would be here.

Rogue took of running as fast as she could, she was more focused on getting off this cliff then where she was exactly.

"I can smell 'em.." a growl came from behind her.

She looked over at Logan his eyes were crazed, she knew his was ready to fight, so she would have to be the reasoning in this partnership.

"That's great Logan..but I'd rather get as fa' away from Magneto as I can..I may have Jean's power..but I don't have the whole mind control thing down yet.."

Ducking under a branch quickly she finally saw some type of human civilization. A few miles ahead she saw a shack, most likely some type of transportation was around her somewhere.

She quickened her pace and in moments they were there. She kicked the door open and quickly began to search around in the obscenely large shack. She finally stumbled across a small vehicle.

"You've got to be kidding me.." Her eyes almost glazed over as she stared down a 4 wheeler. "Alright Logan..hop o.."

A loud cracking noise shot through the shack. Logan and Rogue quickly looked up at the ceiling, the ceiling ripped completely off to reveal, Jean.

She quickly swooped down and knocked them both through the wall. Rogue went head on into a tree while Logan was rammed into a mound of ice and snow. As she came to she looked up to see Jean towering over her. Her eyes were hallow and cold, and before Rogue could lift a finger, Jean's hand was around her neck and she was lifted off of the group.

Rogue began to claw and pry at Jean's hand, but she just squeezed harder. Her eyes started to become blood shot, and short gasps started to flow past her lips. "Lo...lo..gan.." Soon the grip was lost. Rogue stepped back and bumped against a tree, she looked down to see Jean bent over, an open wound on her back from Logan.

"Rogue. come on." Rogue quickly leapt over Jean and hurried back towards the shack. Starting up the four wheeler was a breeze and quickly they were off racing through the woods. Rogue barely fought off Jean with a few psychic bursts until she finally retreated.

"Logan..." Rogue had finally spoken after about 4 or 5 miles of silence. "Thank you for that.."

He was still silent, but she just held onto him tight, her eyes drifted up towards the moon, still slightly fearful that Magneto would pop up uninvited again.