Eggman fired a rail gun at the group but Raiden blocked all the bullets with his sword and Sonic homed in on the Metal Gear during the distraction

Eggman fired a rail gun at the group but Raiden blocked all the bullets with his sword and Sonic homed in on the Metal Gear during the distraction.

"Damn you", Eggman said.

He then threw a punch down on Sonic but he dodged and Sonic did a homing attack on the arm and damaged it a bit.

Snake then took the opportunity to shoot Eggman's machine in the head with a Stinger Rocket Launcher.

"Dammit!" Eggman said.

He then sent missiles into the air ad waited for them to come down but Silver used his psychic abilities to collide them into each other.

The Metal Gear then sent an Ion blast at the group but they managed to doge out the way.

Sonic homed in on many parts of the Metal Gear, but it wasn't going down anytime soon.

"How do we stop him?" Charmy asked.

Snake called the Colonel.

"Colonel, how are we gonna stop this thing?" Snake asked.

"You need to find some weak point; didn't Robotnik say his machine s powered by the Master Emerald?" Campbell asked.

"Yeah, he did", Snake said.

"Without the emerald, maybe you can take that thing down", Campbell said.

"We gotta figure out how to get that emerald out, I'll think of something", Snake said and hung up.

He remembered where the emerald was.

"Raiden, you think you can cut the Master Emerald out of the machine?" Snake asked.

"Yeah with my sword but how do I get up there?" Raiden asked.

"I'll help", Tails said and took Raiden up to the center where he cut open the area and they removed the emerald, weakening the machine.

"No, NO!" Eggman said.

Sonic did one final homing attack while Snake sent a Stinger Missile and finally took down Metal Gear.

Eggman fell out the machine and Snake placed him under arrest while Charmy kissed Tails.

"You're so great", Charmy said.

"Hehe thanks", Tails said.

Snake called in some authorities and the group left.

"Well that's done", Snake said.

"Hell of an adventure", Knuckles said.

"But one thing still concerns me", Sonic said, making the group stop.

"What is it?" Snake asked.

"Tails, what did you mean when you said Charmy was your boyfriend?" Sonic asked.

"Remember this morning when Charmy got fired out of Chaotix?" Tails asked.

"Yeah", Sonic said.

"Well I took him home, we kissed, you called, we went to Mystic Ruins, had fun, and that's it", Tails said.

Sonic blinked blankly.

"Fun? Man I can't believe EVERYTHING that happened in one day", Sonic said.

"Well it's almost midnight, so let's move on now", Raiden said.

"In one say I get fired, get a boyfriend and help Solid Snake take down a Metal Gear, cool", Charmy said.

"Yeah, I'm tired, I got called in to help right after I got home", Snake said.

"I bet Eggman's tired, right after he fails he tries something else", Knuckles said.

"He is tired, fell asleep in the transporter vehicle", Raiden said, noticing that Eggman's sleeping and everyone laughs.

Tails and Charmy got home and they both fell asleep, exhausted from their long day.

The next morning Tails' phone rang and he answered.

"Yeah?" Tails asked.

"Tails you were right, being a homosexual is great", Amy said.

"Oh really?" Tails asked.

"Yeah, Cream likes it too", Amy said.

"Cream?" Tails asked.

Amy was in bed nude with Cream sucking on her breasts while rubbing her vagina on Amy's, while Amy rubbed Cream's head.

"It's the greatest thing ever, tell Sonic I'm over him", Amy said.

"Ok Amy", Tails said.

"Oh, say hi to Cream", Amy said.

Cream got the phone.

"Hi Tails", Cream said in a seductive tone.

"Hi Cream", Tails said.

"Wanna come over with Charmy and have a 4-way?" Cream said.

"I'll ask (covers receiver) wanna have sex with Amy and Cream Charmy?" Tails asked.

"BOY WOULD I!" Charmy said.

"Ok, we'll be right there", Tails said and got pulled by Charmy as soon as he hung up.

"Wow Charmy, you still like girls?" Tails asked.

"Sure, why not take this opportunity?" Charmy asked.

They arrived at Amy's house and went to her room, and saw Cream licking Amy's vagina.

"Hi boys", Amy said.

Cream got of and grabbed Tails and kissed him, then inserted himself in her, then Charmy put his member in Tails' ass, and Amy inserted Charmy's stinger in her vagina.

The girls humped on the boys and drove them deeper into each other.

"Charmy you're stinger's hard", Amy said.

"So is your dick Tails", Cream said.

Tails looked at Charmy.

"Wow, what did we get ourselves into?" Tails asked in between pants.

"Who cares, I'm in the best possible place", Charmy said.

"I love you Charmy", Tails said.

"I love you too Tails", Charmy said.

The two exchanged a kiss and got awed by the girls.

"That's so sweet", Cream said.

"Yeah, we want some", Amy said.

She kissed Charmy while Cream kissed Tails.

They continued until their final line.

"WE'RE CUMMING!" They all said, and did the final cum before end.