Island Book one: Shipwreck: Introducing Melissa

Author's note: I'm a complete first-timer at this—so no flames, please! I'm still really young—if I told you my age, you probably wouldn't think I would even consider submitting a story with all the other good ones I've seen. So yeah. Constructive criticism is accepted—after all, it helps me with my stories, doesn't it? So this story is on what would happen if there were another girl on the trip in the Island trilogy by Gordon Korman. I might use a few lines from the books. This starts after JJ gets on the Phoenix, but they won't leave yet in my fanfic. This isn't a self-insert. Hope you like!

Chapter one: Introducing…Melissa

12-year-old Melissa Braque stepped out of the plane, into the noise of the airport. Was it just her, or was that lady wearing purple eye shadow, purple lipstick, and purple blush? The lady looked like a plum!

Not that Melissa was one to judge. She had gotten sent on the stupid trip because…well, simply, because she was emo. At least, that's what her schoolmates called it.

No one would talk to her. She had no friends. She was completely depressed. She was in Charting a New Course because she had cursed Dr. Phil on national television. She broke her father's favorite antique record player and her mother's blue stained glass Tiffany lamp. Above all, her tools to deal with grief were a razor and a locked door.

But all that had changed when her parents had found her, lying on her bed, a pool of blood surrounding her. After that, she had blacked out.

The next thing she knew, she was in the hospital on antipsychotic meds. Apparently they thought she was psychotic.

Well, now Melissa was going to be on this boat, with a bunch of other kids with messed-up heads.

A man came up to her just then, clutching a picture of her in his hand.

"You the kid going to CNC?" He asked.

Melissa nodded.

"Well, then, come on! I don't have all day! Let's get moving, Veronica!"

Veronica? Melissa's name wasn't Veronica.

"My name is Melissa, not Veronica." The girl said sharply. But it was a waste of breath. The man didn't even seem to notice.

"I'm Mr. Radford," The man said. "I'm the boat's first mate."

Mr. Rat-Face, Melissa thought. That's was a good name for him. But she was silent.

"Taxi!" The man called.

As Melissa put her bag in the trunk of the yellow taxi and climbed into the car, she thought, Please, get me out of this.

The taxi drove away from the airport and toward the port. Towards Melissa's new life.

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