Title: Love Potion Number Nine

Title: Love Potion Number Nine

Author: LM Simpson (Kady the Red Panda)

Pairing(s): None

Rating: K

None, really

Disclaimer: I don't own Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland; it's owned by CLAMP.

Other tidbits: Old, short drabble. I just polished it up a little. Also, my flame policies still apply (see my profile for that).



Why her? Why her? There had to be a reason why—why else would they be after her in particular?

Miyuki pondered possible reasons for this on her bed: They definitely don't want me for personality, so it has to be something physical… Maybe they like my hair? She thought, running a hand through her long brown hair. Or maybe my eyes… Or my chest? Or what about my uniform? I really hope I don't have to cut and dye my hair or something like that to get 'em to leave me alone…

As she continued the process of elimination, she gazed forward and noticed a glass bottle containing a red liquid on the top of her dresser. It was a perfume bottle—one she had worn often since she bought it less than a month earlier. Hmm… Now what was its name again?

Miyuki got up from the bed and grabbed the bottle off the dresser. She gasped after she read the label: "Love Potion Number Nine."

"It all makes sense now!" she said, making connections in her head: now that she thought of it, she realized that before she left for school, or work, or before seeing the "X" movie, she had applied it, pretty much attracting them and causing her to get sent to their worlds where they would appear and...

Feeling sure that this was the reason of all her troubles, she immediately threw the perfume in the trash, promising to herself "I'm going to go back to buying the jasmine scented!" and then proceeded to take a long shower to rid herself of what remained of the scent on her skin.


"Ahh! My teacher's going to kill me for being late!" Miyuki yelled the next morning as she rushed down the street and towards school. "Ah, stupid alarm clock!"

She dashed down the hall until she reached her homeroom. Opening the door, she screamed: "I'm so sorry! My alarm didn't go off this morning and I—uh…oh…"

The classroom was completely devoid of students and homeroom teacher. "Huh? I'm only eight minutes late; everyone else should be here."

Suddenly, she heard a female voice whisper in the room. "Miyuki-Chan…"

"Oh please don't tell me…"

The voice sounded closer to her ear: "Miyuki-Chan… You are a very bad girl this morning…"