Hey you, I'm back. Sorry for the wait but since I began school I have no time to write between homework and classes. I began writting the chapter in the beginning of september but never had the time to finish it. I'm sure that's the problem of a few of you so I hope you understand and forgive me. Here the next chapter.


I just had a revelation. I have never been so happy in my life. I mean it. Not even when I was eight years old and my mom bought me a new, shiny, pink bike. Not even, when she accepted that I had a rabbit, that I named Beauty. She disappeared 2 years after. My mom told me that she had decided to join her family. I didn't believe her but I never admitted it because I was afraid that she would be sad. Well, in short I was happy. Edward had asked me to be his girlfriend. Edward Cullen. The only boy I had promise myself not to fall for. But how could I not fall for him. I mean, he was smart, funny, extremely good looking, gorgeous, beautiful, very sexy… okay, maybe I was a little obsessed with that but it was my weakness. And his crooked smile, I couldn't resist him anything when he smiled at me like that. And even if at the first impression, he seemed to be arrogant, smug and all, when I had learnt to know him, I had found out that he was tender, compassionate, understanding and so sweet. And I had to admit that I liked it too when he was all confident, I found that really sexy. The rest of Sunday had passed rather quickly. Like we had thought, Alice came to asked us if we wanted to see a film and we accepted. No reason to attract attention on us by staying just together on Edward's room when we are supposed to almost not stand the other. It was going to be harder than I thought to act like I despised him. I wanted to kiss him all the time I saw his very kissable lips. And what I would give to just lock my hand on his bronze hair. Oh God! It was torture. Sunday's evening, when we had to return to the academy, which meant that I was going to spend the night all alone in my bed, without the comfort of Edward's arms, I was really depressed. He promised me that we would see each other the day after, but I was still going to miss him. It was scary to see how addicted to him I had become this week. He was like a drug. My own personal drug. I would never tell him that. He would freak out and think I was crazy. And I could not stand it if he rejected me.

So here I was, on my bed, alone, thinking about Edward and his kisses, or just his touch. If he only stroked my arm, I would shiver. How could he have so much control over me? I looked at my alarm: 9.46 PM. I decided to go to sleep, so that I could see Edward faster. He told me that he would come to take me to my classes. It was sweet. I went to sleep and dreamt about my hot boyfriend all night long. Unfortunately, the night was not long enough.

"Uhh…" I moaned, putting my pillow on my head to stop the BIP BIP BIP that was beginning to give me headache. I hated Monday's morning. It was the worst day of the week. Monday meant that there was still five days of school before the week ends. I finally put off the pillow of my face, not before I was beginning to suffocate, of course. I read the little red number that said that I had one hour before Edward arrived. I left my bed to go to the kitchen and found Alice, already dressed and ready to go. Or ready to torture me.

"Good morning Bella. You seem tired. Long night?" She asked me and I saw her eyes shone with malicious.

"Morning. If by long night you mean nightmares and alarm clock then yes, it was in fact a long night." I replied, yawning. At the mention of nightmares, she instantly became concerned. I had told everybody about my mother on Sunday after the movie. Everyone had been nice and really sorry for me.

"Nightmares? Oh Bella I'm sorry. Are they about your mother?" She asked me, worrying.

"No, not really. There were about giant alarm clock and big shopping's bag." I said, grimacing. She narrowed her eyes at me and gave me a cup of coffee.

"Take that and stop whining. Shopping is good for your health." She said like it was something everybody knew. Of course for her it seemed logic. But Alice's logic was something really weird sometimes.

"Really? None of my doctors, and you know I know a lot of doctors, ever said that to me." I

"They must be bad doctors then." She answered and left the kitchen. I shook my head and drank the coffee. I winced at the taste: I never liked coffee, but it was the only thing that kept me awake when I was a zombie. When I was done with breakfast, I went to my room and saw the outfit Alice had settled on my bed. It was a white blouse with buttons on the upper half and had ruffles on the hem. There were blue skinny jeans too. The shoes that she had chosen were fine with me; there had small heels and were black, not too flashy (see outfit on my profile). I dressed up quickly and looked at the clock. Still five minutes before Edward arrived. It's why I was surprised when I heard a knock at the door. I went to open the door and there stand in all his glory, my god of a boyfriend. He smiled at me and I returned the smile.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were not supposed to come before five minutes." I asked him a little confused.

"I thought my girlfriend would be happy to see me, but apparently I was wrong." He said, trying to sound hurt. I laughed and threw my arms around his neck, kissing him passionately. He returned the kiss just as eagerly. I pulled away when I had to breathe.

"Are you convinced how happy I am now?" I asked him with a big smile, and a little out of breath. He chuckled.

"I don't know. Maybe you should convince me more." He said suggestively, leaning down to kiss me again. I heard Alice high heels and pushed Edward.

"Ew! What do you think you are doing? I just washed my teeth, and I would prefer if you don't soil them." I said trying to sound disgusted. But I was such a less good actress than Edward. A really bad actress.

"Edward, what are you doing here, I thought that you were going to stop molesting my best friend." Alice intervened. I turned toward Edward to hide my face and bit my lip to stop the laughter that wanted desperately to escape. Edward looked at me and when he saw that I was at the verge of breaking, tugged on my arm toward the door.

"I need her help for some homework. Bye Alice!"

"Bye Alice!" I yelled while Edward dragged me out.

"Ow! Stop Edward, you practically torn out my arm. Are you crazy?" I said, rubbing my arm. He became guilty and took my arm gently.

"I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?" I didn't mean to Bella." He said while stroking tenderly my arm. I immediately felt better and forget the pain in my arm.

"No it's fine. You just surprised me."

"I didn't want you to laugh when Alice was here. You're really bad at acting you know that, right?" He teased me and I threw him a dirty look. Even though I already knew how bad of an actress I was. I had never been good at lying.

"So, did you sleep well beautiful?" He asked me with a flirting smile. He already knew the answer of that. Maybe he needed me to stroke his ego a little.

"No, not really. I slept better that week end." I blushed when I admitted that. He chuckled and kissed my forehead.

"I slept better with you in my arms, too." He took me in his arms and I hugged him back. It felt so good to be in his arms again. I could never grow tired of it.

"Come on, we should go before Evil pixie caught us in the act." I said pulling him to the direction of the classes. He looked at me amused.

"Evil pixie?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Yeah, well do you have another name that would fit better?" He rested mute.

"That's what I thought."

"Wait! I have another question. Caught in the act?" He repeated my words suggestively and I realised how could have been take my words. I blushed and pushed his shoulder. He laughed and caught my wrist, pushing us in a corner until my back met the wall.

"You really have a one-track mind, don't you?" I told him and he silenced me with his lips. Too early for my liking he pulled back.

"Well, you can't really blame me when you do so many innuendos." I looked at him, shock wrote on my face.

"I do not!" He laughed again and leaned to kiss me. I kissed him back, I had missed him so much last night and this morning that I could not have enough of his kisses. He had a hand next to my head, on the wall and the other one on my waist, pulling me against him. Hm, he was so good at that. After a moment, I leaned away. He pouted and I pecked his lips.

"Stop pouting Cullen, as much as I would love to keep going we will be late in class." He nodded reluctantly and took my hand before I pushed my hand away. He looked at me confused and hurt.

"We are supposed to hate each other, remember?" I whispered to him. Recognition showed on his flawless face and he tried to keep his distance. We arrived to class and I looked at him, knowing that I could not kiss him goodbye. He smiled and blew me a kiss. One girl looked at us, and I rolled my eyes at him then said:

"I would say see you later but since I'll try not to, it would be lying." His jaw dropped and I knew that I had impressed him. Well, maybe I was not that bad. I entered the classes and sat in my seat. I heard the seat next to me being pulled and I knew that Edward was here.

"I thought you were going to avoid me?" He asked me with a sly smile. He was in his role. And even being a jerk, I had a really hard time resisting jumping him right here right now. I huffed and turned my head away. The teacher came and began his lesson. I was drawing circle on my page; I'd already study that lesson before moving to Forks. At a moment, a piece of paper was put on my desk.

Bored, aren't you? And I thought you were a good student, I'm disappointed.

I rolled my eyes and answered.

I had already study that lesson. What's your excuse?

I put the paper on his desk and less that twenty second after it had returned.

Well, I don't need an excuse Miss Swan. I wrote all that I need. Look by yourself, beautiful.

I turned to looked at him and saw his page: it was completed with all that the teacher said, word for word. I sighed. And another thing to add to the list of what Edward Cullen is good at.