Authors Note:

Authors Note:

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This takes place after Lucas said he hated Peyton!

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She cried herself to sleep. Her salty tears soaking the cotton pillow beneath her. The only man that she ever wanted to be with, hated her. Hate was such a strong word. Used only to show pure anger and rejection. Used only for hurt. Peyton now knew what hate meant. It meant it was over for her. He would never be hers again.

She wished she could go back to that night in the hotel room. When she replays her reaction in her mind, she wants to hit herself. She thought they were too young, and their love could wait. It couldn't. And in every dream she has, she looks into his deep blue eyes and whispers "Yes..." She never says "Someday..."

And it's all her fault he hates her. She shouldn't have come back. She should have stayed in LA and forgotten about him. Forgotten about them. She had tried to in the past three years, but no matter how hard she tried to block him out; he always found his way in. Lucas Scott was the one for her, she was sure of it now. But it was too late.

She fell asleep that night. And again, she had that dream.

She woke up to the blinding sunlight early the next morning. She sighed. She never wanted that dream to end. She pulled the damp pillow over her head and sighed into it. She soon felt a presence beside her shaken body. "Peyton..." He whispered, and she pulled the pillow off her face. She could tell it was him by the remorse in his voice. "Go away. You hate me, remember?" She whispered, keeping her eyes closed. She couldn't look at him. She would give in too easily.

"Peyton, I don't hate you. I was...drunk, and bitter over losing Lindsey but that doesn't mean I hate you, Peyton." Peyton kept her heavy eyelids closed, savoring his words. But her anger was also boiling inside of her. "Lucas, please, just cut it out." Lucas gave her a concerned look. "What?" He asked, and she sighed, still looking at him through her eyelids. "Don't tell me you're sorry because you're not." She whispered, and Lucas scoffed. "Peyton, I mean that I'm sorry. Please, look at me." He begged silently, and she kept her eyelids closed.

"Anyway, I just came by to say I'm sorry, and I know I haven't been the best man or friend for you, but I'm trying to be the guy you see in me every once in a while. The guy that wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. The guy that rescued you so many times. And maybe at the moment I wasn't thinking that it was a sign but now I am."

Peyton's eyelids shot open. She looked at him as she sat up, her back pressed against the headboard of her canopy bed. "I knew it was all along." She smiled, and he reflected it. "Over the years, I fought like hell to forget you, I really did. But I couldn't. You always stood out to me. You never once left my mind. I was trying to let you go and I couldn't. And that's when I knew I needed you back. And I know, I said "I do." To Lindsey but that was because I was hoping and praying it was a dream. And Lindsey was you."

Peyton smiled at him as he gently clasped her free hand.

"I love you, Peyton Sawyer. I've loved you all along. And we've been far apart for far too long. I just, had to say it."

"This has got to be a dream..." She whispered, and he shook his head, leaning into her. Their noses brushed together and Peyton giggled softly, making Lucas smile warmly. Soon, their warm lips touched and it was nothing short of pure passion.

And for once in her life,

It wasn't a dream.

Authors Note:

Again, another one-shot short Leyton!

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