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"Galiana slow down!" A cloaked figure called out as she stooped over and placed her hands on her knees to catch her breath. She had been running for a while now and it was becoming a bother to her. The other cloaked figure stopped in her tracks and turned back to her winded companion. This girl obviously went by the name Galiana since she responded to it. Her cloak was green while the other girls cloak was indigo. Their faces remain hidden by the pulled up hoods that shadowed over their face.

Alarms could be heard going off in the distance and sirens rang out. Flashing lights of police cars and signals illuminated the sky as helicopters patrolled the entire area of the city. The city was dark due to the fact that it was close to midnight but the city wasn't that bright in the daytime either. The city was dark and shadowed over ever since she took over and started her reign of terror. The streets the two girls were running along were barren and emptied of all life and it remained slick from rain that threatened to fall once again. This part of the city had been abandoned since it was the first place that got hit.

The entire area as far as the eye could see look disastrous.

"Come on Ravenna, we have to hurry!" Galiaina said as she pulled the green cloaked girl along. Ravenna sighed and continued to run. The pair looked over their shoulder every now and then and tensed at any sudden sounds that occurred. It was dangerous for them to even be out. That is why they were not able to fly, they'd be recognized to easily.

"How far are we supposed to go?" Ravenna whined as she clutched her cloak to her body. It was horribly frigid even though it was the middle of spring…or what was supposed to be spring in this condemned city. Galiana shrugged as they kept a quick pace.

"Our instructions were to get as far away from the center of the city as we could then leave." Galiana responded in a matter-of-fact tone. She loved to act as if she had superior intellect when she only had the 7th grade education.

The two girls were running from a life threatening situation…better yet a life threatening person. Their parents had told them to be safe and to get to their destination as quickly and effortlessly as possible but the fear of getting discovered hung over them. They were young but not too young not to understand what was happening. The city they called home was being destroyed from the inside out and other places would soon face the same fate.

Yesterday had been there thirteenth birthday. A day that they celebrated and shared together and that was the last day they would be able to enjoy being with their parents; being a whole family that could enjoy being together. Normal life (or what they considered normal life) would be put on hold for a while now.

It was all her fault. The city would soon be in ruins and soon the world would be next. However if this pair could succeed with their mission then there was small hope. These two thirteen year olds had to find them to be successful. Everything counted on them…no pressure for a couple of fearful pre-teens who weren't exactly sure of what would happen later on.

"And where do you think you're going?" A voice questioned from behind the pair. Galiana gripped her sister's hand tightly and Ravenna gulped. Galiana turned to see a man, in his early thirties being held up by six sharp spider-like legs. His eyes looked to be closed but he could see the pair all too well. He had a remote control in his hands and he was in a green body suit, similar to the one he wore when he was younger.

"Galiana…t-that's one of her friends…"Ravenna whimpered softly cringing at the thought of them being captured and possibly killed. Galiana nodded numbly trying not to seem too obvious.

"On the count of three…we have to leave…we have to find them." She said. Ravenna nodded in agreement and gripped her sister's hand tightly before they closed their eyes began to chant in unison.

"Azarath…Metrion…ZYNTHOS!" The said together. An indigo portal opened up beneath their feet and swallowed them up. Their frightened screams were muffled as the portal closed quickly after them leaving behind a strong whirlwind. The man couldn't get to them before the portal closed and this frustrated him. She wasn't gonna be too happy they got away.

"Stupid nasty snot nosed no good brats…" The man muttered to himself. He really needed to get rid of that habit. He had it since he was a kid….

The two girls gripped onto one another still screaming like crazy due to the fact they were going only Azar knows where…well they knew they were just unsure when they would finally get there and if they would get there without any deformations occurring. This was frightening experience but they could get through it…together.

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