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Chapter Eighteen: Future

"I think she's waking up…" A voice mused. Ravenna recognized it as her sisters and her eyes slowly cracked open to see Galiana hovering over her in a green hospital dress. She was smiling happily and Ravenna groaned as she sat up a bit. Galiana moved back, giving her sister space as she regained herself from her black out. She had taken most of the damage since she was the one with the chakra. Galiana had woken up about an hour before her.

"Wha…What's going on?" Ravenna asked as she brought a hand to her throbbing head. She felt someone brush her bangs back and she glanced to her left to see Nightingale and changeling smiling at her. Galiana joined them and Ravenna beamed.

"We're a family again." Galiana mumbled as she took her sisters hand. Ravenna put on her best Beast Boy grin and launched at her parents and Galiana to form a group hug. Standing off to the side in a corner was Beast Boy and raven, both smiling lightly while their hands remained tightly interlocked.

"Beast Boy and Raven are here too." Galiana said as she gestured to the corner. Ravenna turned her bright violet eyes over to the corner and laughed as she launched from the bed to attack her soon to be parents with a tight hug. Galiana soon joined them and Nightingale and Changeling exchanged smiles.

"That was amazing…what you two girls did." Raven commented as she melted into the warm hug. Beast Boy nodded in agreement before lifting his head and turning towards Nightingale.

"What exactly did they do?" he asked hesitantly. Nightingale laughed lightly as she stepped forward.

"The twins had a destiny far long before they were born. Galiana explained to me how Terra mentioned that they would destroy evil. That is their destiny. I was a princess on my planet and I was destined to destroy the earth because of my father and because of me the twins are destined to save it. They took Terra's powers away and destroyed it within themselves due to the fact that they were designed to destroy corruption. The twins started out well…but they still have a lot to do before they fulfill their destiny." Nightingale explained.

"So Terra is still alive?" Raven asked quietly.

"Yes, but she is a normal human like everybody else. There is no way she can use her powers to hurt anyone and she's being kept under close eye as she is put through rehabilitation." Changeling explained further. Raven nodded, glad to know nobody was at risk anymore. Right then Raven's communicator went off. She pulled it from her belt and brought it to her ear carefully.

"Rae! All ya'll need to get to the common room now! Nightwing and Robin's orders." Cyborg's muffled voice ordered getting quiet at the end. Ravenna and Galiana pulled away from Beast Boy and Raven before they all glanced at one another.

"I believe we have just received orders.' Changeling laughed lightly as he headed towards the sliding doors, causing them to hiss open. Nightingale followed him closely with a bright smile on her face. Raven and Beast Boy soon went after them with their hands still interlocked. Ravenna and Galiana exchanged looks before taking each other's hands and going to follow at the rear.

They walked to the common room in silence and the twins two set of parents paused before the door far enough so they wouldn't open just yet. They stepped aside and turned to the twins and Beast Boy and Changeling gestured to the door.

"Heroes first." They said in unison. Still suspicious the twins walked towards the door together and as soon as they hissed open they were attack by confetti and balloons that were falling from the ceiling. They gasped in unison as all the Titans and heroes who had participated in the battle and some who had not gathered under a banner with their name on it.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone yelled. Galiana laughed as another party popper went off right by her head and Ravenna grinned as she flew straight into the celebration. Everybody had gathered in their honor; just to congratulate the two girls destined to save the world.

"Good job mini Titans!" A man said as he flew over from Ravenna to Galiana on his metallic disc. Changeling gave a boyish grin as he recognized the companion and ally.

"Static, ya made it!" Changeling called out. Static smiled back as he gave his green companion the two finger salute as he flew over to his companion Gear. Ravenna landed in the center of the entire celebration and was soon joined by her sister.

As people threw many congratulations their way, a man in his late fifties stepped forward with a solid look on his face. He towered over the pair, nearly twice their height and his dark eyes stared hard at them. The twins stared back before grinning happily.

"Uncle Batty! You made it too." The chorused together. The man they referred to as Uncle Batty got down on one knee and took the two girls into his arms for an embrace, smiling softly as he did so.

"You guys saved the world. I have to give credit where credit is due." He responded. The two girls glanced at each other from behind his back and Ravenna smirked.

"Bruce Wayne came?" Nightingale said as she leaned in towards her husband. He smiled lightly and nodded.

"Nightwing did that no doubt." He responded with a chuckle.

"Oh Yea! Par-TAY!!!" Beast Boy exclaimed as he ran into the massive crow that took up most of the common room. Cyborg and his future self, Cybotic worked at the sound system, activating the strobe lights and the disco ball.

"YES!" Ravenna yelled as she grabbed her sister's hand and began to dance around. Raven glanced at Changeling and Nightingale for a moment and smiled before she was pulled further into the common room by an excited Beast Boy.

"Well I have to say, it's been real." Cyborg sighed as he knitted his fingers behind his head with a huge grin on his face. Cybotic mimicked his actions and nodded in agreement.

"We should team up more often." He commented.

"We need to get back to the past now. We don't know what could be happening in Jump city when we're not there to protect it." Robin inserted sternly.

"All about the work now, aren't we?" Nightwing joked crossing his arms over his chest and letting a smirk play his lips.

"This has been a glorious experience! It is a must that we do the time hopping again in the distant future!" Starfire said as she grasped her daughter to-be's hands. Starlight laughed awkwardly and nodded.

"Do not worry. There is much time travel to come." Starflame informed. Starfire giggled and grabbed her future self in a hug.

"I have to say this has been one experience that will be difficult to forget considering the laws of physics have been shattered." Changeling inserted with a laugh.

"Dude I learn physics!?" Beast Boy exclaimed clawing at his cheeks. Raven rolled her eyes and shook her head at his stupidity. Nightingale laughed dryly and conjured up a time portal with little effort.

"That is our cue to leave." Cyborg said as he was the first to jump through the portal.

"Later." Robin said as he jumped in after his cyber based companion.

"Oh it has been the meeting of pleasure! I cannot wait for the future!" Starfire exclaimed as she dove into the time portal.

"Me either!" Starflame exclaimed.

"BB! Rae!" Galiana exclaimed as her and Ravenna came running into the common room. The two past Titans grinned as the twins approached them.

"We just wanted to say goodbye." Ravenna muttered as she gave Beast Boy a hug then Raven.

"And thank you for everything." Galiana whimpered as she hugged each one of them as well. Nightingale turned to her husband and he smiled softly at her before wrapping an arm around her waist.

"you guys are welcome to the past any time you want." Beast Boy said giving them a thumbs up. They laughed lightly and nodded.

"Your room will always be there." Raven added with a soft smile.

"Duh! It's there right now." Ravenna deadpanned rolling her eyes. Raven shook her head and ruffled the green skinned girl's hair.

"See ya later Rae." She laughed. Ravenna gave a Beast Boy grin and nodded. Raven sighed and turned to Beast Boy who took her hand in his before they slowly made their way to the portal. Galiana and Ravenna joined their parents and watched as they left. Once they were gone Nightingale closed the portal.

"What now?" Nightingale questioned.

"I wanna play video games!" Galiana exclaimed.

"I wanna read and meditate!" Ravenna exclaimed as well.

Nightingale and Changeling exchanged looks, wondering when their daughters exchanged personalities.

"There! All done!" Beast Boy said as he flipped a coin off of the made bed that formerly belonged to Ravenna. He and Raven had been fixing up the twins room since they had gotten back from the future. Since it had been so mercilessly destroyed they thought that it needed some cleaning.

"That's the first time I ever saw you make a bed." Raven commented as she placed all of Galiana's books on the book shelf. She threw a smile over her shoulder at Beast Boy who was pouting childishly.

"Rae…" He began carefully. Raven placed the last book on the shelf before she turned to Beast Boy to see what he wanted.

"Wha…" She was cut short when she felt a pair of lips press to hers. Her violet eyes doubled in size for a moment as her entire body tensed and all the emotions in her mind went into chaos. After a few seconds she began to relax as Beast Boy snaked his arms around her waist; no pun intended. She moved her arms around his neck and tilted her head to the side deepening the kiss.

After a few more seconds of pure bliss Beast Boy carefully pulled away and looked into her content expression.

"Are you going to kill me now?" he asked quietly. Raven smirked at him and shook her head.

"Nah, not this time."

"Good because I'm going to do that more often in the near future." He laughed. Raven rolled her eyes at his sad attempt at a joke and brought his head down so that his lips met her's in another kiss.

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