.: ~One Month Earlier~ :.

I was in a wood. There were trees and flowers all around me and there was a small waterfall at the edge of the wood. The sun was shinning through the trees as I heard faint laughter. The laughter was as clear and beautiful as a bell on Christmas morning.

I looked around for the source of the noise but couldn't see anything but the wood around me. I thought I saw a flash of golden strawberry blonde hair just behind a tree. I started to walk towards it when I heard the laughter again, only coming from the opposite direction. Only now, it was accompanied by a slightly deeper male's laughter. Where have I heard that laugh before? I wondered as I turned back towards the noise.

Then, from behind a giant boulder, came a man who looked exactly like High King Peter himself. And beside him was a small girl of about six years old. She had the same golden strawberry blonde hair I had seen a few moments before. She had blue green eyes lined with gold. Her dress was a soft green that brought out the green of her eyes. And she was wearing a small sapphire tiara.

"Mommy!" she cried as she ran to me. Stunned, I didn't move. Then I knew. She was my daughter. Mine and the High King's daughter. I couldn't believe it.

Just as everything was beginning to become clear, the two figures standing before me started to fade. As they faded, the wood around me turned black.

.: ~ :.

"Mmm," I grumbled as I drowsily opened my eyes. The light coming through the curtains into my bedroom chamber blinded me and I quickly shut my eyes. The sound of birds chirping and singing rang through my open window and I turned over away from the sound, stuffing my pillow over my head in an attempt to block it out. Finally, I unwillingly got up and out of bed, putting my bare feet on the cold stone floor which jolted me awake. "Eeep!" I squeaked.

There was a knock on the door of my small but cozy room just down the hall from my Lady, Queen Susan the Gentle. "Just a moment!" I called as I quickly threw on my green robe and slippers to answer the door.

"Yes?" I asked when I opened the door to find a small messenger boy outside.

"Her Majesty Queen Lucy would like to speak with you as soon as possible in her personal quarters," he said in a small, light voice.

"Thank you. If you are going back that way, you can tell Lu-- Her Majesty that I will be there as soon as I get ready. About ten minutes or sooner," I responded as I handed him a gold coin that would get him many sweets in the market.

"Thank you! I-I-I will give Her Majesty the message!" And with that, he went off running to tell the youngest Queen.

I shut the door and walked over to my wardrobe. I looked at all of my dresses and decided on a light blue dress with a single ruffle down the front, slightly off-center that was simple, and yet elegant enough to meet Queen Lucy in her private quarters. I got dressed and washed my face with cold water to wake me up more. Then I put on my silver heels and headed out the door.

As I headed towards the Queens rooms, I pondered about my dream. "Is it a warning?" "What does it mean?" "Do I end up in the High Kings bed?" It had me very concerned, and I didn't know what to do about it. "Do I tell my Lady? No, that would upset her and jeopardize my job," I muttered to myself.

By that time, I had reached Queen Lucy's quarters where she wanted to speak with me. I knocked tentatively on the large oak door. "Come in." I heard a voice call. I opened the door and walked in.