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-My heart was pounding. My stomach is in knots. My God what is wrong with me? I'm supposed to be careless, fearless, and strong! Yet I feel so weak and utterly out of control of my emotions; so much so that there seems to be no more control at all, or even visible for the near feature. I am certain that I am going to snap. I'm going to lash out at an unsuspecting person; they won't be able to comprehend what has happened, or rather who because it's just not in my nature to be so violent. If they keep pushing me into the corner they going to regret it; they won't know what hit them.-

I was writing furiously, all of my emotions down on paper. I was in my own little world, my shell, my safe happy place where I cease to notice the world around me. What else is new? I tell you what, the eerie feeling that I was being watched, that was new.

I mean no one has ever really paid any attention to me. I've never really had that many friends. I am not a social outcast; I just prefer to be alone. With that being said the feeling of being watched was slightly unsettling.

I looked up and found myself momentarily lost in the deepest green eyes that I have ever beheld. Then the voice dashed away my little daydream of forever staying within the depths of those green eyes.

"What are you staring at?" the voice was deeper, but still the same. The tone was indifferent, cold and confused?

Part of my mind soared, he doesn't remember me! My prayers have been answered, but why is he back? Who cares?; as long as he doesn't remember me.

"Nothing," was my timid and quite response to his question. Then I turned away closing my eyes.

He was back. The guy who had tormented me for two years before he had left, the guy who insisted upon showing the world what a complete and utter klutz I was, the guy who starred in my dreams every night since I first lay eyes upon his gloriously beautiful face. It was a face so beautiful that it could bring tears to the eyes of angels. He was my doom he was the secret love of my life. He is Edward Cullen, and he was back. God this year is going to be a living hell!


"Mr. Cullen welcome back." Mrs. Cope was cheerfully welcoming me back to this hellhole that they have the nerve to call a school.

"Do you need a map dear, or can you get along alright?" her cheerful voice broke through to my cynical thoughts.

What a stupid question! The rooms probably haven't changed since my freshman year, but the thing is do I remember where any of them are? Nope! Ah crap she is waiting for an answer…

"Yes please Mrs. Cope, a map would be very helpful." Way to lay it on thick Cullen. Now for the finishing touch.

I smiled at the middle-aged receptionist, 'dazzling' her I guess you could call it. She was fluttering and smiling back at me, it made me want to gag.

"Thank you Mrs. Cope. Is that all?" God when I lay it on I lay it on good.

"Yes dear, Oh! I almost forgot. Make sure to get this signed by all your teachers, and brought back here by the end of the day today. Have a good day Mr. Cullen."

My God she finally shut up and let me go. I am going to have a bad day today I can already feel it. First I wake up late and it's raining, making me miss sunny L.A. Next we're out of coffee meaning I'm grouching about not having my caffeine fix, and it was still raining. Oh have I mentioned that it hasn't stop raining since we got here?

Looked down at my schedule, my first class of the day was drama/performing arts. Finally some good news, I never bragged about this, but I was good in the performing arts. Don't know why, I just was. I guess that my little pixie of a sister has something to do with that. Sly little pixie I wonder how she got out of school first day back?

I walked into the room; the teacher was at her desk. I walked up to her and handed her my slip to get signed.

"Oh you must be the new student correct?" well no duh lady!