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Bella POV:

He had breathed in my ear. The annoying nickname that Jake had given me all those years ago took on a completely different meaning coming from his lips. It was a wonderful dizzying feeling.

Sighing for what seemed like the thousandth time since I came home, I looked down at my plate. Annoyed with myself for letting him get to me like that I began to eat with renewed vigor. After all these years he still had an affect on me. No matter what he did, or said it always brought out my emotions and dragged them to the utmost extremes. And right now I was really annoyed with both myself and him, but mainly me.

I thought about Alice's invite to their welcoming party. It would offer me a nice distraction and Edward and I desperately needed to go over our lines. I would bring it up with Charlie see what he thought.

"Hey dad," he looked up from his plate

"Do you mind if I go to the Cullens' tomorrow?"

"Carlisle and Esme's place? Why would you go there?"

"Well Alice invited me to a housewarming party that they are having and also Edward and I have a project for drama that we have to work on. Miss Morton thinks that we aren't saying the lines right."

"I thought that you didn't like that Cullen boy? We would you chose him to be your partner?" The inevitable twenty questions had arrived; the downside of being a cop's kid.

"I don't like him, but I didn't get to pick my partner. Miss Morton did. We were the only two left so she partnered us up. So can I go?" I hoped that he said yes because I would hate to fail a class over something silly.

"Okay just don't come home late."

"Don't worry dad I probably won't stay too long for the party. Just enough to say hi and then I'll probably leave." He nodded. He knew that I was too much like him. Neither one of us like o be in large crowds of people. Preferring the quite and solitude; he and my mom were polar opposites, but we didn't talk about her too much. The pain was still too fresh.

After dinner I went upstairs and called Alice. I told her that I would be attending, but only for a little while. I also asked if it was alright if I came early so that Edward and I could run over our lines. She yelled to her brother to tell him that I would be over early and a shouting match ensued, I for my part, was laughing my butt off, and the Alice realized that she was still on the phone with me.

"Okay Alice why don't you tell him that I'll see you both at ten. Bye Alice." Still laughing I hung up. Tomorrow was bound to be interesting.

Edward POV:

She was coming tomorrow! I was as excited as a little kid in a candy store…or some other cliché along those lines. I was excited! Alice of course was laughing at me, but I wasn't the one who completely forgot about someone who was on the phone.

Oh well. She was coming tomorrow! I had to get my room straightened out. I ran back upstairs both worrying about the state of disorder of my room and what I was going to wear. Man I sounded like a girl.

Alice still laughing showed up at my doorway. "Need help?" I didn't trust that offer. Alice always got something back…Always.

"What do you want?"

"What can't I help my favorite brother?" She had a hurt look on her face.

"No. What do you want?"

"Fine," she huffed out. "I want to know if Jasper is going to ask me out." Really didn't she already know?

"Don't you already know?"

"Shush! I meant is going to ask me to Prom?"

"Hell if I know woman?" what was the point of her asking me when we both knew that he probably would.

"I want you to find out so that I can start looking for my dress!"

"Alright I'll find out, and no I won't be blunt before you ask. Now will you please help me?" I gave her my best imitation of her puppy eyes, or whatever it was called. I really need to go play a video game or something I was turning too much into a girl. I think that I'd rather have my brain turn to mush before I became a male version of Alice.

"Okay I'll help! Just do everyone a favor and leaving the pouting faces to me, please? You make them look scary." I simply threw my gym shorts at her.

"Eww! Those had better not have been dirty." When an evil smirk was all she got for a response she threw them back at me and ran from the room. Coming back brandishing a disinfectant spray. I loved annoying my sister.

"You know," she said "It's this kind of behavior that got you in trouble with Bella in the first place." Well there she goes sucking the fun out of everything. Effectively somber we got to cleaning my oom and found something for me to wear. Tomorrow would tell if things between Bella and myself could get better. Only one way to find out.

Bella POV:

Driving down the winding drive way toward the Cullen house I found myself…dizzy. Really who need that many curves in a driveway? I was amazingly early. I had a whole fifteen minutes before I was supposed to be there but oh well. Hopefully my truck doesn't wake anyone up. I parked and left my truck giving my self a quick once over in the rear view mirror before hand.

Walking up to the front door with more confidence than I felt I ran the doorbell.