Hello there! This is my first Lord of the Flies fanfic, but this idea has been locked in my head since I first read it, so it was worth a shot. I'm gonna try and make it as much like the book I can, such as the savagery vs. civilization occurring, but also try to add in some originality and 'personal touch'. :D

Disclaimer Time: I don't own LotF, William Golding does. But if I did, I probably would have introduced females and twisted it into a romance novel for sure.

"The wickedness of others becomes our own wickedness because it kindles something evil in our own hearts."

-Carl Jung

The figure swiftly raced over the dense forest floor. Ferns and bushes slapped at its feet, but it didn't hinder it. It expertly dodged trees and leaped over scattered trunks. Ahead of them, it could hear its target, its prey. It noisily stumbled through the thick fauna, and it was slowing. The figure gripped onto its sharp, silver blade and sped ahead. It burst into a clearing and upon its prey. It raised its weapon as the prey turned, revealing itself to be a young girl. She screamed as the sword rammed itself into her heart.

Cassandra woke up screaming. Her forehead was slick and she felt ill. It was only a nightmare. It was only that nightmare.

She pushed herself upright and stretched. The airplane seat was uncomfortable and sticky with sweat. It was a wonder she even fell asleep. The glanced over at the pilot and took a peek outside the nearest window in the cockpit. It was dark and the clouds ahead of them were dark with signs of a storm.

"Cassandra, glad you're awake. Although, I think the screaming woke both of us up," the pilot teased lightly. The girl smiled wistfully.

"You know, you can call me Cassie. Everybody else does."

"Alright Miss Cassie, you may want to buckle down. We're going to have to fly through this storm cloud," the pilot ordered. Cassie hastily buckled herself down and nervously gripped the arms of her chair. It was her first airplane flight, but she had an inkling it was going to be her last. That was normal for first-time fliers though, right? If only her father wasn't going away, she'd be at home reading, or relaxing in her father's study. But no, she was flying to her Aunt's on a plane loaded with boys. She had taken a peek earlier at them. They were dressed in uniforms. Either they were military boys or private school lads.

She shook her head to clear it. She was lucky her father was able to arrange this flight. A friend of a friend happened to be the pilot. Otherwise, she'd be staying with the grumpy, elderly neighbors for two weeks until the next available flight. Flying wasn't all that bad though. What were the odds something would go wrong?

The plane propelled itself forward, into the stormy cloud. Immediately, the plane began to shake. Cassie could hear faint shouts of surprise from behind the captain's door. The whole plane was jerking now. Even with her seat belt locked, her body whipped back and forth in the seat. The Pilot gripped his wheel and muttered darkly under his breath.

A quick flash of light engulfed the cabin, blinding Cassie. Before she could shield her eyes, it was gone. It was replaced with shrill beeps and whistles. The Pilot gasped.

The plane lurched downward and began to spiral out of control. Cassie screamed and gripped her seat.

"What's happening?!" she screamed shrilly.

"Lightening! We're going down! Brace yourself!" he shouted back. Cassie's eyes widened and her face blanched.

"No no no!" she whispered loudly. The clouds dispersed and she could see a spot of land beneath them. At least it wouldn't be a watery death…

The aircraft flipped as it rammed itself into the island. The cockpit broke off from the fuselage and flew deep into the jungle. It knocked against trees and bounced across the forest floor. Eventually, it rolled to a halt.

Cassie opened her eyes. She was alive. She was alive! She tried to unbuckle herself, but her fingers wouldn't stop shaking. She held them up to her face and glared at them. They trembled and shook so badly, it looked like she was trying the play the piano. She looked over at the captain and gasped. His neck was broken completely, his head flopping to the side. Sweat was dripping off her head and seeping into her eyes. She gingerly touched her head, but winced. She must have knocked it on something, probably the dash. No surprise there. She wasn't that invincible to think she'd come out of a plane crash without an injury.

The sweat continued to seep from her head, but it was falling more steadily. Cassie roughly wiped it off the back of her hands. Why would she be sweating this much? She caught the back of her hand in her peripheral vision. The sweat wasn't clear, but crimson. It was blood. She didn't bump her head, she opened it.

Her fingers flew to her seat belt and she hurriedly unbuckled it. When she tried to stand, her legs trembled and she collapsed against her seat. Her breath quickened, her heart raced. She positioned herself on all fours and began to crawl out of the cockpit. The light emanating from outside caused her to squint her eyes and shuffle more slowly. If the crash occurred at night, probably in the middle of the night, then, she concluded slowly, she must have been out for a while. If she survived though, could others too? Her head was throbbing and the blood was dripping into her eyes. Her thoughts were starting to become jumbled and she was beginning to lose focus of her surroundings.

She finished crawling out of the cockpit and rested in the path of the burning day sun. The forest floor was dry and scattered with leaves. Cassie pulled herself off the path of the cockpit's destruction. As much as it pained her head to think, she needed to be in the shade, away from the sun. She leaned herself against a shady tree. The pain from her head was increasing. Perhaps if she could find another survivor, she'd have chance. But first, she needed to fix her head.

She removed the light brown sweater she was wearing and wrapped it roughly around her head. The pain was overwhelming now. Her eyes were blinking rapidly as sleep began to seep in. Cassie knew she needed to stay awake, but she was so tired…

She closed her eyes. She fell into the blackness of sleep within seconds.

Authors Notes: Alrighty, short chappie, but I wanted to get a short introduction about why Cassandra's here. Hopefully, she doesn't already sound Mary Sue-ish, because I really wanted to put some character behind her so everybody can understand the way she acts. Plus, with OCs, some background is necessary. More info about Cassandra will come within the next few chappies hopefully. Plus, next chappie everyone all the island gets to meet Cassie.