Blue and Pink a Megaman Starforce Fanfic

Blue and Pink a Megaman Starforce Fanfic


After the Ra Mu incident, Geo decided to patrol the wave roads for any after effects of Mu's unveiling. Burai had stayed on earth to guard Mu's entrance and in any case, he would just beat the living hell out of anyone who was trying to get their hands on Geo's OOPARTS, so this was really a way to relax.

Sonia always asked to tag along, especially when he had to patrol Echo Ridge. She usually kept this to herself, but since the day he saved her from Gemini Spark, she had developed a small crush on him, and this was only a way so she could get even closer, especially with her around, constantly trying to steal Megaman away from her. That scene from the Nanska village still burned in her brain: She just ran up to him, grabbed him and just knocked him to the ground claiming he was hers, short skirted little slut. She put out her love for Geo when she asked him flat out who meant more to him. Now was the time where she would make her move and secure her love for Geo.

This was a patrol to Dombra Lake, where the duo was going to see Brachio. As Harp Note and Megaman, they scanned the area from the wave roads above. Since the whole world pretty much saw a giant, glowing prehistoric dinosaur fly from the lake, it had become very peaceful, and Brachio was helping restore the area. The two pulsed out near the lake shore. Sonia remembered this area well: Sonia very alive as they walked on the trail, marveling the forest and her crush, as he mumbled about the OOPARTS. Desperately wanting to get closer, she took his hands and rushed even further. She figured this was where she was going to tell Geo. Night was falling and they were both only going to take a quick look around. Sonia saw a meteor shower starting as they walked along the shore. "Geo, look! Shooting stars!" They quickly sat down as they watched the sight from the lake shore. They both marveled at the sight as Geo began to say something:

"Hey Sonia, there's been something I've wanted to talk about with you…"

"What Geo…?"

"I-I'vebeengettingthesewierdfeelingsaboutyoulatelyandIthinkI'minlovewithyou.", his face turning a deep shade of scarlet.

Sonia didn't need to respond, she just leaned in, hugging him by the neck, kissing him deep and hard, lasting for about 7 minutes. Being a professional singer gave her VERY big lungs. Unfortunately, Geo didn't and he fainted. This wasn't a problem for Sonia, since now this was an excuse for her to use CPR (yes) Geo came to after about ten minutes of CPR. (wow…) He was still short of breath but he could still whisper the words "I love you too Sonia." as they moved in for another kiss. From their star carriers, Lyra smiled at her host while Omega-Xis looked like Luna on a cruise ship. "How many times are they going to do this already! I'm gonna hurl anytime…" "Aw shut up Mega…"